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Privilege of experience, I get to tell my story first. My version goes first, my side, which of course, is the correct story. In all fairness, will let Gregg try and tell his side after I am done. Just keep it in mind though that there are many inconsistencies when you consider youth.

Which brings us to the story.

Always considered myself sexual, just did not necessarily act on my feelings though and as time passed my sense of urgency in missing my needs escalated. Thankfully that time did pass otherwise Gregg would have still been in diapers if I had not held back.

But I did.

Really do not find it necessary to expose my true age, but will divulge that I am closer to forty than I am to thirty. Just to give you an idea how long I have been patient.

Not that I am a virgin or anything, heck that was gone well before I graduated from High School. In fact, have been married a couple of times and just kicked the third to the curb, so to speak. Even have a couple of kids’…teenagers of all things.

And fortunately have had the wondrous experience of having life long friends. One of which is Katie. Even though Katie had ran off and got married to a career Army guy (can not blame her, he was the most handsome guy I ever have seen in the flesh), which took her away from me.

Thankfully, Katie came back and with her, she brought her son Gregg.

The first time I saw him, he had to be all of ten years old or so and the initial perception was that he was a knock off of his Dad. You could just visualize what he was going to mature into.

So when Katie finally did move back, just a few blocks away too, Gregg was fifteen and my intuition was correct. Gregg was well on his way to becoming a man. In fact, I was quite shocked by his manly demeanor, both in physique and attitude.

Something stirred inside of me and actually wondered as to whether there would be enough time in the delta of our ages to cross paths. The thought was tantalizing.

It could have been conscious, but believe it was more subconscious due to finally having my best friend, Katie, back in close proximity that had me visiting their home more than even my immediate family over the next few years…with affirmation of intent on seeing Gregg’s progress in life.

Katie more than once mentioned that she could swear I visually concentrated on Gregg at times with the scrutiny of a wolf eyeing a plump lamb.

Katie understood me better than most, and even if it was her son that was garnering my attention, she knew that to challenge me would make me more determined. So she would patronize me by pointing out how her son was developing into manhood but not close to some of my conquests that Katie knew about.

Being a psychologist for the local school system allowed me to see right through her attempts. In fact, if anything, Gregg was becoming more appetizing due to her deflecting.

When Katie offered that Gregg had a girlfriend and eluded that he was being sexual with her, she passed it on as if this would be a deterrent to my intentions (as she was well aware).

Not even close, my thought on the subject was that Gregg at least would have an idea as to the geography of a female body.

Then something happened that triggered a sense of urgency within me to pounce.

Katie had confided in me that she had inadvertently came across her son in a passionate embrace…not with his girlfriend, but what appeared to be his girlfriend’s mother!

She was not one hundred percent sure because she was driving at the time and when she turned the vehicle around, Gregg and what looked like his girlfriend’s mother were gone.

Katie’s curiosity to know for sure was greater than her fear of me being a predator and her son being the target of my appetite. So she confided in me to help her find out.

By now Gregg had grown up and in this state was considered legal sexual tender, he had filled out slightly, and even needed to shave almost daily. So the delta was at a point where it was at the right place and now at the right time with the circumstances.

My car was being serviced at a local garage and instead of Katie driving me, I suggested that Gregg drive me and I would see what I could find out. She agreed.

Since I had just gotten off of work, I still had on my conservative attire which consisted of a mid thigh skirt and a button blouse that was the pinnacle of modesty. Fortunately I had an ingrained skill in turning a pig’s ear into a silk purse. So when Katie called Gregg down to drive me, I slipped into the bathroom and quickly rearranged my wardrobe. My bra went into my purse, opened up the top three buttons of my blouse exposing a great deal of cleavage, and adjusted my skirt hem an inch or so higher…made my panties disappear too.

When I walked over to Gregg, I could see that Katie was realizing my intent. Her eyes fixated on my hardening nipples as they responded to Gregg’s wanton stare. Katie was second-guessing her request for my help.

Did not give her the time to stop me, grabbed Gregg by the elbow and pointed him towards the door.

When we pulled out of the driveway, I made sure that part of my chest was in full view to him as he scanned across me in a vain attempt to feign he was watching for traffic as he turned the car. The momentary hesitation confirmed to me that he liked what he saw.

“So Gregg how is your girlfriend?” I started as sublimely as possible.

“Uh…fine I guess”

“And her mother?”

Gregg’s head spun instantly towards me a look of confusion on his face.

“Hey…just asking. Little birdie told me that you two might be close…err…real close”. I let out a giggle towards the end.

“Uh…who told you THAT?”, Gregg said with more than a little indignation.

“Does it matter? Really like the idea that you are attracted to more mature women”, my voice fading into seductive tone.

Gregg slowly looked at me, my lips forming a seductive smile; raised one eyebrow while my fingers slowly pulled my blouse open slightly. His eyes followed my fingers as he noticeably gulped.

“Then again…maybe someone like me is not as attractive to you.” as the words came out of my mouth I knew that was bullshit, was a mid 9 from high school on, maybe dropped to a 7 around the times my two girls were born, but now in my late thirties, I had to be a solid 8 or higher.

“Uh…yea right Molly…Jeez, you know every guy in the room has to check you out.”

“Really?” I feigned surprise, “You too? Do you check your Aunt Molly out? Do you Gregg?” my voice now completely flirtatious as I opened my blouse a hair more, my right breast almost completely visible from his angle, another inch and my nipple would be hanging out.

Gregg swallowed hard as his eyes focused in anticipation of my exposing my right tit.

“Well? Do you?” I would go no further until he responded, believe he knew this.

“Uh…uh…god damn it Aunt Molly…I am not supposed to…. you’re…uhm, you have know me since I was born.” He was obviously fighting some imaginary emotions, “Yes…yes, I am a guy, how can I not?”

“You can’t…the bulge in your pants gives you away…so tell me the truth, did you do it with your girlfriends mom?”

He looked down at his crotch and then closed his eyes for a second to ward off embarrassment. “Do what?” quietly came out of his mouth as if he knew what was next.

“Did you fuck your girlfriends mom?” My tone was blunt.

“Oh for Christ sake Aunt Molly…you won’t stop will you? YES…YES, I FUCKED Ashley’s mom…are you happy?” He was being indignant again.

“Not entirely…but thanks for the honesty”

“What else? What else will satisfy you?” He started indignant but trailed off as he saw that I had twisted in the passenger seat, my legs spread just enough. He zeroed in on my exposed, neatly shaved vagina.

“Hopefully when you fuck this” I grabbed his free hand and shoved it between my legs.

The timing was perfect…the next driveway was to my house. I nodded my head in that direction.

“But…but…you’re…” He was struggling to get the words out, his hormones rushing, his brain trying to come to grips with the reality…his fingers unconsciously separating the folds of my now wet cunt.

I nodded again…he pulled into the driveway.

Figured not to give him a chance to second-guess, as soon as I closed the door behind me I placed his hand into my blouse. A big “O” formed with his lips as my hand reach for his belt, my trained, experienced hands had his pants down to his ankles in seconds…it was my turn to be surprised.

Gregg’s rigid hard cock was all of seven…probably closer to eight inches long; my hand did not even get close to encompassing that hunk of meat. As I slid my hand down it’s length and cupped his balls in the palm of my hand, his shaft covered most of my forearm, completely hiding my wrist.

I needed that cock…right now…not that it was the longest, maybe the thickest though, but never in my thirty-seven years do I remember the combination in perfect proportion.

Having it attached to my best friends kid was just icing on the cake.

Had all of Gregg’s clothes off by the time we made it up the stairs, did not even take the time to close my bedroom door. Spun him around and pushed him backwards onto the bed, while lifting my blouse over my head. Stepped out of my skirt as I climbed onto his torso, never even bothering to discard my three-inch high heels.

Do not know if Gregg was reacting in self-defense or it was intentional but his hands clasped on to both my tits as I leaned forward to reach between us to grasp his cock and aim it towards the proper direction.

Taking that huge bulbous head of his cock, I slithered against my soaking wet labia…lubricating as much as I could on my intended assault when its head slowly spread my opening. No doubt…this is one that I was going to feel…one my body was going to have to learn to accommodate.

In my lust, almost forgot that it was attached to someone until I felt Gregg buck his hips up in an attempt to make a force full entry.

Placed my hand on his lower abdomen pushing him back down, “No…easy…take your time” I almost whispered.

Gregg just grunted, but he also relaxed.

I got about a third of his cock into me…it was my turn to gasp, then a bit more…a groan emitted from my throat.

Then all the way…. felt as if I was giving birth in reverse, my body pushing in every direction centered within my vaginal tract…god damn…. this thing was filling.

I moved up, the girth of his cock causing my cunt to clamp as I pulled up, and then settled back down…all the way to the depths of my insides. The cock actually forcing against my stomach that moved against my chest diaphragm causing an involuntary dispersal of air from my lungs.

There was no way this was going to be slow, easy fuck…just absolutely no way, my body needed it and needed it now. My body automatically oscillated and thrust up and down, any pretense of reserve completely gone…Gregg began meeting my thrusts with his…driving that cock hard into me, expelling huge gasps from my lungs.

Did not even need to reach under and rub my clit…did not have to…my impending orgasm was well past the point of no return.

I lost it on the next mutual thrust…just one thrust before that cock released a forceful stream of hot liquid into the bowels of my uterus.

The stream so forceful and cutting I thought for a second he might have just peed in me…but no…it was the youthful force of ejaculation…the realization sending me back over the top again.

My body slowly recovered from inadvertent spasms as our thrusts dissolved into minor oscillations and my brain began functioning again.

Our mutual cum leaking minuscule as the thickness of his cock along with the clasping action of my cunt sealed most inside.

My god I thought, this is heaven…not only the devious, perverted thought of fucking my best friends son, or the fact I was just fucked by a young man twenty years my junior, but the combination of both of those and the physical attribute of an oversize cock filling every nook and cranny of my cunt along with the over the top enthusiasm of my partner.

Did not want to pull off, the feeling of that cock filling me, the concept of as long as it is in me, it belongs to me.

My years of education within my vocation rushed to the forefront, Gregg’s passive lack of resistance, his overt enthusiasm once engaged, …no, I did not need to physically hold this cock captive…it was mine for the taking.

I rolled off of him, the absence of his cock allowing a cool rush of air to fill the void it left.

Lying on my side against him, my head propped up by one hand and the other caressing his chest, then his hard abdomen…down to his semi soft, but still blood engorged penis.

His eyes were like languid pools of water on a still night reflecting the stars, I could not resist, I placed my lips on his, his response was mutual to mine…a warm, passionate, yet reserved embrace. This was one of the few times we would ever have an equal acknowledgement of a lustful act. It was time for me to start acting on my intuition.

I rubbed his cock…kneaded his testicles…traced his scrotum. Youth has many virtues, none though as important as physical recovery. I could actually feel the blood course into his cock.

“So Gregg…can I assume that you have been fantasying about fucking your Aunt Molly?” Whispering in his ear as I tugged on his cock.

“Uh…yes” was his short response.

“How bad did you want me? Did you masturbate at the thought? Do you think you would have done anything to have this chance? Just did not know how?” His cock was becoming a rock from my touch.

“Uhmm….really, really bad….I…I…almost every night…I would…jerk…uh…yeah, I would have done anything” he was tentative in his response trying to gauge my reaction.

I petted the length of his cock a couple times and then pulled my hand away as it jerked upward.

“Well then, maybe we should stop this right now…since you WOULD have done anything”, I emphasized the “would”.

An almost distinct pleading expression formed across his face as his hard cock bounced against his lower abdomen.


Cutting him off, “Aunt Molly…call me Aunt Molly”.

“Aunt Molly…I…no…I do not want this to stop…anything…what do I need to do?”

Just love it when a plan comes together. I sat up higher, one of my tits resting on his upper arm.

“You will do ANYTHING?” emphasizing “anything” as if this was to be verbal contracts signed with his soul.

“Yes…yes, I will do anything for us not stop…I have dreamed of us…err of you since I can remember…no, I do not want to stop…anything to…” Got him, hook line, and sinker.

I rubbed his cock, it immediately responded, “Ok…lets try this”.

Sitting up I spun my body around and straddled his head between my thighs.

The look on his face was priceless, whether it was surprise or the realization that he was about to get a mouthful of well-fucked cunt.

Did not want him to be too intimidated so I picked his cock up and bent forward licking the head lightly. His body jerked…a positive response as I settled my cummy cunt onto his face.

His tongue seemed tentative at first…but then started to get more aggressive.

I moaned when he finally inserted his tongue deep into me. Rocking back and sitting up right with my entire weight centered on his mouth.

A devious spark crackled through my brain….I internally squeezed sharing the seed he deposited in me, back to him.
I relish this position…love to be eaten out after good fucking. Most men are turned off by the very thought…I do not give a shit, I like it.

I rubbed my gash back and forth…Gregg’s cock laying across his stomach stretched to the maximum…it went from it’s base over the top of his belly button and did not end to almost the apex of his sternum.

Amazing…why the fuck didn’t Katie tell me about this…bitch was trying to hide a secret. That would have been against our life long pact. No secrets.

Gregg was back to sucking the gunk out of my hole…a humorous thought flashed in my head.

Reaching over to my nightstand, found my phone, could not help myself…took a picture of Gregg’s hard cock and texted it to Katie.

Fifteen minutes or so later, I was again on the verge of orgasm…the buzz of the phone triggered me, knowing it was a response from Katie. Who’s son was about to receive the benefits of my orgasm on his face.

Fucking deviously delicious as I came all over him…the eye of his cock bubbling out copious amounts of pre-cum…as much as I wanted to mount that cock again, I had to restrain myself…needed to respond to my phone.

Katie had text, “What the fuck!”

Not a “who”…for sure she knew.

I texted, “Where you keeping it a secret? Is there something else you are hiding from me?”

“No, damn it. It was none of your business. He is my kid for Christ sake.”

“What does that have to do with it? Remember our pact?”

“That was years ago. Where is he right now?” Her anger was evident even in a text.

Contemplating my response another devious thought hit me and rolled over on the bed while turning Gregg between my thighs. Perfect placement, my legs were spread, Gregg’s nose was buried in the mound above my pussy, the shiny combined cum glistening on his face from the sunlight streaming in behind me.

I smiled at Gregg as if to approve of him continuing…he did and I snapped another picture.

Before sending it to Katie, I wrote, “He is right here”.

Took a few minutes for her to respond, “God damn it…you better not fuck him”

“Too late…already did that once, will fuck him again pretty soon. Do you want to watch?”

“Fuck you!”

“He will”

“If you do, it will end our friendship”…this made me stop for a second.

“You broke our pact”…deflecting it back to Katie.

Gregg had no idea as to what I was doing with his mother.

Which now prompted action, pulling Gregg up between my legs allowing him to show respect for my body as he gently kissed my stomach and made his way to my tits.

The head of his cock plied between my waiting cunt lips. Again, slow soft thrusts allowed for my vagina to accommodate that thick hard cock.

This fuck was totally controlled, even though we were in a missionary position, I managed to control the entire movement, savoring a slow contained fuck session.

Even when I heard my kids come noisily into the house, I did not stop nor increase the cadence of our fucking…I was determined to show Gregg the importance of his endeavor over outside distractions.

I whispered in his ear, “Just keep fucking me…you said anything, I am the only person you need to satisfy”.

Just then the bedroom door slammed and my fourteen-year-old daughter, Sadie, made sure that her thirteen year old sister, Megan could hear her, “Mom is in her room GETTING FUCKED AGAIN”.

Some day I will have to talk to her about her mouth.

My rhythm increased….Gregg started to thrust forcefully….ten minutes later he surged and his gumbo catapulted into me. I was right behind him.

Let him catch his breath as I rubbed him gently on the side of his head. He looked lovingly up and his face still had the sheen of his earlier endeavor of cleaning me.

It would be added to. I guided his head back down between my legs and he immediately went to work servicing me.

Sadie’s head popped through the open crack of my door…she hesitated while staring at the back of Gregg’s head as he aggressively licked and sucked at my cunt.

She looked up and I smiled while she shook her head and closed the door again.

I was finally done and had Gregg disengage, he made a move towards the bathroom, but I stopped him. Told him I wanted him to wear the results of actions home.

He looked a little confused.

“I want you to show your mother”.

“Uhmm…what? My mother?” Gregg was really confused.

“Yeah…your mother. Tell her I said, thanks”. This was a directive not a suggestion.


“Do you ever want to do this again?” then I added, “You agreed to anything, remember”.

“Yeah…I guess…but she will get angry, won’t she?”

This was the time to change the narrative of the subject, time for some psychological manipulation.

“What do you think of your Mother? I mean not necessarily as your mother, but a woman, a female?” Gregg was standing next to the bed and I was absentmindedly playing with his now flaccid well-used cock. He is going to have to be trained for stamina…some other time, I guess.

“Uh, you mean the way she acts or looks”.

“First, do think she is attractive” My free hand waved down my body. I know mine is pretty good, my “C” cup breasts do not sag much at all and my waist is not more than an inch larger than it was when I was in my early twenties before kids. Katie, though athletic, had smallish perky breasts, maybe “B” cup at most and she was a tad wider on the bottom than top. I know my figure is a 36-25-35 and if I would guess hers, she is just the opposite…with maybe a 26-inch waist.

“Uh…yeah…she is attractive…for a mom”.

“I’m a mom…don’t forget”.

“Yeah…but you are really hot…I mean…”

“Would your mom be hot if she was not your mom? Has any of your buddies ever said anything about your mom maybe being hot?”

Gregg thought for a second as my hand continued to work his cock, it again was filling with blood.

“Yeah, I guess…couple of my friends have called her a MILF”.

Knew what that meant but wanted him to say it, “What do you mean by MILF”.

“Uh…a mom I like to fuck” he looked to the side when he said it.

I let out a little laugh and gave his cock a tug, “I’m a mom, and you seem to like fucking me…does that count?”

A large grin formed across his face as he nodded, “Oh yeah! I still can’t believe it…oh my”.

A flash of pride flushed through me has my thumb rubbed over the eye of his oversized cock head.

“So…your friends would like to fuck your mom…how do you feel about that, since it is obvious you like fucking moms”. Getting the conversation refocused.

“A well, uhm…if it wasn’t my mom…err…I guess it would be ok”. Morality was still rearing its head in his thought process.

“Listen to me…completely take the “my” away from mom, close your eyes and visualize her as Katie…in a string bikini”. He closed his eyes and from the stiffening of his cock, I could feel I was on the right track.

“Keep your eyes closed and visualize her naked…the pert tits, her athletic build, she keeps her pubic area completely shaved.” Had to throw this in as first, it was true, and second to differentiate from mine…I keep most of mine shaved but leave a small amount on my mound…I have a sinister reason…so it can be seen under my bikini bridge as a tease.

Gregg’s cock was now at full staff.

I feigned surprise, “Whoa, big boy…if I am not mistaken, I would think that you would like to fuck YOUR mother.” Emphasis was on “your”, on purpose.

“Uh…uh…but you said not to think of her as my…mother.” He stammered in a way that belied his feels of guilt.

His cock started to soften almost immediately. I tugged at it and then bent towards it and licked the end.

Laughing, “yes, I did…but you know what I do for a living and can read the underlying message”.

“What do you mean?” he was now nervous and his cock was like jello in my hand, all the conflicting emotions, mostly of guilt were reflected in his now flaccid dick.

“It means…like most young men that have an attractive mother, they have latent fantasies of fucking their mother. Proven fact…it is nothing to be ashamed of.”

He wanted to say something, something to deflect or discard my statement, but it was obvious that he knew I was actually correct.

“But, I would never…I mean…”

“Why?” I interrupted, “Never say never”.

“Because, she is my mom…it just would not be right.” Gregg was almost indignant, yet there was a hint of confusion as if he wanted validation to his thought process.

He wasn’t getting it from me.

I stood up and grabbed my silk kimono, wrapping it around my body. Gregg looked around and realized that his clothes were still at the bottom of the stairs.

I just smiled and looked up and down his naked form, nodding in approval as shyness caused him to attempt to cover his dick with his hands.

I walked over and pulled his hands away.

“Through out history there have been continuous incidents of mothers and their son’s having sexual relationships, it is society that regulates the mores. Not individuals”.

“Are you saying that it is ok to have these feelings about my own mother?”

“Absolutely, it is absolutely normal for you to want to fuck your mother.”

“Do you have to say it that way?” he said in an almost pleading voice.

“Is there another way to say it? Tell me that you would like to fuck your mother…I want to hear you say that, it is absolutely normal.” This was the bridge I wanted him to go over.

“Err…Uh…Jeez…do I have to?”

I leaned up against him, my nipples poking through the silk of my Kimono against his shoulder, my hand sliding down to grasp his cock. ‘Yes…you have to”.

“I would like to fuck my mother”. He coughed it out…mission accomplished.

“Good boy…breathe out and close your eyes…think of caressing your mother’s naked body…of your penis slowly pushing into her wet, warm vagina” I could feel his cock stiffen immediately.

My hand moved back and forth on his shaft and it was only a matter of moments before he would be spraying his cum into open air. I thought of either quickly taking him into my mouth or laying down and spreading my legs and fucking him…but a more sinister thought over rode both actions.

I stopped and backed away…turning him towards me; his cock totally engorged a wanton look pleading for release on his face.

Then he transferred to a confused look as if asking why I was stopping.

“This is not for me…as much as I am tempted, it is for your mother, not me”.


I put my hand up, “You said, anything, correct?’

He nodded affirmative.

“Then figure out a way to fuck your mother…and then we will go on from there”.

He was shell-shocked…totally caught off guard.


“Yep…dead serious…she already knows about us, and she knows what she would be getting” I showed him the pictures on my phone…the blood first drained from his face and then rushed back in.

I walked directly in front of him, realizing that I still had my high heels on this whole time and just know noticing that he was still taller than me by an inch or so. Since I am five foot eight inches tall in my bare feet, my three inch heels made me a tad over 5’11”…Gregg had to be over six feet.

Perfect…I kissed him full on the mouth, he responded almost immediately, my Kimono opened and out bare bodies molded together, his cock again rising between us. Thought about another tussle on the bed, but no, had to send him on his mission first.

Katie would not hold a grudge against me for long once the guilt of her soon to be incestuous liaison was accomplished.

I broke the embrace and told Gregg to get going, he looked at me pensively.

“Ah…my clothes are down stairs…the girls”. He said as if I was supposed to do something.

“So…you’ll get over it. I am sure they will get a kick out of it”.

He quietly left the room as if he was going to sneak down unnoticed.

They must have been waiting for him.

I heard Sadie, “Holy shit! Look at the size of that cock! Did you get a picture Megan?”

“Yup…multiple ones, good thing you moved his cloths. Who would have thought that our Mom would be banging her best friends son and that he would have such a big dick!” Megan said as I heard the front door slam.

Have to love my girls…there is nothing we hide from each other.

When I came down the stairs, both of them gave me the thumbs up and Sadie kept saying, “Details…we need details”.