The Doctor Is In

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The Doctor Is In

Let me say at first that I love my job. Being a Physician has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Needless to say my parents were thrilled by my success and were so proud of their eldest daughter.

Like most medical students the choices were out there, but school costs a fortune. I accepted a position in a small northern city, as a General Practitioner, in exchange for their helping defer some of the educational and starting expenses. I found myself working in private practice and in a large walk in clinic three evenings a week. It was a busy schedule, but like I said I love my job. It may sound corny but I really enjoy helping people and go to great extent to make them feel that their problems is the most important thing I will deal with that day. I find that approach also keeps me focused and ensures that without extra effort I can give them the best care.

You can probably imagine some of the distasteful issues I deal with and the wide variety of people I meet. Lets just say I have found new ways to think of people as weird. It amazes me what some people will do for an adrenalin rush.

Particularly surprising is what some people do for a sexual thrill. First, sports trophies do not work as dildos. Second, hot dogs are not a safe alternative to traditional penetration when you lose grip and it gets lodged inside and you can’t get it out. I won’t even get into the abuse of various vegetable items and the problems that result. Somehow a traditional safe sex education is not enough in those cases. I can also say with conviction that I am one hundred percent certain that power tool manufacturers did not intend their products to be used the way some people do. Like I said, people can be weird.

Don’t think for a second that I am a prude. I enjoy masturbating as much as the next woman. I own sex toys, have a healthy libido, and enjoy porn. In that I think I am fairly normal.

I am an active person and love running and swimming. Working out and eating right is something I have done since I was young. My parents did not want a couch potato for a daughter.

For the sake of this I better describe myself. I am 5’1” tall, weigh 105 lbs, have nice full B almost C cup breasts, and long black hair. Being of Japanese ancestry definitely makes me exotic in this mostly white community. I have been told that I have very kind eyes. That and my gentle manner makes me popular with my patients.

Family practice literally means seeing the whole family in a lot of cases. Adult men get nervous around me and I have seen more than a few become aroused during examinations. I ignore it and both the patient and I get through it easily. If they comment on it by apologizing I have many prepared things I say to calm them down and make them feel less embarrassment. In some cases it is a very good thing they have an erection depending on why they are there. One that jumps to mind was a man who was concerned he had erectile dysfunction and thought it might indicate a more serious problem. When he became erect during examination I smiled and said I think your cured. We laughed and I proceeded to finish the examination and made some diet recommendations and, yes, gave him a hard time about smoking.. if you will pardon the pun.

The event that caused me to write this happened about five months after I started my practice.

Mrs Walker had called and asked for an appointment for her son, Michael. The complaint at the time was abdominal pain. Michael had not been to see me before. Looking over his old record he was clearly a normal teen. He fell out of a tree and broke his arm at age ten. At age twelve he was treated for a cracked jaw from a sports injury. Everything else was normal. No food or drug allergies had been noted, nothing abnormal have ever been recorded. He had not even been seen over the flu. His file gave me little to work with, so I would have to wait to see what it may be.

The appointment was for 10am so I knew he was missing school. It was not going to be a minor issue because of his mother. Mrs Walker was, to put it mildly, a religious woman. She mentioned God in every sentence and had a very stern view of life. She even commented that she found it mildly indecent that I was not married. She did not think it was a good idea for me to see male patients, but understood it was a necessary evil given the Doctor shortage. She was not someone I would be spending time with out of the Office.

I finished with the previous patient, took a deep breath, and walked into the examination room.

Mrs. Walker was sitting there praying and he son, Michael, was sitting on the examination bed wearing a blue gown and his white sport socks. He was tall, about 5’10 inches, and seemed to be in pretty good shape based on his developed arms. He had light brown hair cut in a short stylish manner, and his green eyes held the look of a man facing execution.

Mrs. Walker put her rosary away and said “Dr. Watanabe I really hope you can help my son. God knows I pray you can.”

“I certainly hope so too Mrs. Walker. Hi Michael, I’m Doctor Nariko Watanabe. I understand that you have been having some abdominal pain.”

Before he could answer his Mother said “Yes he has, he has been laying down a lot and gets these pains more and more frequently. I don’t know what could be the matter with him.”

“Okay” I said reassuringly “Michael can you describe the pain for me?”

Mrs Walker immediately said “He says it is a sharp pain in his lower stomach that comes and goes. I think it may be kidney stones. We need a referral for a Urologist.”

Now at this point I admit I found her irritating. She would not let him answer and had already leaped to her own diagnosis.

“Well before we do that Mrs. Walker, if that is what is needed, I need Michael to answer a few questions for me.” Turning to Michael I said “Can you tell me about the pain?”

Mrs Walker already said “I already answered that for you.”

I turned on my “Doctor Look” and turned to her and said “Mrs. Walker, Michael is the one experiencing it. I need him to tell me how it feels and only he truly knows that. Please, I am trying to help him and can’t do that without his participation in this process.”

She made a humph sound and said “Fine, I guess the Lord God must have his reasons for why you ignore a child’s mother.”

I raised an eye brow and she fell silent.

Turning again to Michael I asked again “Please Michael, describe the pain for me.”

He looked at his Mother and back at me and said “Um.. it’s kinda sharp.”

“Where is the pain?” I asked.

He looked uncomfortable and said “It’s at the bottom of my stomach.”

“To the sides or right in front?” I asked.

Blushing he replied “At the front I guess.”

“When was the last time you urinated?” I asked as I was writing this down.

“About three hours ago I guess, when I got up.” Michael said.

“Any pain then?” I asked looking at his eyes.


“Does the pain ever move around? Say the sides or lower back?” I asked


“What colour was your urine this morning?” I asked

“Gee, I guess kinda yellow.” He said

“A dark yellow or light yellow?” I asked

“Kinda dark.” he said quietly. Looking at him he was clearly embarrassed.

“It’s okay Michael. I’m a Doctor, I talk with people all the time about stuff like this. I’m here to help and your not going to say anything I have not heard before. There is no reason to be shy with me. In fact that can actually make it more difficult for me to help. I know this may be uncomfortable for you, but don’t worry, I want to help and what you tell me is very important and can help you to feel better sooner. Okay?” I said in my most reassuring and gentle manner.

He actually cracked a smile and said “Okay Doctor.”

Smiling back at him I then turned and obtained a specimen cup and asked him to urinate into the cup, providing instruction to prevent contamination.

I took him to the door and sent him down the hall.

When his Mother stood up and said “I’m going to help you.” he blushed and said “Mom, I know how to pee.” She seemed upset by this and said “As God is my witness you will do as you are told.” They left the room together.

I went and checked on the list of patients awaiting examination and went back to the room just as they returned. He looked completely mortified and they sat as they were before. She looked haughty would be the best description.

Taking the sample I told them I would be right back. Visually I could tell he was dehydrated by the colour and a few simple checks showed no blood in it. He seemed otherwise fine, except for some dehydration. This was not the answer but did eliminate a range of other issues.

Going back in the room I asked Michael to lay down. I explained what I had found and that he was dehydrated. His mother immediately launched into a speech about drinking water and was really riding this poor kid. I cut her off by telling Michael I was going to examine him and let me know if anything I did caused any pain at all.

He had his boxer shorts on and I began examining his lower abdomen. He did not react to my finger pressure and nothing seemed amiss. No turgidity indicating a bowel issue was present. I asked him about his bowel movements and his answers indicated they were normal, and caused no pain.

As I was probing him I noticed he was becoming erect. Knowing how his mother would react I kept my body between them and covered him with a folded sheet when I was done saying “You look cold.” While his mother began complaining about how cold the office always was I noticed the look of relief and thanks in his eyes. Then something else… he winced. It dawned on me that he had a problem, but it had nothing to do with his stomach.

Mrs. Walker was sitting there looking at me with a disapproving look.

“We keep the office cool Mrs Walker for a number of reasons, but your son will be alright.”

She was about to give me grief when her cell phone rang and she answered it. I raised my eyebrows and pointed at the no cell phones sign. She tried to ignore me until I said “Mrs Walker, either take it outside the building or shut it off right now.”

I realized she was talking to a Priest, who I noticed she also liked to lecture. Seems she was not satisfied with his sermon the previous day. She got up and walked out of the room telling him how he had no grasp of Gospel of Luke. She closed the door as she left and I said out loud “Wow, I’m not the only one she tries to tell how to do their job.”

When I heard Michael laugh behind me I blushed and turned to him and said “I’m sorry. I should not have said that about your mother.”

“No, it’s okay Doctor Watanabe, she thinks she knows everything better than anyone. You should hear her talk to my Hockey Coach and she can’t even skate.” he said smiling.

“Michael, I need you to tell me the truth. This has nothing to do with your stomach does it.”

“No” he said blushing again.

“Don’t get shy now, I don’t know how much time we have. Does the pain only come when you have an erection?” I asked

“Yeah that’s right. It hurts bad and I feel like someone kicked me in the… the…” he stammered

“In the balls?” I said for him.


“Michael, do you masturbate?” I asked

“No, Mom said I would go to hell. She caught me once washing… it and smacked me for abusing myself.” he said quietly.

“Okay… have you ever ejaculated?”


“Have you ever ejaculated… had white stuff, your sperm or ejaculate as it is called, come out?”

“Um… when I was asleep a few times. Mom grounded me for a month and said I was abusing myself but I swear I was asleep!” He said worried.

“Michael… have you ever heard your friends talk about jacking off, masturbating, spanking the monkey… anything like that?” I asked.

“Well… yeah… but that evil and Mom said God would send me to hell for it and hits me when she thinks I might do it.” he said scared.

“Michael, masturbation is normal. In fact it’s healthy. The pain your feeling is being caused by constant erections without ejaculation I suspect. You get hard a lot?”

“Yeah, all the time, whenever I see a girl I like or….”

“Come on buddy, spill.” I said reassuring him.

“Well, like when you touched me.”

“Okay. I have to examine you, but your mother is out of the room. I should wait. What will she do if I have you remove your boxers?”

“I can’t! She will see it hard and hit me like she did last time.” he was scared, very scared.

“Michael, does she hit you a lot?” I asked quietly.

“She… yeah. She just hit me in the bathroom and she says I will end up like my father if I don’t change my wicked ways and control my evil penis.”

I know I looked shocked. This woman was abusing her son and who knows how much damage she had already caused.

A thought struck me “Michael, where does she hit you?”

He was almost crying and said “On my… on my penis.”

I didn’t hesitate and pulled his boxers down as gently as I could. From the abrasion on it, which was fresh, I knew she had hit him. I noted four white lines of scar tissue on it. I looked at him and said as calmly as I could “Did she do these?”

“Yes… after I made my bed wet and she thought I had abused myself.” he said nearly crying.

“Michael, what did she hit you with?”

“The switch she keeps behind her bedroom door.” he said and he was clearly getting very upset, choking the words out.

“Cover up Michael.” As he was doing so I said “Where is your father?”

“He left four years ago. Mother said he was an evil man with no regard for vows made before God and that he was going to burn for it.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“He went south, I don’t know where.”

“Do you ever hear from him?”

“No. I think he tries to call but Mom just yells that he is a horrid sinner and hangs up.”

“Okay, you just relax there. I will be right back?” I said as I squeezed his hand and then turned to leave the room. That abusive bitch was not going to lay another hand on this sweet 14 year old again.

I went into the hall and called over my receptionist and told her to call the Police and lock the door until they got back. Looking out the window I could see Mrs walker was still giving a verbal lashing to the poor Priest she was on the phone with. I know that particular Priest and he is a good man. He spends a lot of time with Seniors and had a very modern healthy view on the challenges facing youth in this day and age. The sweetest thing I ever saw him do at the hospital was spend the entire night with an elderly man who had been in an accident, not leaving him until the man’s family arrived the next morning. I saw how that man appreciated the support and caring.

My receptionist asked the other people in the waiting room to please follow her and she took them to the lunch room. I looked in on the three patients sitting in exam rooms. I told them I was dealing with an emergency situation and would get to them as soon as I could, apologizing. My patients are so sweet, all three offered to come back the next day if it would make it easier for me. I assured them I would get to them soon.

When the Police arrived they looked at Mrs. Walker and came to the door. I let them in and told them what I had seen myself and been told. When it involves abuse of a child protection is our primary issue and that negates confidentiality. We have a duty to report it.

The Officers were surprised, but went to work fast. One watched Mrs. Walker while the other came with me.

Michael confirmed everything I said and the Officer was wonderful with him. Mrs. Walker was arrested and later charged with four counts of assault with a weapon and some other offences.

The Police wanted to take Michael to the hospital for a detailed examination and photographing. Knowing the procedure would involve a full exam of his body Michael was hesitant. I offered to go with him and he agreed. He did not want to ride in their car so I offered to drive him. We agreed to meet there.

Fortunately my other patients all had very traditional complaints that were easily addressed. I took care of them and sent them on their way. Two people in the lunch room just needed prescription renewals, but that requires a visit. I examined them quickly and sent them on their way.

Having cleared the Office I took Michael to the Hospital.

He was examined there by a Doctor I knew well, with myself and a Children’s Aid Worker present.

Photographs were taken. Michael also had marks on the back of his legs and his feet from her. She had been beating him for the last four years. No child ever should go through that.

When he was done there the CAS worker said she was going to arrange Foster Care until his father could be located. The Police had not been able to. Seems his father had allowed his licence to expire with his old address here on it. He did not own a vehicle registered in the Province.

Michael was very agitated with the idea and grabbed my hand. I looked up at him and said “It’s okay, it’s not forever and you will be safe. I promise.” smiling at him.

“Can’t I go with you… your the only one who ever helped.” he said pleading.

I asked if he told his Priest and he said “No, Mom made sure I couldn’t. She never let me go anywhere without her and said she was trying to keep my soul pure. I was not allowed to go to Youth Group, she ran Bible Study, and she made me quit as an alter server because she said it would distract me from giving God the attention I should during the Mass. Do you believe in God?”

I cleared my throat and said “I’m a Buddhist, I don’t worship the way Christians do. I respect their religion ad respect them as people. You have to realize your Mother is not a good example of what I understand a Good Christian to be. I may be wrong but maybe you should talk to your Priest about it. I don’t pretend to know everything about it.”

Michael smiled and said “Okay, but do I have to go with her?”

He was staring into my eyes and yes, I caved in. I could not leave him to someone he didn’t know and at least he could say whatever he wanted to me and not worry. I wanted him safe. I wanted him to know life without the hateful twisted beliefs of his Mother.

I went to the CAS worker and explained what Michael had said. When I said I was willing she smiled and said “Nariko, you are just too good. Well your already well screened and I can make a quick call and sort this out. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, it is a right action and he needs help.” I said.

After a quick phone call she followed us to his home and inspected it. She had him get some clothes and followed us to my home. I live well and keep my home immaculately. I was glad I had gone shopping for groceries as she even looked in the fridge. After learning I have no boyfriend and no other person regularly comes to my home she agreed to let him stay.

She spoke to Michael alone for a time in the kitchen while I was organizing the guest room. I heard him say loudly “I’m sure. She is nice and won’t hurt me.”

I pondered his outburst and smiled. Thinking for a moment I went to the phone and call Michael’s Priest. He had heard about the arrest and was deeply concerned for Michael. He said he would come over immediately to speak to him abut his faith questions.

The CAS worker was leaving as Father Smith arrived. He is an older man and built like a lumberjack. He sat with Michael and they spoke at length. I gave them tea and left them to allow them privacy for matters that do not concern me.

After an hour or so Father Smith called out to me and he shook my hand smiling broadly. “Your a good person Dr. Watanabe. That poor boy has been through hell but I think he is going to be just fine. You really did a good thing opening your doors to him. Best thing I think for him. I know your not a Christian, but your sense of Christian charity makes many so called Good Christians look very bad. I don’t mean to be difficult, but do you think you can bring him to Mass on Sundays? He doesn’t want to miss them.”

“Sorry Father, but you are too kind in you praise. I’m just doing what I know is the right thing deep inside. I will be happy to drive him to Mass on Sundays, that is not a problem and faith is important.”
I said smiling.

He smirked and said “Are you sure your not in the wrong line of work?” and winked at me. We laughed and he departed thanking me again.

I went to find Michael. He was sitting on the kitchen chair staring at his empty tea cup.

Smiling I said “Do you like pizza?”

“Yes! That is only the best food on Earth!” He was smiling brightly. That was nice to see.

I ordered the pizza and asked if he wanted to watch a movie. He said that would be “awesome”.

Taking him to my Blu Ray and DVD collection I said “You pick.” He had not seen almost any of the movies, including the Harry Potter movies. I have them as a guilty escape and because my nephews love them. He had also not seen any of the Lord of The Rings Movies. I asked why and he said his mother felt all movies that had magic or anything like that in them were the devil’s work. I said well you are old enough, so pick.

He chose the Harry Potter movies as he had always wanted to watch them.

When we were set up that way we both went and got comfortable. I put on my yoga pants and a sleeveless t-shirt. When I got back downstairs he was wearing an actual pair of matching PJ’s with a grey top and grey bottom. It was fully buttoned. I had not seen any man other than my father in those. Given his mother’s nature I guess it figured.

He stared at me as I entered the room and went to the kitchen. I got us drinks and came back out as the doorbell rang. Pizza in hand I returned from the door and we sat and ate while watching the movie.

Simply put… he LOVED them. After the first one was done he was so enthusiastic we had to watch another. I got up to put it on and when I turned around he was staring at me. I realized I had bent over to put it in. He was clearly in discomfort and I could see his blanket tented. He saw where I was looking and put his hands over it.

I said softly “Michael, are you in pain?”

“I’ll be okay.” he replied softly.

Not really sure what to say I said “It is not healthy to keep yourself in that condition. You are a young man and it is natural to do something about it. If you need to go and do something you can.”

He was blushing fire engine red and said “What do I do?”

I was a bit stunned and said “Use your hand.”

“I.. I’ve never” and he looked like he was in more pain now.

“It’s simple” I said smiling with compassion “Just take it in your hand and move you hand back and forth stroking it… you will catch on to what feels good.” This kid was a virgin in every way I thought, poor guy.

“I shouldn’t” he said quietly.

“Michael… your the first guy I have ever met who doesn’t do it. Hell even I do it. It’s natural and healthy to take care of that… It will help you find peace of mind and balance… it helps calm your spirit and centre you when the need is too great.”

He got up slowly, sporting an obvious erection, and said “Where do I go?”

“Your choice… your bedroom, the bathroom, it’s up to you.” I said softly.

He went in the bathroom and was in there for awhile. I got up and asked if he was okay and he said “It’s not working.” sounding frustrated.

“Try using the hand cream on the vanity, that might help.” I replied.

It was quiet and I walked away to give him privacy.

I heard him groan, but not in a happy way. I went back to the door and he said “It really is not working.”

“Um… try thinking of what makes you feel good.”

I could hear him trying and getting frustrated. Damn I thought, I bet he is just not doing it right.

“Michael can I come in. I’m not sure you are doing it right.”


When I walked in I almost laughed. He looked so sad and desperate. I smiled and saw he had his healthy cock in his hand and was sweating with the effort.

I noticed he had stopped and was watching me again. I said “Michael, do you need some visual stimulation?”


“Do you need something to look at?”

He had started moving his hand again and was staring at me. Now watching him stroking his cock I could see that simply his seeing me might have the desired result. I slowly turned around and bent slightly forward, showing my tight little ass off in my yoga pants. I heard his breathing start to get faster. I slipped my hair to the side and smiled at him over my shoulder. I was not prepared for what happened.

Michael let out a mighty shout and began firing cum like a fire hose. He shot rope after rope of his hot teen cum into the air. It spattered all over my ass, back and hair and I was five feet away. It hit my cheek causing me to make an “eeep” sound and turn away. I was stunned as I saw some hit the door frame ahead of me and still more hitting my body.

I heard him grunting as he came and then a thud.

Turning I saw he had fallen to his knees on the floor and was breathing like he had just run a marathon.

There was a pool of his cum on the floor as well. He was starting to sway a bit and leaned forward with one hand helping hold him up, his head hanging down.

I knelt in front of him and put my hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay Michael?”

He didn’t say anything and just kept breathing hard. I repeated the question asking him to please say something.

When he still did not reply I gently placed my hand on his chin and turned his face up so i could see his eyes. He had tears on his cheeks and a look of complete shock. Moving him gently to face me I saw his eyes finally lock on mine and a smile came across his face.

“That was so awesome! Oh God I never felt anything like that before!” He was beaming and then blurted “Your not mad are you?”

Smiling I said “No Michael I’m not mad. How do you feel?”

Still beaming he said “That was so sick, I feel great.”

I realized what he meant and said “Pain?”

He thought about it and a look of wonder spread across his face “I… I’m not in pain.”

I started laughing, I could not help it. He smiled and said “Wow, what was wrong with me?”

“I won’t bore your with a clinical term, but it was DSB.”

He looked worried and said “Is that a serious condition?”

Trying not to burst open laughing I said “No, its easily cured by what you just did.”

“What does DSB stand for?” he asked

“Dreaded Sperm Buildup” I said smiling.

His eyes got wide and he started laughing. I joined him. He leaned forward and threw his arms around me hugging me to him, pulling me in tight.

I let him hug me and he pulled back and looked me in the eye and said “Your the best Doctor in the whole world!”

I could not stop myself and started to laugh again and said “Thank you for the compliment, but I hardly deserve that title.”

“No really, your the best.” He said looking earnest. “What is going to happen to me?”

I sat there silently and said “In honesty… I am not sure. They are trying to find your Father and will expect him to take you in. Your old enough to be allowed an opinion, but you don’t have any other relatives do you?”

He shook his head and said “I don’t think so. I’ve never met any of them or heard Mom talk about them.” he looked serious and said “What will happen to her?”

Shaking my head slowly I said “I don’t know to be honest. She has been very cruel to you and none of it is your fault. You must understand that. You’re a good person and don’t deserve what she did. She may go to prison for a time, but no matter what I know they are going to send her for a psychiatric evaluation… she needs help and I’m not sure you will be able to live with her again.”

“I don’t want to live with her. Now I get what all the other kids talked about when they sounded happy about their homes and their families.” he said quietly. “I’m really angry with her, but could never show it or she would beat me worse. The only time she would hug me was after she beat me and tell me how it was necessary to save me from evil. I liked hugging you.”

I smiled and said “Hugs are free but we have to talk about something.”

“Anything for you Doctor Watanabe.” he said with conviction.

“Michael, I should not have come in here and done what I did. I could be held criminally responsible for sexually interfering with you. I know I didn’t touch you, but I saw what you were doing and I wanted to help you. I don’t like seeing you suffer and not over something so trivial as masturbation. You have been through so much and I know I am asking a lot, but please… don’t ever mention any of this to anyone… please… I’m begging you, it must always stay between us.” I finished quietly. I knew I had crossed a line and was confused as to why I would have ever done that.

“Is it because of my age?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it.” I said.

He hugged me again and said “I will never ever tell anyone. I swear that. You will never have to worry about it ever. I don’t want to do anything that hurts you Dr. Watanabe.”

After a moment I slid back and stood up. “You need to clean yourself up Mister, and you made a bit of a mess here” I finished smiling. I had never in my life seen anyone ejaculate like that.

Michael took a shower and I went to my room and did the same thing. Cleaned up and changed into my soft gym shorts and a new t-shirt I went back to the living room.

When I got there Michael was coming out of the kitchen carrying two hot cups of tea. “Is tea okay Dr. Watanabe?”

“Tea is wonderful thank you so much.” I said. He set them down and I said “Michael, I think it is okay for you to call me Nariko… that’s my first name.”

He smiled and we sat down and watched the movie. I pondered the fact he was here and watched the happy way he was so engrossed in the movie. When it came time for bed he went to his room without a fuss, but only after I allowed him to clean up.

When I got in bed I pondered the course life had taken. I barely knew this young man and look at the day we had shared. So much sadness and joy. He was very kind and so polite. I thought I would feel a greater sense of invasion at having him here, but I didn’t. I realized that I wanted to see him happy and give him the rich and fulfilling life he had never had before.

Eventually I fell asleep and woke with my alarm in the morning. I got ready for work and called the office. My receptionist, Maria, is always there early. I asked what the schedule looked like and who was coming in. She sounded surprised and said “Oh.. I’m sorry, but I was not sure you were holding office hours today. I already called everyone and rescheduled them. Kevin Watson wanted to come see you about a rash. I have not called him back yet.”

I thought about it and said I would see only him. I explained what happened with Michael, insofar as his staying with me. Maria was surprised but happy, and told me to take the rest of my time to help sort it all out.

I was making breakfast when Michael emerged dressed for school. He looked at me and said “Do I go to school today?” I smiled and said “Of course, if you are up to it.”

He nodded and said he was. We ate together and he chatted about school, his classes and teachers.

We were leaving when the CAS worker called and asked to meet us in the Principal’s Office at the school.

It was a pretty straight forward meeting. Michael had me listed as his emergency contact now and I was given more legal responsibility for him. The CAS worker asked him if he was happy staying with me and he said he was.

After that meeting I walked with her outside and she told me that his father had not been located. It was believed he had not only left the Province, but possibly the country. I nodded and she said “Have you thought about what it will be like if this is more than a few days?”

I smiled and told her how I felt about it, what I had been thinking last night.

Smiling she said “Wow, should I take it that you want to become a permanent Foster Parent for him?”

“I guess I do, but lets be sure abut his Father first. I don’t know Michael’s mind fully yet on the subject.”

That was the start of what turned out to be a permanent change n my life. I became Michael’s family. Over the next four years he stayed with me and we were happy together. He excelled in school, began playing football and competitive hockey, and gathered a circle of good friends around him. He grew into a fine man at age 18 and never once caused me a moments concern for his actions. He attended Church faithfully and was active there as well.

During the summers and Christmas Break I took him on trips to see all the things he had missed out on. He was such a kid at Disney World. We toured Europe, Egypt, the United States, and our last trip was to Australia. He loved it all and I really enjoyed showing it to him.

My parents embraced him as well after getting over their initial shock. His excellent manners and the fact he learned to speak Japanese made them happy. His conduct earned more praise.

I guess because of my work and dedication to him I never really had a relationship develop with anyone. I just didn’t find a man I wanted to bring into my new life.

When Michael graduated from High School with honours I was thrilled. The fact he was accepted into the same prestigious University as I attended made me very proud. He had elected to pursue a medical career.

The Saturday following his Graduation I hosted a large party at the house for him and his friends. They had a great time and I loved watching him let loose and really enjoy himself. He had grown to a height of 6’2” and was powerfully built thanks to his sports and work out regimen. His hair was still a gorgeous soft brown and his perfect smile was so warming to see. It always amazed me that he never dated any of the many girls who threw themselves at him. He went on dates, but never got serious with them.

Once the party ended we were cleaning up. He had been enjoying some alcohol, as had I. The music was playing and all our guests had left. He came over and scooped me up and twirled me in the air and set me down dancing with me. I laughed at his antics and enjoyed the dance.

When we were getting another drink because we were overheated I asked him why he didn’t date any girl seriously.

“Why would I? They are all immature and play games or too self involved. I decided that I wanted to wait before I did anything about that.” he replied as he stood facing me.

“How long do you plan to wait? Any girl would feel lucky to have you” I replied.

He smiled and said “I was waiting until I was right for the one I have had my eye on and who I know is everything I could ever want.”

“Ahhhhh, sounds exciting. Who is this lucky young lady?” I said

With a smile he pulled my close to him by my shoulders looking down into my eyes and said simply “You” and he kissed me, pulling my lips up to him and then wrapping his strong arms around me.

At first I was in shock. Too shocked to push him away or otherwise make him stop. His lips were warm and sweet and I actually enjoyed it. Then my brain kicked in and i brought my hands up and pushed his chest.

He let me go, breaking the kiss and I backed right away from him about three steps until I was backed into the counter.

“Michael, this is not right and you cannot do that again.” I said firmly.

“Nariko, you are all I have ever wanted. Don’t you get it, I have done everything I can to show you what kind of man I am. Your the reason I always worked hard, did everything to the absolute best of my ability. I never wanted to see you frown and I have never caused that to happen. You the most perfect woman I have ever heard of or met and all I see about you tells me that I should be with you.”

I stared at him and said “You are just confused Michael, you should have said something before. I cannot allow this to happen. I’m your…”

“You’re NOT my Mother” he said in a strong tone cutting me off “Don’t ever say that to me. You have helped mentor me, been my best friend and only person I completely trust. You have never lied to me or ever done anything that made me feel like a lesser person. You have been the guiding light in my life and I won’t have you compare yourself to that abusive witch that gave birth to me.”

I stared at him as he had never raised his voice to me before and we were both quiet.

“Let me ask you something Nariko… why have you never dated in four years? Not once have you brought any man around here… why?”

“It would not be right. I was focused on work and on you. I made that commitment and I would never put you in the situation of having to deal with that.” I said.

“So you committed yourself to me?” he said

“Yes, I want you to succeed and have a wonderful life, like the one that was always meant for you.”

“Do you love me Nariko?” he asked.

“The question is not fair. I love you, yes. I know we have never said that but I love you… not like that though.” I said somewhat unsteady. A voice inside me was calling me a liar because it was hitting me that I did love him. I was utterly devoted to him and had sacrificed so much for him. Hadn’t he done the same for me, always helping, never a burden, always making sure I was content. He helped me with anything I needed and did so much around the house without ever being asked to do a thing. Hadn’t he always been such a joy to be around. I had fallen asleep on his shoulder watching movies more than once. Oh my God maybe… oh this could get very complicated.

I looked up at him and he said “Your eyes are always so honest with me and I can see all the things racing through your mind. You are so lovely and so honest Nariko. I have been in love with you since you saved me four years ago. I knew I could not say anything. I was too young. Now I can, I’m 18.”

He walked closer to me and stood in front of me again. “Nariko, I have thought about this constantly, of all the things we have shared. You gave me my life, I owe everything I am to you. I love you with every part of my heart and soul, with every cell in my body. I want you to know that… I can’t hide it anymore. I am leaving for University and you have only one year left here on your mandatory time before you can move to be with me. Then no one will know who we are to each other. We can go anywhere, but I want to be with you always. Please… please don’t deny this.”

I stood very still and looked up at him staring into his eyes. I could see the honesty of what he was saying and felt humbled by it. I knew I loved him… he had grown into my ideal man and maybe it was because I had helped to make him this way.

“Michael… this is so dangerous. You have given me too much, I did not know that was why you were so kind and gentle. My family has met you, I cannot lie to them and they are a factor we have to consider. My Mother is already bothering me abut finding a husband… Michael they know you and it cannot be you.”

“Your parents? Nariko… they moved back to Japan. How often are they going to come and see you. Over the next many years I will be at school. They know how devoted you are to me. It will not seem odd if I am with you. We are all each other has anymore around here. I am not giving you up over that.”

He had placed his hands lightly on my upper arms. We were staring at each others eyes and I quickly looked away. I knew he saw it… he knew I loved him and he saw me almost break.

“Please Michael… please don’t make me… I can’t give in to this.” I said pleading.

“Can’t give into what? Love… happiness… devotion… and an end to both our lonely nights. I want to be with you. I want to hold you and love you. I want to kiss you and I am going to. I am going to kiss you with all my heart.”

When he said that I looked at him again and he slowly leaned in just short of my lips. Our eyes still open. He closed his eyes and I gave in. I closed the distance pressing my lips against him as I brought my hands up and slid my arms around his neck.

Our mouths opened and his questing tongue began exploring my mouth. He was an excellent kisser which caught me off guard. I leaned back and said “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Smiling he said “Hey, I never claimed to be a virgin… I just never got serious. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before I ever tried to be with you. You should not have to teach me everything you know.”

He started kissing me again and I finally just gave over to it. I lifted one of my legs and he reached down and took hold of my ass with his large hands and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he sat my ass on the counter, our bodies still pressing into each other as our mouths and tongues duelled in a lust filled contest.

We kissed for some time and it was affecting us both deeply. His erection was pressing into my panty covered pussy, my skirt having ridden up during our heated movements. My panties were soaking wet and I had not had a real cock in over four years.

Michael picked me up and carried me, wrapped around him, to my bedroom. He laid me down on the bed. I was like a feather in his strong arms as he gently laid me there. We kept kissing for a moment, then he raised up off me and slid his hands down and began removing my nylons, sliding them off my legs gently. He gently rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled me back onto my knees. Unfastening my skirt he tossed it aside and leaned in and kissed each of my upturned ass cheeks. He started licking them and kissing his way upwards. His slid his hands along the front of my body and brought me upright, making me lean back against him. His hands carefully unbuttoned my blouse and he kissed my shoulders as he slid it off.

“You are so beautiful Nariko. You skin is like silk. I love you so much” Michael said as he leaned in and kissed my neck. His fingers moved to my back as he undid my bra clasp easily. I looked at him over my shoulder with a smile and he laughed and said “Yeah, I practiced that too.”

His hands slid back around my body as he cupped my breasts gently in his hands, kissing my neck and ears, licking my ear lobes and sucking on them.

He slowly moved from behind me, laying me back flat on the bed. After kissing me hotly again he stood up off the bed and watched me as he reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. His well sculpted body came into view and all I could do was marvel at his physique. I had never looked at him with lust before and all I saw now was pure hot eye candy. I sat up and rested on my elbows as I laid on my back enjoying the view.

Michael was smiling at me and said “I hope you like this” as he was undoing his belt “Because it is all yours now… you were the first person to love me, to be kind to me, to show me what pleasure could be. You taught me how to play with my cock. It’s time I showed my appreciation.”

I stared in awe as he lowered his boxers and pants to the floor, stepping out of them. His thickly muscled powerful thighs were a sight, but nothing to compare to the gorgeous cock hanging between his legs. It was hard and standing proud. At least 8 inches of lovely thick cock that had me breathing harder just looking at it. His cock and his large pendulous balls were clean shaven and were simply beautiful and proud and so fucking tasty looking. He stood there allowing me to look.

“Michael, you are so handsome. I can’t believe how wonderful your cock looks”

Smiling he said “Being able to surprise you with it is the only thing that made being switched to Dr. Sorenson worthwhile.”

I laughed and climbed up off the bed. Michael said “Wait, I want to please you.”

Standing in front of him I told him “Lay back on the bed Mister, it’s time for your examination. The Doctor is in.” with a smile.

He climbed onto the bed and lay on his back, spreading his legs enough for me to crawl between them.

I knelt between his legs looking up at him and laid myself forward kissing him again. I loved kissing him and feeling his hands roam over my body, sliding onto my firm ass and pulling me against him. He head of his cock, due to our height difference, was poking my pussy lips as we kissed. I felt him arch his hips and turned slightly to avoid being penetrated by his magnificent cock. I had other plans.

Slowly kissing my way down his hot body was a pleasure. Feeling his muscles as I slid my hand along as I made my journey. I stopped at his nipples to lick and suck them lightly. He moaned a shook a bit in surprise. I looked up and said “I guess you will be learning some new things my darling.”

I kept kissing lower and licked and stroked my way across his stomach. I could feel him tensing and my full breasts dragging along his cock, his leaking precum leaving a hot trail on them.

Once I was between his legs kneeling again I looked him in the eye and brought my breasts up and licked his precum off them. He moaned at the sight and said “Holy shit… that is so fucking hot.”

I smiled and gently spanked his thigh and said “Language young man.”

He actually looked sheepish and said “Sorry.”

Laughing I said “It’s okay… I actually don’t mind dirty talk in bed at all. I like it. So if it’s okay with you I am going to put my slutty lips around that hot hard fucking cock and suck your dick until you shoot sweet load of cum in my mouth.”

He groaned and I added “I love how fucking hard you are, your cock is amazing and I am going to be a total slut for it tonight… I want you in my hot mouth and my tight little Japanese cunt… I want you to fucking claim me.”

Michael’s cock started to twitch. He was so fired up and I could tell it was taking every ounce of control for him not to attack me and fuck my brains out.

Lowering my head to the end of his cock I licked the end, gathering all of his precum into my mouth. I slowly licked along that massive shaft, getting it good and wet for what I wanted. Using my left hand I grasped his shaft and went lower, licking and sucking on his balls. I could feel them tightening up. I knew how turned on he was and didn’t want him to cum anywhere but my mouth for now.

I licked my way back up and when I reached the top of his dick I opened my mouth and slid down, getting the first four inches in easily. He bucked his hips and started to moan continuously. I kept working my mouth up and down. I wanted him in my throat but he was so thick it was proving a challenge to my tiny mouth. I was trying so hard I started to gag on his cock, but I would not stop trying. He was soaked with my saliva as I kept fucking his meat in and out. My hand was gently stroking him as I did this.

I looked up and his eyes were locked on the sight of my sucking on his young hard cock.

Taking my mouth away I said “Do you like this Michael?”

“Oh fuck I am so close… Yes.. fuck yes I love it… every fucking dream coming true… suck it please.”

“Suck what” I teased.

“Suck my fucking cock.” he roared

I went after it with a vengeance and managed to get almost to the root of his mighty cock. He suddenly grabbed my hair, bucked his hips and unleashed a flood of hot cum into my mouth and throat. It was a huge load and I was hardly able to keep up and some spilled out and leaked down his shaft. His body was convulsing and I eased up on him, slid his cock from my mouth with a pop sound, and began licking his shaft clean.

When I was done I sat up and looked at him laying there. His arms were bent back and covering his face. His chest was still heaving with the power of his orgasm. I was not surprised to see his cock was still hard and looking kind of lonely in my opinion.

I slid off the bed and pulled my panties off, dropping them on the floor. I climbed back onto the bed and up him until I was straddling him, keeping my weight on my knees and hands as I leaned down and kissed his crossed arms. He moved them out of the way and said “Oh fuck that was soooo good. I can’t believe it. The dream is nothing compared to the reality.”

“Oh Michael, we are both making dreams come true tonight.” I said smiling at him.

He did not realize how I had positioned myself. My pussy was soaking wet already and more than ready for his cock. I reached down with one hand and set him at my entrance. Michael barely had time to look at my face before I pushed down, forcing that big hard white cock to pierce into my tight little pussy and it was big. I could feel that hot meat spreading me and stretching my pussy wider and wider. It had been a long time and I felt like I was getting my virginity taken again. “Oh my fucking god I love your cock inside my little pussy… fuck yes.. oh fuck!” I yelled.

Michael took hold of my hips and started fucking up into me. When he was fully buried in my I was shaking as a powerful orgasm ripped through me.

He did not stop and kept fucking me harder and harder. I could not believe how much he was making me cum as he fucked me.

Michael apparently had some plans of his own and rolled us over. He began pounding downward into me, fucking me into the mattress hard and ramming against my cervix. I was crying out as he kept fucking me. He was like an animal possessed, and we were noting but animals together.

He suddenly pulled out and flipped me over, pulling me up into the doggy position. “I’m claiming you right fucking now!” he roared as he shoved his cock in and began pounding me again. He fuck me hard, deep, and fast. I could not help it but cum on his cock again as with a scream he filled my long neglected pussy with shot after shot of his hot cum.

I collapsed forward laying on his chest. His hard cock still twitching inside me giving me little jolts of pleasure. Michael’s arms came up, encircling me and hugging me to him. We laid this way for a couple of minutes before he rolled us onto our sides facing each other, his cock sliding out of my cum filled pussy. He kissed me and said “This is where I always wanted to be, naked and in your arms.”

Caressing his face I gave him a light kiss and smiled at him allowing my love to shine from my eyes.
“You can be naked with me and in my arms every night if you want.”

We lightly kissed and kept caressing each other before cuddling together with him spooning me.

“Michael will you please do me a favour?” I asked.

“Sure, anything.”

“Stay naked this weekend and keep fucking me.”

Michael laughed and said “I think I can do that.”