The dream next door neighbour

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My next door neighbour Stacey is a 5ft tall, dyed blonde hair. Large breasted. Thick thighed, curvaceous assed milf. With lush love handles, cute baby nosed face with light freckles and full lips and bright blue eyes. Three kids and she was still so hot. Her husband worked away and me and the neighbour, John on the other side of her house always joked about double teaming her when she was alone. I’d always sneaked a wank looking out of the window when she sun bathed.

One afternoon, I was perving on her once again from my bedroom window. Stacey was on her sun lounger. Eyes closed tanning up her curvy body in a tight bikini bra and a skimpy thong. She may as well be naked laying there.

This time though as I was gooning to her I noticed she slipped her hand down her thong, slowly rubbing her pussy, her other hand groping her breasts. Her eyes closed still while biting her lip.

Then she opened her eyes directly up at my window. I quickly ducked down.

“Oh shit” I exclaimed.

I gave it 30 second’s or so then peeped my head back up to see her sitting up and staring up at the window. I could see her smiling then she lifted her hand up and with one finger she beckoned me to come over.

She must of seen the shock on my face as she also slowly nodded in approval.

I shot down the stairs and outside. Slowing down when I got out of the door. Walking around to her door. Casually knocking on her door. I heard her call me through so I opened the door and walked through to the back garden.

“Hello Michael” Stacey said with a grin.

“I know you watch me you perv”

“I can’t help it, you look like such a good slut” I grinned back while I groped my half erect cock through my shorts.

“Why don’t you get that piece of meat out for me you perv” Stacey said.

I duly did, sliding my shorts down and getting my cock out. Slowly stroking it as it got harder and harder.

“Mmmmm give it to me” Stacey demanded.

I walked over to her as she sat on the edge of her sun lounger.

Already fully erect my 8 inch thick veiny cock throbbing in my hand. I thrust my cock in her face. She happily grabbed it and started to swirl her tongue around the tip of my head, her little hand around the shaft of my cock, she started to slowly stroking me off.

“Oh fuck Stacey, yes there’s a good girl”

She wrapped her full puffy lips around the head of my cock and started to suck me off. Her wet moist mouth felt so good as she got on with sucking me off, slowly stroking me and fondling my balls.

Soon she was half way down my cock. I grabbed her head, which was tied in a ponytail and starts to slowly slide my cock further down her mouth.

I glanced up and noticed John was watching from his window. With a massive grin I eagerly beckoned him down to join.

It didn’t take long for him to walk through into the back garden.

I let go of Stacey’s head and free my cock from her mouth. Saliva dribbling down her chin she smiled at John.

“I wondered when you’d join us John. Now get that cock out you perv” she said

John didn’t hesitate as he wiped out his cock and shoved it in her mouth, quickly getting erect in her mouth, she quickly got on with sucking his hard cock off. Probably slightly bigger than my cock and just as thick.

I sat next to her on the lounger, her hand wanking my wet cock while I slid my hand down her knickers to feel her wet bald pussy, stroking her fat flaps. I could hear her moan through her gagging as John forced his cock down her throat.

John then grabbed her head and while his cock was still in her mouth, lay her down on her back on the lounger. Her head pinned down, he started to thrust his cock back and forth, face fucking Stacey.

I got on my knees and spreading her legs wide, ripping her knickers off and straight in to lick her wet pussy. As I lapped her juices up she grabbed my head and clamped my her thick thighs around me tightly as I continued to tongue her. I could feel her body jolting as she was going to orgasm and John getting more and more forceful in fucking her face. I could feel her thighs tightening and her body convulsing as she orgasmed for the first time.

She let her grip go from around my head and John finally stopped fucking her face. Her makeup a mess we grabbed her up as I lay down on the lounger. She climbed on me as I stroked my hard cock, eager for her to slide on to me. She lay on me as she teased my cock along her wet dripping pussy. I grabbed her curvy ass and pushed her back as my cock slowly slid into her pussy. Stacey exhaled “Oh fuck yes” as my cock gets swallowed up in her pussy. I just lay there as she got to work riding my cock.

Bouncing like a good little slut. I grabbed her large breasts and played with her nipples.

John got up behind her, groping her ass as she bounced on me. A little squirt of lube on two fingers he got off the side of the lounger and straight in to her ass.

That made her go wild. Bucking her ass backwards to take them in. John started to quickly finger her ass as she moaned and screamed for more. It wasn’t long before John had enough and withdrew his fingers. A little bit more lube on his fingers and a quick stroke of his cock as he shoved his cock into her shit hole.

We both got on with fucking her slutty holes. She wouldn’t stop screaming now. Two big cocks filling her holes. I was surprised the neighbours didn’t notice or if they did they were spying on us which was even more thrilling.

We just kept pounding her holes as she just screamed for more. She orgasmed once more and John couldn’t take it anymore as he loudly grunted. Feeling his cock throb in her ass as he spunked his load in her ass. I didn’t last after that as my cock then throbbed in orgasm as I spunked my load in her wet pussy.

She lay their on top of me. All of us smiling and panting as John slowly slid his cock out of her cum filled ass. He walked round and grabbed her head, forcing his cock in her mouth to clean up his dirty cock. She lapped up every inch of it. Once she was done she got up. My cock floppy and covered in cum as I slid out of her pussy. She happily kneeled down and cleaned it all up. John left afterwards to get in the house before his wife turned up. Me and Stacey decided to have a shower together.

Passion took over us as I lathered her up in soap, groping every part of her curvy petite body. My cock hard once again I turned her around and pushed her against the shower glass. Quickly spreading her ass cheeks and slid my cock in her ass. It was still warm and gooey from Johns cock. I grabbed her thick thighs and fucked her relentlessly. My balls slapping off her ass cheeks as she screamed in pleasure, she orgasmed twice again as I plowed her before I too left a cum load up her ass. I walked out of the shower as I left her laying shaking on the shower floor.

After that, everytime her hubby was away with work. Me and John would turn unannounced. Wether together or alone and Stacey would let us fuck her however we wanted. The dream next door neighbour.