Baked Melissa

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By the end of my sophomore year I had been dating Jamie for a full six months. Surprisingly I had been totally faithful to her the entire time, with the exception of one night with Katie at the beginning of the summer, but no one ever needs to know about that.

It was now summer and to my utter disappointment, Jamie was planning to spend the summer at camp! How could she do that?! She’s going to leave me here alone all summer? There’s no way I’ll ever survive that long without her! Okay it was actually only four weeks but still, for the first time ever, I was going to be lost without my sweet baby!

Two and a half weeks later I’m surviving pretty well and counting the days until my beautiful girl comes home to me. On this particular day, my friend Dave and I decided to go to the mall. As we are walking around keeping ourselves entertained we run into who else but Jamie’s friends Melissa and Tara.

Now naturally, when I began dating Jamie, I inherited all of her friends as well. Melissa was Jamie’s best friend, if Jamie wasn’t with me, she was probably with Melissa. Sometimes if she was with me, we were still with Melissa. Anyhow, we stopped for a while and chatted and then we all made our way to the food court, where we sat for a while and chatted and just cracked each other up.

The surprising part was that Dave and Tara were really hitting it off. I thought they had met before but never remembered this level of flirting between the two. Melissa and I kept looking at each other thinking “what the hell???” We both knew for a fact that Tara had a boyfriend, but there they were flirting back and forth and each of them gushing over every word. It was both hilarious and revolting at the same time. All Melissa and I could do was roll our eyes, shake our heads and watch this sickening display. I kept thinking oh my god, is that what I look like when I’m flirting with a girl??? How embarrassing.

Needless to say, Tara and Dave wanted to continue their little game, so Tara all but begged Melissa to invite us over to her place where they could maybe get some time together. Dave begged the same of me but we couldn’t really go to my place because my brother and his entire entourage were there, the reason we came to the mall in the first place. In the end, Melissa finally gave in and asked us over to her place. Dave jumped at the opportunity and I, being the good wingman, had to go along with it.

Melissa’s House

At Melissa’s house things started innocently enough. Dave and Tara acted fairly normal for a while. We all decided to go swimming. Dave and I hadn’t brought swimsuits and so just jumped in as is. It was summer, we were wearing shorts, so no big deal. I have to admit that once Tara came out in her tiny little bikini, and I do mean TINY, I couldn’t blame Dave for wanting a piece of that. I’d never seen Tara dressed like that before, or rather, undressed. After about ten minutes Dave and Tara were all over each other, so Melissa and I got to have fun watching them try to have sex in front of us without us seeing them. I mean seriously, the pool wasn’t that big.

Now, I had also never seen Melissa in a bikini before either. Melissa is about five foot seven, long silky black hair, dark brown eyes, perfect pouty lips, really a beautiful girl. Somehow I hadn’t noticed that until now. She had amazing long sexy legs, a nice set of breasts, and a tiny little waist. What a sexy girl. Especially all wet like that in the pool, and I had absolutely no intention of doing anything about it, other than talking.

That was when things started to get complicated. We got out of the pool, had some lunch, and continued to gab and gossip. At least Melissa and I did, while Tara and Dave continued to paw at each other. Finally Melissa reminded Tara that “You know, if you two wanted to be alone you could go chill in the screen room, Zane and I might want to go inside and play pool… or something” The “screen room” she was referring to was really just one of those screened in tent/canopy things you set up for picnics and such with a couple of lounge chairs in it. They had it set up so they could sit outside at night without getting eaten by bugs. Dave and Tara leapt at the chance to be alone.

Melissa and I stayed over on the deck by the pool and started taking bets on how far they would actually go in the middle of the back yard. We were cracking each other up.
I said “I never realized Tara was such a slut”
Melissa answered “Dave must either be rich, or have a HUGE Johnson, because otherwise he’s just not that interesting”
That is the level of remark that went back and forth for a good 15 minutes. The two of us totally dissing our friends with every insult we could think of.

Just about that time, a familiar aroma came wafting through the neighborhood. It was unmistakable, marijuana.

I spoke up “mmmmm smells like someone else is having a party too, maybe we should go join them”

Melissa replied “That’s my neighbor Billy. Pot smoker, dealer, delinquent…”

I answered “Still smells like he’s having a good afternoon”

Melissa then asked me “You smoke?”

To which I answered “maybe, you?”

Melissa’s parents were both teachers, and her mom seemed to be the real former hippie type. I figured if anyone’s parents would be understanding and tolerant of pot, it would be hers.

Melissa stood up, stood on her tip toes to look and see how the two love birds were doing, then turned to me and said “Wait here”. She disappeared into the house for a few moments and then came back with something in her hand. It was a small baggie with a few “cigarettes” in it. She looked over at the love birds again, dangled that baggie in front of her enticingly and said “You wanna??”

Puff Puff Pass

Well there was really only one answer to that of course. So Melissa pulled one out, then rolled up the baggie and stuffed it into her bikini bottoms. She pulled me over to one of the bigger couches where we proceeded to light up. We sat there and blazed through the first one, sat back and let it take its effect on us. We continued our play by play of what was going on in the screen room, saying stupid things and just cracking ourselves up.

As we were sitting there, Dave and Tara suddenly emerged and showed up on the deck. The first thing Tara said, with a slightly surprised tone, was, are you two smoking weed? Dave just looked on with this expression that said “Dude, go for it” even though most of his attention, and his hand, was on Tara’s ass.

In answer to Tara’s question Melissa just nodded her head towards the neighbor’s house, jerked her thumb in that direction and said “Billy”.
Tara understood immediately and answered “I’m surprised the cops aren’t there yet”

After a little small talk, Tara made her way indoors to use the little girl’s room. Dave stayed with us trying to think of something to say other than “you guys can get lost right? I wanna get busy with her”. We pretty much figured that out already. Finally Tara came back out and those two jumped in the pool to make it look like they weren’t so eager to just get away from us again and jump each other. They pretty much swam from one side to the other, climbed out, and ran back to the screen room so they could be “alone”.

Melissa collapsed back on the couch right next to me and we continued to crack each other up with our ongoing commentary. We were laughing even more now. Everything was hilarious. The buzz was working wonders. Not five minutes later, Melissa’s mom appeared on the deck to check in. Melissa scooted away from me when the door opened, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Mom didn’t know Melissa had come home from the mall and was surprised to see her here with me, and just me. I had been here with Jamie before so her mom already knew me as “Jamie’s boyfriend”. Her mom made some comment about the two of us looking pretty “cozy”, clearly implying something. I guess she saw Melissa move away when she came out. Melissa explained that we weren’t really alone, Tara and her boyfriend were in the screen room making out. Her mom laughed and did the same thing Melissa had done, craned her neck up to look over the pool at the two love birds in the backyard.

Mom said “Well they are in the middle of the back yard in the middle of the day, I guess they can’t get in too much trouble”. No indeed mom, no indeed.

Mom then made a comment about the pot smell, asking if we had been smoking. Melissa made the same gesture as before and again said “Billy”. Mom just shook her head and said “I should call the cops again” but then let it drop. What a genius excuse Melissa had, she could sit here smoking all afternoon and just blame the delinquent neighbor. It was perfect. Of course that is probably where she got hers, I never really thought to ask. Mom gave her blessing to us hanging out for the afternoon and told us to make sure the love birds keep their clothes on, then left for whatever it was that she was late for, Melissa and I went back to the play by play.

Melissa cuddled up close next to me and leaned up against me as we started cracking up. She leaned back, put her head on my chest, and pulled my arm around her shoulder to make herself comfortable. We sat there like that talking and laughing and making bets on how far the love birds had gone, and how much clothing they likely still had on. We were both fairly buzzed, and neither of us were ambitious enough to get up and actually look to settle the bet.

Instead, Melissa paused for a moment and said “Okay so….”

I was waiting for another comment on Dave and Tara.

Melissa asked “Have you and Jamie done it yet?”

I was caught off guard by that one. I asked “Why? Did she say we did?”

Melissa answered “No, she says you haven’t.”

I answered “Well, you know Jamie, she’s waiting”

Melissa said “Yeah I know she says that. At least she used to, but she doesn’t say that as much anymore, that’s why I think she’s lying”

I laughed and said “Trust me, she still says it to me ALL the time”

That cracked her up and she said “Awwww poor Zane can’t get in Jamie’s pants” Then she added “I keep telling her all the time, if she doesn’t fuck you soon someone else is gonna”

I said “Thanks! That should convince her” and laughed. “Maybe I should try that line”

Melissa thought for a minute and said “Well it’s true isn’t it? You’ve got to have at least a couple girls at your school trying to get in your pants” (yeah… I did)

I just answered “Nope. Not me. Besides, I wouldn’t do that to her”

She just laughed at me and said “Oh no of course not, you’re a sweet innocent virgin right?”

I said “I never said that, I just said I’m not gonna go fucking someone else just because Jamie wants to wait”
(Just to be clear, I had in fact fucked Jamie a number of times at that point)

She called me a liar. “You two did too do it, you just won’t admit it”

I answered “You’re right, I won’t. Even if she tells you we did, I’ll deny it.”

Melissa just sat there for a few minutes thinking and then said “Well I know you fucked Michelle. Everyone knows that”

I answered “Everyone? How does everyone know that?”

She answered “Oh please, she brought you, a sophomore from another school to her Junior Prom. Everyone knows you did it.”

I answered “Well everyone is wrong. She brought me, a friend from another town, because she didn’t want to go with any of the apes at your school who couldn’t wait to get their hands all over her, and she knew she could trust me. There was no sex involved. So… yeah” and then I added “…and how did we get on my sex life anyway? What about you? I’ll bet you’re still a virgin aren’t you?” Then I just laughed. I’d never seen her with a boyfriend, or even a date.

She sat up, turned her head and looked at me like that was the ultimate insult, then she smacked me on my chest. She said “Just for your information Mr. Smarty-pants, I’m NOT a virgin”. Then she settled back down on my chest and pulled my arm back over her shoulder.

NOT a virgin?

That was actually so surprising to me that it registered through the buzz. Melissa seemed all sweet and innocent. I had never seen her flirt with any of the guys at the parties we went to. I’d seen her shoot down plenty of guys who hit on her when she was with Jamie and me. I’d never even heard her talk about how cute, or hot, any particular guy was. She had to be a virgin.

So I had to comment “NO way! Who did you have sex with?”

She rolled her eyes, and her head! “Oh no one you know, I don’t wanna talk about it”

As she said that she reached down into her bikini and pulled another joint out of her hidden baggie. She lit it up and we shared another. Melissa would take a hit, then hold it up for me. The buzz increases!

Of course I couldn’t let this virginity story go so I pushed her some more, teasing and making fun of her until she finally told me her stories. Her first time had been at the beach the previous summer. Apparently some surfer guy who she thought was so beautiful and perfect. She said she was flirting with him all week, they finally took a walk on the beach and she found herself alone with him in a nice secluded spot where he, and I quote, “Jabbed that thing into me like he found a hole in tree”. She said it was awful. It didn’t matter though because he only lasted about ten strokes before he pulled out and shot that shit all over her. Needless to say it was not what she had hoped, dreamed, imagined. It hurt, it was sticky, and sandy, and nasty, and disgusting. She had to slip into the surf to clean all that shit off of her. Ugh.

I commiserated with her and was rubbing her shoulder as she proceeded to tell me about her second time. (SECOND TIME??? Wow, she really wasn’t the innocent little thing that she seemed!) She told me that her second time was in fact just a few months ago with “Joe”. I knew Joe, I’m surprised she actually named names. For what it’s worth, I could have told her, Joe is a real dick. She told another sad tale about ending up in the back seat of a car while this pinhead ignored her and humped himself to his own happy orgasm. The poor girl. I gave her a tight squeeze and a kiss on the head and just laughed at her sad sex life. It was kind of rude but, in my buzzed state I thought her sad stories were hilarious.

I just laughed at her and said “Wow, you sure have great taste in men”

She took another hit and said “Yeah I’m sure you could do so much better”

I naturally thought she meant I could do better at picking sex partners, so I answered “well I am dating your best friend, she seems like a pretty good choice”

Melissa answered “Yeah but you can’t get in her pants!”

“I’m dating her because she’s awesome and I love her, not because I just want to get her in bed”

Melissa took another hit and said “yeah of course you are” and then passed the cig back to me.

We continued to pass back and forth, I continued to make fun of her. By this time we had completely lost track of Dave and Tara, they may have left for all we knew, but we were totally buzzed and gave up caring at this point.

As we sat there making fun of each other, with my arm draped over her shoulder, my hand was resting lightly on her breast. The whole time I was absent-mindedly stroking her breast, teasing her nipple with my fingers through her bikini. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until she let out a little moan. Then she moved her hand up over mine and started to squeeze and caress.

I pulled my hand back like it was on fire! Melissa sat up too, surprised at my reaction.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! I didn’t realize I was doing that!” I said.

Melissa just smiled and said “It’s okay I didn’t mind”. Then she laughed at me and said “Actually I was kind of liking it” and flashed me a very naughty smile.

I said “No I can’t do that, Jamie will find out. I can’t cheat on her. Especially not with YOU”

Melissa smiled at me again and said “Jamie won’t find out anything, I won’t tell her”

I answered “You just sat here and told me about ALL the guys you’ve had sex with, when no one else we know thinks you even know what sex is. You think I believe you won’t tell Jamie I was grabbing your tits?”

She said “I know what sex is dumbass, and no one was grabbing anything, you were just teasing”

“And I shouldn’t have been doing THAT!” I answered.

Melissa finished off the joint and dropped what was left. She said “It’s fine, I promise I’ll never tell. You were too stoned to know what you were doing anyway”
And then she leaned over and kissed me.

I wanted to stop but, whoa, what a kiss. It was probably the buzz but, wow. She let me go then dropped back to her previous position leaning up against me. She pulled my hand back over her shoulder, right back to her tit and started squeezing and teasing again. I have to admit, it felt amazing. I could feel her whole body shutter on top of me. Her other hand reached down and started caressing my leg. I could feel my dick starting to rise. She wasn’t sitting on it, but I’m sure she knew it was happening. My mind was still on that kiss.

I whispered in her ear “I’m going to need more of this” as I slid my hand right down into her bottoms and pulled out her little baggie. She never even flinched


Melissa lit up yet another joint and we began to puff. This was our third. My hand still on her chest, teasing, touching, feeling. I couldn’t help myself, it felt so good. She handed me the joint and then dropped her hand to my leg again and began to caress me in return. I know at this point I was so buzzed I barely knew what was going on, but I felt every, single, touch, of her hands. It was like I was hypersensitive. I could only assume Melissa was feeling the same.

I got my answer to that thought when she started moaning to my touch. Every time I touched a nipple she would close her eyes and draw in a deep breath. She would occasionally brush her hand over my cock and my entire body would feel it. I hadn’t felt anything quite like this before.

When we finished off that joint we were both super buzzed. Melissa turned, then climbed up and straddled my lap. Now she HAD to feel my cock against her tight little bikini. She put her arms around my shoulders, looked down between her legs, then ground her hot little bikini up over my cock, then looked at me and smiled again. Then she leaned forward and really kissed me. Again, what an amazing kiss. I had smoked before but I’d never been this buzzed. We kissed like that for a long time. Every movement of her tongue was a new sensation. Our hands barely even wandered, but her hips were working just enough against my cock. She just kept on kissing.

I wanted more. My mind was screaming at me to stop, think of Jamie, keep it in your pants you idiot, but then Melissa would touch somewhere else and that voice shut up fast. I needed more weed! I slid my hand down and into her bikini, only to find nothing but bare naked pussy. No kidding, completely shaved! I was surprised, excited and disappointed at the same time.
Melissa closed her eyes and smiled, then said “Sorry, it’s all gone”
I assumed she meant the weed, but I didn’t pull my hand away.

Baked Melissa

All of a sudden Melissa’s eyes lit up and she said “C’mon! I know what we can do”

I kept muttering “I can’t do this Melissa, really I can’t, Jamie will go insane, she’ll dump me for sure”

She stood up, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the house. We wound our way through the halls to her room which was on the bottom floor. She pulled me in her room and shut the door real fast. She then pushed me down on the bed and started running around, well, stumbling around. She opened the window, turned on a fan, blowing out. I couldn’t make heads nor tails about whatever she was doing. Finally she pulls this little table over by the fan in the window. Then she reaches into her closet, digs around for a moment, and pulls out a bong.

I’d never tried smoking from one of those before but at this point I was ready to try. Melissa showed me how and had me choking and coughing on it in no time. She also had me just stoned out of my mind. She was an old pro. Can you say “I’ve done this before”?

In no time at all I was higher than I had ever been. Melissa was baked.

That’s what she said. “I am so baked”

The idea popped into my mind of “Baked Melissa”. Like Baked Alaska. I don’t even know why but I just totally cracked up. I couldn’t control my laughing. Then, she was laughing with me. Of course I was just as baked as she was, probably even more so. Melissa apparently did this all the time, I had never used a bong before. I don’t think I’ve ever been as stoned as we were at that moment. Melissa leaned against me, then turned and looked me in the eyes. My big red bloodshot eyes. Then she leaned forward and kissed me again. Just a little peck, but my brain started trying to think again.

(NO you can’t do this! Jamie will dump your ass so fast!)

Another hit, another kiss.

(STOP IT damn you! Jamie, remember!)

Another hit, a much longer kiss.


I finally said it out loud. “Melissa I can’t do this, Jamie will be so mad, she’ll never speak to either of us again”

She looked at me and whispered “Jamie’s not here, she’ll never know” and then started kissing me again.
She put her hands around my neck, her lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, and I forgot all about Jamie.

Out of Control

We stayed like that just kissing for ages. I don’t even know how long it could have been, but it was awesome. I couldn’t get enough. Then we just leaned back and fell onto the bed. I rolled her on her back, then leaned on my side next to her, and we continued kissing. Melissa was making soft low moans with every motion. Then she reached over and grabbed my hand. She pulled it up over her belly, which was so smooth and soft, and she guided my hand right back to her tits where it had been before. I stopped long enough to look at my hand teasing her nipples through her bikini top.

I slid my hand under the bikini and pushed it out of the way. Damn were they beautiful. My fingers teased her nipples and made her moan and shiver. I leaned over and put my mouth on them. That made her shiver even more. Her hand went to the back of my head and held me there. At some point, I don’t even know how, the bikini disappeared. I loved licking and teasing and sucking on those tits, so full and firm and perfect. With the buzz I had going I would have been perfectly happy to stay right there the rest of the day.

The weed however, seemed to have made Melissa extra horny. She switched our positions. She rolled me over on my back, then pulled me close and started kissing me again. Then her hand slid down my body very slowly, and started undoing my shorts. I was already hard as a rock by this point. She reached into my pants and grabbed onto my cock. Then she started to stroke it just a little. Then she undid my pants and pulled it out. That she really liked. Her eyes lit up and she started stroking some more. I was loving every second. She kissed me again then let go of my cock and started pulling on my pants.

She looked me in the eyes and said “c’mon, take these off”

I hesitated for a moment, somehow not understanding what she meant, and just said “What?”

She said “Take your pants off”

Inside my head, my brain tried to save me. (JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE!!!!!)

I just sort of mumbled “Yeah but…”

Melissa let out an exasperated sigh, kept yanking on my pants and said “God you’re stupid, no wonder Jamie’s still a virgin.”

Again I stammered “wait… what? Jamie’s not….”

Melissa got impatient and just blurted out at me “I wanna fuck, just take your damned pants off already”

I responded “Oh, okay…”

Annnnnd that’s when my penis took over all the thinking. I stood up. I almost stumbled over my own feet in the process, but I managed to stand up and push my pants off. Melissa was sitting on the edge of the bed and my cock popped right out at her. Her hands went right to it, and once again, the sensation was amazing. She stroked a little and was saying things like “Oooh it’s so big” and “It’s so thick” and all the things girls will say to make you feel like a porn star. I barely heard any of it, all my concentration was on what her hands were doing. Nothing had ever felt the way her hands felt on my cock right now.

She let go of my cock, then leaned back on the bed and propped herself up on her elbows. God she was beautiful. Somehow, again I don’t even know when, she had taken off her bottoms as well. There she was, completely naked. How did this even happen?

She looked at me and said “Well…?”

I moved up close to her and pushed her legs apart. Her pussy was completely shaved. That was something I hadn’t really experienced much before. I reached forward and touched her lips. The instant my finger made contact she drew in a deep breath. The feeling of her being completely smooth, and at this point very wet, was fascinating to me. My fingers started to rub and touch and feel. I pushed a finger into her and listened to her squeal. It was just once, then she fell back on the bed and covered her own mouth with her hand as she moaned to each thrust of my fingers.

Just like before, I would have been perfectly happy to continue what I was doing. It was so hot, and she was so tight. Melissa was moaning and thrashing with every touch. Finally she reached down, grabbed my hand and made me stop. She wrapped her legs around mine and pulled me closer to her. This made me lose my balance of course and I fell forward on top of her. I put my hands out and ended up holding myself above her looking into those eyes again. She propped herself back up on her elbows, spread her legs nice and wide in front of me, and just stared back into my eyes as if to say “I’m waiting….”

Do it right

My brain made one more feeble attempt to save me. (JAMIE?!)
As I said, my penis was doing all the thinking now. I leaned forward, pushed my cock up against her pussy and pushed. I slowly pushed myself all the way deep into her, we both just let out a long heavy sigh of pleasure as I pushed all of it up into her. All of the sensations up to now, that I had thought were the most amazing thing in the world, did not even compare to this. I could feel the slickness inside her. I could feel every single muscle spasm as her pussy adjusted to my cock and tried to grab on. I could feel myself throbbing against her. This was intense. Gotta be the weed.

Now somewhere in the back of my mind I did register what she had said earlier about the first guy that fucked her just jabbing at her like a stick in a tree, and the second guy not being much better. So this was going to be better. We stayed like that for some time with me all the way up inside her. I started to pull out but she locked her legs and held me there. I didn’t really mind. Finally I pulled out slowly, only about half way, and pushed back into her. Short slow strokes. One, then two, then three, then all the way back in, nice and slow. Again the heavy sigh and the moans that came with it. This is heaven.

We continued like that for a long time. Stoke, stroke, all the way in. Melissa and I were both grunting and moaning with every motion. After a while I went faster. Then I went a lot faster. Then I went back to long and slow. I rolled her over and took her doggy style. Amazing. The she laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. She straddled my hips and dropped right down onto me. Then she took over.

Melissa rode me for a long time. Apparently the high makes me last forever because usually I would have filled her up long ago. She rode me sitting up for a while, with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Then she finally collapsed on top of me and did everything with just her hips. Back to long slow strokes. I was building fast. I mumbled something about cumming but she didn’t care.

She said “just do it”, so I did. I grabbed her hard by the ass and pushed myself as deep into her as I could. Then I just unloaded into her.

She said “Oh my god I can feel it!” It was the first time anyone had cum inside her.

I kept cumming inside her, and she kept on riding me until my cock was so soft it wouldn’t stay in her any longer. We both collapsed on the bed next to each other, covered in sweat, totally worn out, and still buzzed out of our minds. It was the single most spectacular fuck of my life so far, yet all I could do was lay there and think “oh shit, Jamie’s not gonna like this!”

Melissa laid there and went on about “oh my god that was incredible.”

I answered “Yeah that’s what Jamie said too”

She screamed “OMG I FUCKING KNEW it!”

The Aftermath

As we lay there recovering, Melissa said to me “We have a problem”

I answered with the first problem that came into my head “I know, I came inside you”

She just laughed and said “No that’s not a problem, I have birth control” Her hippie mom had gotten her one of those implant devices as soon as she found out about the beach guy. I didn’t ask how she found out.

“No” she said, “The problem is that I think Tara saw us, and I think your friend did too”

I panicked, instantly thinking Tara would tell Jamie and I’d lose her forever. I said “Fuck, I knew we should have stopped. Do you think she’ll blab?”

Melissa thought for a few moments and answered “It depends on what happened between those two, Tara has a boyfriend, and if he finds out she fucked your friend…”

I answered “Then it doesn’t matter, if she says anything we’ll just TELL him that she fucked Dave”

Melissa thought about it for a minute and said “Yeah that might work”

So we finally got dressed and went back outside. To our surprise we found Dave and Tara sitting by the pool cuddling. When we came out they both hooted at us and started asking us “sooooo… how was it?”
Melissa just smiled and turned bright red at that question, thinking about how it was.

Then we turned the question back at them, “Sooooo… what about you? How was it?”

Tara answered “Nothing happened”, while at the same time Dave, with a huge grin on his face, was making hand job motions.

I suspected more than that may have happened but figured I’d get the details later. We talked awkwardly for a while and came to the agreement that today never happened. Tara’s boyfriend never needed to know. Jamie never needed to know. As long as you keep our secret, we’ll keep yours. Then we all went back to swimming and playing and having fun as if nothing had ever happened. The only difference being there was a lot more touching going on. I caught Tara eyeballing my pants a couple times, and Dave eyeballing Melissa more than a couple of times.

Eventually Dave and I left and he gave me all the details. Tara had given him a blow job right there in the back yard. When he tried to get her bikini off to return the favor she wouldn’t let him. He tried to get her horny enough to just go for it by using his fingers but just couldn’t get her there.

I told him “You should have got some weed and loosened her up”

He asked “Is that what you did?”

I said “No, that’s what SHE did, I was so stoned the only thing I remember is that it was fucking incredible”

Dave answered “I know, I saw”

He told me that when he and Tara came back over looking for us and we weren’t there, she figured she would check inside. She popped her head in the door right when I was pounding Melissa doggy style. Dave said she came back with her eyes the size of dinner plates and said “They’re doing it!” Dave of course had to see for himself and so popped his head in the door too. He was just in time to see Melissa on top of me riding with her head thrown back and making a lot of noise. After that he just grinned at me.

I know that Dave and Tara did see each other again after that day. He gave me details of a couple visits. Apparently the girl was really wild. Any time her boyfriend was away for whatever sport he was doing, she would meet Dave and they would just fuck like rabbits. That info would come in handy later.


The next time I saw Melissa was the week after Jamie finally came home. I was terrified that Melissa was going to absent mindedly say something and spill the whole thing but luckily she didn’t. Later in the day though she did come over and sit with me for a while to talk.

She told me all she’d been thinking about all afternoon was me fucking Jamie. Did I fuck her since she’s been back? (Yes I did) How many times? Was it as good as with her? What position? OMG I bet Jamie likes it doggie style. (She does) Finally I had to tell her to shut up already.

Melissa said “I can’t help it. Just the thought of you fucking her makes me so fucking horny. And remembering you fucking ME makes me even hornier. I wanna do it again. C’mon right now, let’s go find a place and do it!”

I thought about that for a minute. She was absolutely beautiful, and so sexy in the little outfit she was wearing at the time. Then I saw Jamie smiling at me from across the deck and I just had to say no. I was seriously in love with this girl and didn’t want to risk that by fucking her best friend, AGAIN.

Melissa pulled her chair up real close to me and whispered into my ear…

“If you DON’T come and fuck me, whenever I want you to, then I’ll tell Jamie that you DID” and she just smiled at me.

My mouth dropped. I said “she won’t believe you, she knows I wouldn’t do that.. she knows YOU wouldn’t do that!”

She answered “But you did, didn’t you. Besides, we’ve been best friend since second grade, who do you think she’ll believe, you or me?”

I sat there shaking my head from side to side saying “You evil bitch. You’re gonna tell her that you fucked her boyfriend while she was away at camp? You would do that to your best friend?”

She said “No, I’m going to tell her that you got me high and you took advantage of me while I wasn’t thinking straight. She’ll definitely believe that. She’s seen me high before” again with the evil smile.

Son of a bitch.

Then she added “So every once in a while we’re gonna do it again. How can that be bad?”

I answered “You know if Jamie ever finds out she’ll dump me and never speak to either of us again”

She smiled and said “Well you just be a good bad boy and do what you’re told, and she’ll never have to find out”

I couldn’t believe it. I was so caught by surprise that I couldn’t think of a way out of this. In order for her to not tell my girlfriend that I cheated on her, I had to continue cheating on her. I also couldn’t believe that I was upset at the prospect of “having to” fuck Melissa, any guy I know would beg for the chance. I just couldn’t think of any way out. Would Jamie believe me if I denied it? Or if I told her that I was so high I didn’t even remember doing it? Did I want to risk her finding out at all?

I had no choice. I was now Melissa’s personal sex toy. Any time she called, I had to show up. In order to keep the girl I was madly in love with, I had to continue fucking her best friend.