A Husband’s Secret Fantasy

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Brandon and Stephanie have been married for almost 18 years now. They have had a good sex life, but lately it has been falling off. It had nothing to do with Stephanie not wanting it, but Brandon not wanting it.

Brandon is 44 years old, and Stephanie is 40. Brandon stands 6’2″, with dark red hair and green eyes, weighing about 240 lbs. Stephanie stands about 5’6″, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 190 lbs, with 44DD tits.

They had hired a local college student to do their yard work for them. Jamal is a 20 year old junior in college. He stands 6’4″, with dark skin, a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build, weighing 200 lbs.

Stephanie pulled into their driveway, an hour earlier than normal. She noticed Jamal’s car was still parked on the street. She knew Brandon wouldn’t be home for at least another hour, but thought Jamal would have left already.

She opened the front door and entered the house, “Jamal?” She didn’t hear anything as she walked through the front room and into the kitchen, “Jamal?” She said a little louder, again no response.

She set her keys and purse on the counter as she looked out the window, into the backyard. Jamal was by the fence, his shirt off, pruning the bushes. Stephanie felt something catch in her throat, as she looked out. His muscular body was glistening in the sun with his sweat. She felt her pussy beginning to tingle, as she watched him work. His perfectly chiselled abs and chest glistening and flexing with his movements.

She had never felt this way about another guy, besides Brandon, but something about Jamal was exciting her. She continued to watch him work, feeling her pussy beginning to get wet. She slid her hand inside of her slacks and panties, lightly rubbing her trimmed slit. She got more and more excited, as she sunk her middle finger into her pussy, and started moaning.

Jamal finished up with the bushes, and collected all of the tools and put them away in the shed. Stephanie quickly tried to compose herself as he came up to the back door. He entered the kitchen and smiled at her, “hi Mrs. Wengler, you’re home early today.” Stephanie returned the smile and said, “yeah I got off early today,” almost breathless.

Jamal cocked his head as he looked at her, “are you ok Mrs. Wengler?” Stephanie quickly nodded as she stared at his firm abdomen, she wanted to just grab his hand and lead him to her room, and fuck his brains out, but she resisted the urge.

Jamal nervously laughed, “ok if say so. Well I’m done for the day, so I’m gonna get out of here.” Stephanie slowly walked towards him, looking in his eyes, “ahh you gotta leave so soon?” As she walked up in front of him, he looked down at her, a little more nervous now, “yeah, I got some class work I need to get done yet.”

Stephanie looked up at him, smelling his sweat, causing her to get more excited, “can’t you stay for a while?” Jamal stood there, thinking about an answer, as he looked down at huge tits pushing against her blouse, and showing lot’s of cleavage. “Mrs. Wengler, I honestly would stay, but I really need to get the homework done, because its due tomorrow.”

Stephanie noticed him looking down her blouse and decided it was now or never. She reached out and grabbed at his groin. Jamal jumped back a little when she grabbed at his cock, “what are you doing?” He asked quickly. Stephanie felt his thick manhood through his shorts, and almost gasped at how big it felt.

“I’m sorry Jamal, but I haven’t got any sex from my husband for a few weeks now. And while watching you work out there, I got all hot and horny,” she said, almost matter-of-factly. Jamal looked at her with confusion, “but you’re twice my age, married, and I work for you.”

Stephanie chuckled lustily at him, “enough with the excuses, your a guy and I’m a girl that needs to get fucked hard.” As she started rubbing his hardening cock through his shorts. “I… I don’t know Mrs. Wengler,” Jamal said nervously. Stephanie put her finger to his lips as she whispered, “shh, no more talking.”

Jamal stood there, baffled as to why this was happening as he watched the older woman slowly move to her knees in front of him. Stephanie looked up at him and smiled, then back at the huge bulge in his shorts. She slid her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and started tugging them down.

Jamal thought about resisting this, but his dick was begging for release now. Stephanie pulled Jamal’s shorts down his legs, his 8 1/2″ dick springing up as she pulled his shorts down to his knees. Her eyes grew wide as she saw how big his dick really was. It was almost 2″ longer than Brandon’s, and a hell of a lot thicker, almost 3″ in diameter.

Stephanie only had one thing on her mind, as she knelt there, mesmerized by the shear size of his black cock. Jamal laughed as he saw her staring at his cock, “anything wrong?” Stephanie slowly shook her head, “I’ve never seen a dick this big.” Jamal laughed again, “well your the one that exposed him.”

Stephanie nodded, “yeah, but I didn’t realize it would be this big.” As she knelt up and slowly wrapped her hand around the shaft of his dick, her fingers not even going fully around it. Jamal groaned as he felt her tiny hand grab his dick, and it throbbed at her touch. Stephanie cooed as she felt his cock throb in her hand, as she opened her mouth as far as she could, bringing it to the fat head of his dick.

Jamal felt her hot breath on the tip of his dick as he watched Stephanie try to fit her mouth around it. “Oh my god,” he groaned. Stephanie’s mouth was stretched as far as it could as the head of Jamal’s cock entered her mouth. She slid her tongue across the bottom of his head as she sucked as hard as she could.

Jamal threw his head back, as he laid a hand on top of her head and groaned, “oh yes Mrs. Wengler, that feels so good.” Stephanie took his cue and started moving her hand up and down his shaft, as she tried to take more of it into her mouth. Jamal tried to force her further onto his dick as he felt her mouth fully engulf the fat head and suck hard.

Stephanie tried to resist him, but he was much to strong as he pushed on the back of her head harder. The head of his cock jammed into the back of her throat, causing her to gag and choke as she tried to push him back. Jamal held her there as she gagged on his dick, “oh god yes you old slut, gag on my cock,” he yelled, looking down at her.

Jamal finally released her head, allowing her to breath again. Stephanie looked up at him in disbelief, before he seemed reluctant to do anything, but then forced her to gag on his dick. She wanted to speak, but couldn’t, still trying to catch her breath. Jamal looked at her with an evil grin, “ah you didn’t like that Mrs. Wengler?” He laughed as he stuck his cock back into her mouth and forced it into the back of her throat again. She was only able to take about 3″ of his dick before she started gagging, as her hands tried to push him back.

Stephanie knew she was the one that started this, but didn’t like gagging on his fat cock, but it was also turning her on more at his forcefulness. She had long had a fantasy of being dominated like this by a guy, and now it was happening. Her pussy was getting wetter the more he forced her onto his cock.

“That’s a good bitch, choke on my dick,” he growled as he roughly kept ramming his dick into her throat. Stephanie’s saliva and spittle was coating his dick, running down her chin, and dripping off of his shaft. Each time his dick slammed into her throat, more spit flew out as she choked.

After jamming his dick into her throat a few more times, he let go of her head and she sat down on the floor, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. Stephanie looked up at him with amusement, her spittle still running down her chin. Jamal laughed at her, “so did you like choking on my cock bitch?”

Stephanie slowly nodded, she had loved it, but was still in shock at how fast his mood had changed from nice to a domineering guy. Jamal stuck his hand out and helped her up, “so are gonna be my naughty married, black cock whore now?”

Stephanie didn’t say a word, her throat hurting, as she unbuttoned her slacks and pushed them down, revealing her baby blue, bikini style panties. Jamal groaned as he saw how wet the crotch of her panties was, as he pushed his shorts the rest of the way off, and kicked them aside.

Stephanie started to push her panties down, but Jamal stopped her and helped her up onto the counter top on the island, in the middle of the kitchen. She fixed her eyes on him, wondering what he was going to do next.

Jamal looked into her eyes as he lightly ran his hand across her covered pussy, “is this pussy ready to be filled up by my cock?” Stephanie nodded, “yes baby, give me that big black dick, show this bitch what a real dick feels like. Stretch it wide so my husband can’t feel anything.” Stephanie couldn’t believe she had just said that, but she was so turned on, it just came out.

Jamal chuckled at her as he pulled the strap of her panties aside, revealing her trimmed, somewhat gaping, glistening pussy. “Mmm already ready for me,” he groaned as he moved to his knees, so his face was level with her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and dipped it into her gaping hole, tasting her nectar.

Stephanie moaned loudly as she felt his tongue enter her, “oh fuck yes, taste my pussy.” As she grabbed his head, pulling him into her. He gave into her want, burying his face in her pussy, sinking his tongue as far as he could. Stephanie closed her eyes in pure pleasure, as she threw her head back and moved her hips around on the counter, rubbing her pussy all over his face. It had been so long since Brandon had done this to her, that she was in heaven as he tonge-fucked her pussy.

Brandon parked behind Stephanie’s car, noticing Jamal was also still here. He figured he would have beat his wife home today, since he got off early, but she had gotten off earlier. He walked through the front door and closed it behind him. He set his keys on the end table when he heard a woman moaning. ‘That sounds like Stephanie,’ he thought to himself as he started walking towards the noise.

Brandon walked up to the entryway of the kitchen, and before he entered he saw his wife sitting on the counter top, her head thrown back and her fat legs spread apart. Between her legs he could see Jamal’s shaved head,his face buried in her pussy. He wanted to yell and strangle his landscaper, but he just stood there mesmerized by the scene. He also knew that he hadn’t had sex with his wife in a while, and that nobody’s fault but his, so she was probably frustrated, he figured.

Brandon also has always had a secret fantasy of watching his wife getting fucked by another guy, and now was that chance. Brandon’s dick began to rise as he watched his wife move and gyrate her hips into Jamal’s face, her moans growing louder.

Brandon looked down Jamal’s body to his huge dick. Brandon gasped to himself at the sight, ‘how is she going to fit that inside of her,’ he thought to himself. He knew his own dick wasn’t very big, but Stephanie never complained about his 6 1/2″ dick. He also had to admit to himself that he wanted to watch her take a fat cock inside of her pussy. Brandon quietly crept into the kitchen and walked up next to his wife.

Stephanie had her eyes closed, and didn’t realize he was standing next to her. Jamal saw him walk up, but didn’t stop what he was doing. Brandon looked down at Jamal and put his finger to his lips to hush Jamal.

Stephanie yelled out, “oh fuck yes, you’re gonna make me cum, you’re gonna make your bitch cum all over your face.” Brandon couldn’t believe what he just heard her say, but it excited him even more as he reached out and cupped one of her fat tits and lightly squeezed it.

This set Stephanie off as she yelled, “yes, play with my tits as you eat my pussy, you naughty bastard, make me fucking cum.” Stephanie’s ass was on the edge of the counter, as her body started jerking and trembling.

Brandon was fondling both of his wife’s tits as he groaned, “yes that’s it cum all over his face.” This caused Stephanie to freeze, she opened her eyes and looked at her husband. Jamal didn’t let up on her pussy, as she sat there staring at Brandon, a look of confusion on her face.

Brandon smiled at her, “don’t stop now, cum for the poor boy.” Stephanie slowly started moving her hips again, her eyes fixed on Brandon. “You want me to cum? Huh, do you want me to cum all the boy’s face?” She groaned as her orgasm started growing again. “Oh yes baby, cum for him, show him how much you want his fat cock inside of you,” Brandon yelled, tweaking her nipples through her blouse and bra.

Stephanie could not believe that her husband wasn’t furious at her, let alone urging her on. Listening to Brandon talk to her like that set off her orgasm. She closed her eyes as her mouth opened wide, her hips slamming into Jamal’s head as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Brandon watched his wife cum, her body trembling against his hands, as he continued fondling her tits. “Yeah that’s it baby, cum all over his face, make him taste your pussy juice,” Brandon urged her. Stephanie was almost screaming as her orgasm continued, “oh fuck, oh fuckkk.”

Pussy juice was flowing out of Stephanie, filling Jamal’s mouth and running down his chin. Jamal was trying to keep up with the flow, but it was a losing battle, as he moaned into her pulsating pussy, her thick thighs squeezing his head tight.

Finally her orgasm began to dissipate, her legs releasing Jamal’s head. She fell back on the counter top, her body still lightly shaking as she breathed heavily. Jamal knelt on the floor, trying to catch his own breath, his face glistening with Stephanie’s juices.

Brandon stepped back and looked at Jamal, “how was it?” Jamal didn’t say anything, just nodding at the older man with a look of confusion on his face. Brandon chuckled, “wow he’s speechless, guess it was good.”

Stephanie had regained her strength and sat up on the counter top, “honey, your not mad about that?” Brandon shook his head and smiled, “not one bit, and now I can’t wait to watch you take that monster cock inside of your pussy.” Stephanie looked at him in shock, “what? You want him to have sex with me?”

Brandon laughed at her reaction, “oh yes honey, I have always wanted to watch you get fucked by another guy, although I’ll admit not by a guy of his size, but yeah I want you to have sex with him.” Stephanie slowly shook her head, not quite comprehending what he said. Brandon added, “but I expect to be included in this.”

Jamal had stood back up. His long, fat cock standing out in front of him, his eyes locked on Stephanie’s plump pussy, slowly licking his lips.

Without waiting for Stephanie to respond, Brandon quickly took his pants and briefs off, tossing them aside. He smiled at his wife, his 6 1/2″ dick fully hard and leaking a small amount of precum. While he never knew how he would react to watching his wife getting fucked by someone else, now that it was about to happen, he was more turned on than ever before.

Jamal slowly stroked his dick as he moved closer to Stephanie. Not moving his eyes from his goal. He nudged the head of his cock against her entrance as she sucked in her breath in anticipation. Jamal looked up at Stephanie, “ok here we go. Are you ready?” Holding her breath, Stephanie quickly nodded.

Brandon moved up next to his wife, wanting to get a firsthand view of the action. His eyes were fixed on Jamal’s dick, as Jamal pushed his hips forward. Brandon watched closely as his wife’s labia opened around the head of the fat dick, and it slowly disappeared into her entrance. “Oh my fucking god,” Stephanie groaned as she felt her pussy stretch wide around the intruder.

“Oh yeah honey, look at that big cock disappear into your pussy,” Brandon groaned as he reached down and started rubbing Stephanie’s swollen clit. Stephanie’s body started trembling and jerking as her husband flicked the tip of his finger across her sensitive clit.

Jamal slowly kept pushing his cock into her tight hole, groaning and grunting the whole way, as he felt her pussy muscles squeeze and relax around his dick, in time with her breathing. “Holy shit, damn your tight,” Jamal groaned as he felt the head of his dick push against her cervix, still with about an 1″ of his dick still out of her.

Stephanie jumped when she felt his dick push against her cervix, as she looked up at her husband, “oh my fucking god, he’s ripping me in half.” Brandon groaned at her, not saying anything as he continued rubbing her swollen clit, that was pushed out now from her pussy being filled to the max. Stephanie turned her attention back to Jamal, taking shallow breaths, “ok go slow at first, fuck I’ve never felt so full.”

Jamal lightly laughed at her comment, as he felt her pussy squeeze his dick hard, then slowly relax. He put his hands on the counter top, and slowly began to withdraw out of her.

Brandon watched as Jamal slowly pulled out of his wife’s pussy, the shaft of his huge cock glistening with her juices, and her pussy clinging to it as the veiny member was pulled out. Brandon looked up at his wife, who had her eyes closed and taking shallow breaths.

Jamal pulled back until he was almost out of her, then moving his hands to her hips, he steadily pushed back into her tight recess. He started a slow and steady rhythm, pulling out until he was almost out, then sinking back into Stephanie. Stephanie’s pussy slowly became accustomed to the dick moving in and out of her, as she slowly started moving her hips into him. She opened her eyes and looked at Jamal, “fuck me baby, fuck your black cock whore.”

Brandon looked at her in shock, he could not believe what he had just heard. Stephanie looked up at him then down at his leaking dick, “give me that cock in my mouth baby,” she moaned, as she reached out and wrapped her hand around Brandon’s smaller member. Brandon felt her hand grab his dick and she started pulling him towards her. Stephanie turned her head and engulfed his smaller dick easily into her mouth.

Jamal had started moving faster in and out of Stephanie, as her pussy continued to cling to his cock each time he pulled back. He was grunting loudly each time he pushed back into her, pushing the head of his dick into cervix.

Stephanie started moving her head up and down on Brandon’s dick, sucking hard on it and moaning, as she continued moving her hips into Jamal. She fondled Brandon’s balls, as he started moving his hips into her. “Oh fuck baby, yes suck my dick, mmm,” Brandon groaned as he threw his head back in pleasure, and put his hand on the back of her head.

Jamal was slamming in and out of Stephanie now, her pussy loosened up and not clinging to his cock so tightly. He still couldn’t get all of his cock into her, as he slammed into her cervix hard each time.

Stephanie could not believe how turned on she was getting, having a cock in her pussy and in her mouth was exciting her tremendously, as she sucked harder on Brandon’s dick and moved her hips more and more into Jamal. She was fondling Brandon’s ball sack as she felt them beginning to tighten up towards his body. She knew he was getting ready to cum, but she didn’t like him cumming in her mouth.

Jamal could feel his balls churning, preparing to empty their contents deep into the older woman. He didn’t want to cum so soon, and froze in place as he buried his dick inside of Stephanie, hoping the feeling of ejaculation would go away.

Stephanie pulled her mouth off of Brandon’s dick and looked at Jamal, “why did you stop?” Jamal looked at her, “I’m about to cum already.” Brandon was still moving his hips with Stephanie’s hand still wrapped around his dick, on the edge of cumming. Stephanie giggled at Jamal, “it’s ok, you can cum inside of me.”

Jamal gave her a half smile as he looked at her eyes, “ok, you want me to cum inside of you?” Stephanie quickly nodded, “yes baby, I want to feel your big black cock throb and shoot its hot load deep inside of me.” Jamal started moving in and out of her again, forcefully jamming his dick into her each time.

Stephanie turned her attention back to her husband, “you want to cum too, don’t you baby?” Brandon looked at her and nodded with a pleading look. Stephanie giggled, “if you wanna cum, you gotta make me cum first.” Brandon slowly nodded as he moved his hand to her swollen clit and started rubbing it up and down.

Stephanie responded immediately, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, “oh fuck yes, make me cum, make me cum all over his fat cock.” Her body trembled and shook as Jamal was slamming in and out of her, hard and fast. “That’s it fuck my pussy hard baby, fill it full of your hot seed,” she yelled out, moving her hips into Jamal hard.

Jamal was grunting as his orgasm drew closer, “oh yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fill you full you black cock whore.” Stephanie’s own orgasm was on the verge of exploding through her body as she listened to him talk. Brandon vigorously rubbed his wife’s clit, talking to her as well, “that’s it honey, cum for him, cum all over his fat cock.”

That was enough to send her over the edge. Her orgasm coursed through her body as she screamed, “oh fuck, I’m cumming you black bastard, I’m cumming all over your big black cock.” Her pussy constricted tight around his fat cock, almost forcing him out of her, as she came. Her pussy was squeezing and relaxing around his dick as she continued to cum, as if trying to milk his cum out.

Jamal tried to keep moving inside of her, but it was tighter than before. Her pussy squeezed the head of his dick hard as tried to push into her. He threw his head back as he felt his cum rush up from his balls and down the shaft of his dick. Brandon watched as Jamal’s cock grew bigger and Jamal groaned, “oh god yes, here it comes.”

Stephanie was starting to come back to earth when she felt the first shot of cum fire into her, “that’s it baby, cum for me, oh my god its so hot.” As Jamal’s cock throbbed again and more of his cum spilled into her. Jamal’s dick was only about an 1″ inside of her as he continued to cum. Brandon could see Jamal’s cum slowly seeping out around his fat member, and down his wife’s swollen pussy lips.

As Jamal finished cumming, his dick still throbbing lightly he stumbled back in exhaustion. As his dick slipped out of Stephanie, what looked like a river of cum followed it.

Brandon looked at her cum filled hole, amazed at the amount of cum that Jamal had just shot into his wife. Her pussy was still contracting at the emptiness, slowly pushing more of Jamal’s cum out, and leaking down the crack of her ass.

Stephanie was still trying to catch her breath as she looked at her husband, “ok honey you can fuck me now.” Brandon looked at her, then back at her gaping slit and wondered if he could cum now.

Brandon moved around between her legs, lining his dick up with leaking pussy. He had fucked her cream filled pussy in the past, but it was his cum, and her pussy was never gaped like this. He pushed his dick into her pussy, easily sinking into her, feeling Jamal’s cum coat his dick. Stephanie grunted and held her breath as she used her tired pussy muscles to squeeze his smaller dick.

Brandon groaned at what she was doing and he slowly pulled his dick back, looking down and seeing the mixture of Jamal’s cum and his wife’s pussy juices covering his dick. He looked back up at Stephanie and slammed into her, hard and fast. “You liked having that fat cock inside of you, didn’t you baby?” He groaned as he started fucking her hard.

Stephanie was grunting as his hips slammed into her ass, wrapping her legs around his waist urging him on, “oh yes honey, I loved his cock, but your cock is good too. Fuck me honey, fill my cum filled pussy with your hot load too.”

“Oh yes honey, I’m gonna fill your pussy, oh fuck yes,” Brandon yelled as his orgasm neared. With one final push into her, his dick throbbed hard, his cum firing deep into her pussy. “Oh fuck, here it comes baby, I’m cumming,” he exclaimed as his hips jerked with each shot of cum.

“Oh my god honey, yes shoot your hot load deep inside of my pussy,” Stephanie moaned as she felt his cum spilling into her.

As Brandon finished cumming he collapsed onto his wife, his body still lightly trembling. His dick was still throbbing inside of her, as it slowly softened. He regained his strength and slowly slipped his semi-hard dick out of her pussy, a string of semen still connecting the head of his dick to her swollen pussy.

As he stepped back, Stephanie moved off of the counter top and knelt in front of Brandon, her knees spread apart. She grabbed his deflated, cum-covered dick and pulled it towards her. She fully engulfed his limp member, sucking on it, and licking it clean.

As she cleaned her husband’s dick off, the mixture of Jamal’s and Brandon’s cum seeped out of her open pussy. Some of it dripping straight onto the floor, and some running down her inner thighs. After she cleaned his dick off, she motioned for Jamal to come over.

As Jamal walked towards her, his dick hung loosely in front of him, flopping side to side as he walked. Stephanie grabbed his fat member and started licking it up and down, tasting the dried cum on it. Jamal groaned as his dick started to rise again at the attention.

After Jamal’s dick was clean, Stephanie looked up at her two lovers, both of their dick semi-hard now, “well that was fun, we should do that again.” Both of them nodded slowly at her.