Pool Partying

Chapter One

Summer’s finally here and I’m really ready for the fun to start. It’s not that I don’t like school, its more that there’s more to do during the summer. We have a pool and I have my two best friends over almost every day to swim, tan and hangout.

Let’s see, where to start…

First off, I’m Elisa or Lise, pronounced ‘Leese.’ I’m fourteen, five foot three, medium length ash blond hair, blue eyes, above average student interested in becoming a lawyer like my mom, and I’m considered pretty by my two best friends, Mia and Erin.

Yes, I have two ‘best’ friends, Mia and Erin. I know, you’re not supposed to have two best friends but I do and that’s life. We are all fourteen and Mia is the shortest at five feet one, long waist length shiny brown hair, light brown eyes, pretty figure (she’s on the swim team but isn’t muscular, just trim and solid), she’s also a good student and is the shyest but also the prettiest of the three. Actually, Mia is even in the ‘beautiful’ category.

Speaking of shy, Erin is not; not at all. She’s got curly blond hair, hazel eyes, is on the cheerleading team (but not stuck-up at all) and also gets good grades. We are both five foot three. As you might think from being a cheerleader, Erin is very pretty.

My mom, as I’ve said, is a lawyer (real estate law, nothing too exciting) and my dad is a financial planner for a large brokerage company (boring, if you ask me.).

I have a brother, Reed, who is sixteen, also a good student (is it genes?), stands five feet seven and has wavy blond hair. No he doesn’t look like a surfer, more like the lead of the debate team. Plenty of girls (including the two aforementioned friends) think Reed is very cute. He’s also just begun to drive (mainly my parents sick with worry.), but no accidents so far.

We live in a nice suburb and have a fenced-in yard with a very nice pool and spa. Its where I live during the summer. Can you blame me?

We all three are attractive and look pretty good in our bikinis. Mia fills out the top of hers the most, she’s really built and constantly gets ogled by guys wherever she goes. They’re big, I think D-cup but I’ve never asked her.

I’m a nice average C-cup which gets this fourteen-year old some stares, too. Erin, who was pretty flat as of about a year ago (we used to call her ‘pancake’), has filled out into a nice (and solid) B-cup. She also has the skimpiest bikinis (some my mom would never, ever let me order) and she is a knockout in them. Just proves that more is not always better.

Oh, I should add that none of us has had sex, meaning ‘intercourse’, at this point. Some petting and stuff but if there was more, whoever was doing it kept it to herself and we share just about everything with each other.

On Tuesday, the first week after school was out, we are sunning ourselves by the pool when Erin says, “Why don’t we tan topless this year? We’ve got something to tan for a change.” Leave it to Erin to push the envelope, any envelope.

“Well, for one thing,” I said, “my brother uses the pool almost as much as we do. That pretty much kills that idea.”

After all, it was my brother and while the other two might get a thrill out of parading in front of my brother topless, it wasn’t something on my agenda.

“We could swear him to silence,” Erin added.

“Oh sure, just ask him not to tell Mom and Dad. Sure.”

“Well, if he agreed to take his trunks off then we’re all in the same boat. That should work. I’m sure he’d agree, what red-blooded guy wouldn’t want topless babes around all day and we’d get a look at his equipment which would be fun.”

“Erin, you’re disgusting, this is my brother we’re talking about.”

“Yeah but he’s kind of a hunk, right?”


Mia, so far not part of this discussion, pipes in, “I’d love to see Reed in his birthday suit. It’d keep me turned-on while I get a tan, for sure.”

“Well, my brother’s dick doesn’t interest me.”

“When was the last time you saw it, Lise?”

“Oh, maybe ten years ago. It wasn’t much to look at.”

“I’ll bet that’s changed and a lot. I say we ask him,” says Erin, “and see what he says. Bet he goes for it.”

“That means I have to parade around my brother with my tits out.”

“Well, you have nice tits, Lise, what’s wrong with that. They’re pretty and you should be proud of them.”

“I am but…”.

“Well, I’m with Erin” says Mia. “Topless all summer.”

“Shit here I am getting dragged into something I don’t want to do by you two crazies.”

“Nobody’s making you do anything, Lise, you already walk around in a bikini that barely hides your nips. Not much difference in my book.”

Well, she had me there. I remember the first time I put on a skimpy two-piece suit. I blushed for a week. But now, I don’t even think about it. Hmm, I just don’t know. Mia adds, “He’d be looking at Erin and me anyway. Big deal. We don’t mind and we get our boobs tanned.”

“Well, okay, but Erin, you’re asking him, not me. It was your idea so you do it.”

“Good by me. If he comes out, I’ll ask him. Agreed?” We did.

So nothing much happened until about three o’clock when the back screen door opened and Reed came out with a towel and a soda.

“Hi, ladies. How’s the water?”

Without waiting for an answer, he dove into the pool and swam around for a while. Then he was out and on a lounger putting lotion on. Erin got up, “Here goes nuthin'” and went over to my brother.

We couldn’t hear what was being said but it seemed civilized. In a couple of minutes, they came over to where we were standing.

“Erin’s got an idea for our summer by the pool and she tells me that you two agree. That right?”

Mia says, “Yeah we all agree.”

“How ’bout you, Sis?”

“Uh…yeah I guess. Okay.”

There it was done…well except for Reed’s decision.

“I suppose I should start first,” he said, then added, “Uh, you do know that guys kinda show when they are excited or turned-on, right? I mean, I might be…”.

Erin, always one to jump in, said, “You mean you’ve got a hard-on?”

“Well, yeah, its kinda difficult not to under the circumstances. Is that okay?”

Again, without missing a beat, Erin says, “Drop ’em, Reed, let’s see.”

Well, drop ’em he did and he stood there with a very nice stiff penis pointing straight out. Boy was it changed since I last saw it when he was about six years old. I really haven’t seen one erect and up close before but Reed’s was really beautiful, nice and straight and with a big, fat pink tip on the end. Damn, here I am admiring my own brother’s dick while I sit poolside with my two best friends.

Of course, it’s Erin who opens her mouth.

“Very nice, Reed, very nice.”

I thought I’d die right there.

I’m either blushing or I’m getting turned-on because I feel flushed all over. But the tingle in my pussy tells me that I’m being sexually aroused by my brother. Oh, my. Then I realized that Erin and Mia are taking off their tops. D-day has arrived, time to de-top. I reached back and pulled the bow and lifted my bra top off.

I couldn’t look at my brother at that point, just straight down to the ground.

“Very pretty ladies, get a nice tan,” and he walks back to his chair and lays down.

Erin jumps up and goes over to him with, “Need help with the lotion, Reed?”

“If you’d like, Erin, sure.”

God, here’s Erin pouring oil into her hand and rubbing it all over Reed’s midsection, yes, including up and down his dick.

“Do my front, Reed, would you,” she says and my brother begins to rub tanning oil all over Erin’s breasts and tummy. I don’t believe this. Then Erin says, “You two want some lotion, I’m sure Reed will oblige.”

Mia jumps up and Reed is slathering her big boobs all over with oil. This is going crazy. But then everyone lays down and the rest of the afternoon there’s no more nutsy stuff.

The next day, we’re laying in the sun topless and its beginning to feel more normal. We three really are pretty and you can sure see it when we’re naked from the waist up. I’m a girl and I think we look super-sexy.

I’ve moved to the shade by about one-thirty when Reed comes out. I look over and he’s starkers as the Brits say and today his penis is less unruly, more or less keeping to itself. He walks over to us and says, “Erin, like to oil me up again?”

God help me she grabs the bottle and says, “Get that thing over here, Reed, I don’t want it to burn.” She is oiling him all over and paying particular attention to his midsection.

Mia jumps in and says, “Can I do that part?” as she points to his rising dick. What kind of friends do I have, anyway?

“Sure, Mia, you get a turn if you want. I won’t play favorites.”

So, Mia begins to rub my brother’s cock as he stands there with his eyes closed. Erin, always one to move things along, says, “How about doing it until you cum? I’ve never seen a guy’s cum spurt out before. How about it Reed?”

“Well, if its in the interest of science and learning, I’m all for it.”

So, Erin (of course) takes over and begins to jack-off my brother. Well, I must say there was some erotic interest in it for me; I’m not made of stone, after all. He may be my brother but he’s a good looking guy with a very sexy dick. So, without making it too, too obvious, I watch as Erin pumps along. She looks like maybe she’s done this before.

Just when it seems to be getting a little routine, Reed starts to moan and begins to lean into Erin’s hands as she strokes him.

“Oh, Erin, I’m getting close. That’s goood, keep doing it. Uggghh, Ooooh, OOOOH” and a big spurt of cum shoots out in the air followed by several smaller bursts. It was my first view of a guy cumming and it was impressive. He shot his stuff about two feet and was left with a dribble of cum on the end of his penis which Erin wiped off with her finger and put in her mouth.

“Hmm, not bad, not bad,” she says as I practically faint. You’d think I’d be used to her by now. Reed says, “Wow, Erin, you can do that anytime, sweetie, anytime. You’ve got a talent for it, that’s for sure. Thanks, I better go lay down after that,” and he plops down on his chaise lounge which he dragged into the shade and is soon asleep.

“Erin, it looked like you’ve done that before,” Mia says, “Have you?”

“Can I take the Fifth Amendment on that? A girl doesn’t have to tell all does she?”

I must say that my two friends were getting the best of the fun with my brother. It did seem weird to be there as two of my friends played with his cock, which, I have to admit, turned me on. By the time Erin had him cumming, I was so hot and wet that I had to get in the pool. I even found myself wondering what it would be like to have Reed’s dick inside me.

On Thursday, when Reed came out, Mia said, “Reed, let me do the sunscreen today.”

“Sure Mia, whatever you like.”

He’s no fool, a nice dick rubdown from a girl with D-cup boobs bouncing in your face is any guy’s dream.

“Wanna shoot off again? Maybe I can get you farther that Erin.”

Damn, now shy little Mia is all of a sudden ‘Miss Slut.’ But from what I can see of her stroking Reed’s erection, she’s having a great time, so is he, of course.

She’s evidently trying to get my brother to cum big-time and after a few minutes of vigorous jacking, Reed’s cock erupts with cum all over her.

“Oh, no, I was in the way. Looks like I got it all, except for this,” as she wipes off the glob on the end of Reed’s dick. “Well, let’s see if Erin’s right,” and she licks it off her finger. “Oooh, you’re right Erin, not bad at all. Nice, in fact.”

“Oh, Mia, you’re great, thanks, all the guys in your future will be grateful. You have a natural talent with a guy’s dick. Thanks, I’m gonna take a blissful nap now, thanks.”

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I’ve been wondering if Erin will carry this any further. She is so spontaneous and sometimes doesn’t seem to have any ‘filter’ at all. She just ‘goes.’ But that’s also what’s so fun about her. Oh, well.

Chapter Two

The next day, I’m out by the pool by myself, Mia had piano lessons and Erin swim team trials. Yes, I was nervous about the prospect of being alone with my naked brother and me half-undressed. Wouldn’t you?

Out he comes with a towel and a drink.

“Where’s Mia and Erin? They got the day off?”

“Mia is doing piano and Erin’s at swim trials. Just us today. You’ll have to put the sunscreen on by yourself.”

“Truthfully, Lise, I was hoping that it would be your turn next.”

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that my heart had stopped.


“Oh, Sis, I think you’re the sexiest of the three of you. I’ve tried to get looks at that beautiful body of yours for a long time now.”

“Really, Reed, I never had a clue.”

“Well, I’ve spilled a lot of sperm dreaming of you, Lise. Hope you don’t mind.”

Now there’s something to think about: my brother has been hot for my bod even jacking-off dreaming of doing me.

“Gee, Reed, it really is a complement and I am flattered. I’ve gotten used to thinking less of you as a brother and more of a naked hunk around the pool. Umm, hand me the suntan oil, maybe I will help you out.”

Can I really be saying this? I mean its obvious to me that being around my brother’s naked body all week has had an effect; I’ve been masturbating three or four times a day and I usually do it once or maybe twice in bed at night.

He picks up the lotion and hands it to me.

“Okay, Elisa, the ball’s in your court.”

I pour out some in my hand and say, “Well, stretch out,” and begin rubbing it on his shoulders and chest. I move next to his legs passing over his rather rigid cock which is difficult to ignore. I’ll have to get to it soon.

I’m leaning over him and he asks, “Can I touch your boobs? They’re so pretty.” Right then I had worked up to his groin, not quite to his dick, yet, so I figured that within seconds I’d be gripping his cock, so why not.

“Yeah, after all they’re almost in your face.”

He reaches up and begins to massage my breasts and circle my nipples with his thumb. It does feel rather nice (Who am I kidding? It was very exciting.) and I’m about to pour a bit more oil and start ‘you-know-where.’

No time like the present, I thought, and began to rub the lotion onto his very hard cock.

“Oh, God, that’s great Lise, oooh,” and he leaned up and licked my right nipple sending an electric current jolting directly to my pussy. I moved my breast a little closer and he sucked my nipple into his mouth and gently pulled on it and ran his tongue around it. With that, I began to stroke him even faster. The day was rapidly warming up.

I haven’t ever masturbated a guy but I’ve seen it twice now almost in front of my nose. And, right now, Reed seemed to be greatly enjoying whatever I was doing, so it must be alright.

“Oh, just like that, Lise. Oh, I’m gonna cum.”

And, like clockwork, his hips jerked up and his legs stiffened and a big spurt of cum flew up in the air followed by a few smaller ones.

“Oh, Lise, that was the best! You are the greatest. If you’d like me to give you oral sex, I’d love to. I’d like to give you an orgasm.”

Well, there’s an offer! I really didn’t think I’d have all day to consider this so, knowing I’d have to bare my pussy to my brother, I said, “One good turn deserves another, right?” and reached down and pulled off my bikini bottom. Now I had to spread my legs to the first guy on earth who will see my bare pussy, my brother.

Oh well, here goes, I thought, as I swung my legs apart and Reed moved to be between them.

“Mmmm, pretty, Lise, you have a beautiful pussy. Really nice. Mmm.”

He lowered his mouth to my belly and began to kiss and lick his way south. It did feel nice until he got to my labia which by now were on fire. His tongue slid up and down and I felt like the Fourth of July going off between my legs.

This is what I’d heard girls talk about. Wow, no wonder they were so gushy talking about boys going down on them. I’ve been masturbating since I was about ten but had never had the intensity of feeling that Reed’s tongue was giving me. Then he slipped his tongue as far inside as he could put it.

An electric shock rocketed throughout my body as he tongued me. This was incredible. Oh my god, if oral sex is this good, how good could regular sex be? What did I have to look forward to in the future. No wonder everyone talked about sex all the time. My head (and everything else, especially my pussy) was buzzing by now and I felt like the entire focus of the whole world was on my vagina.

Then, as he thrust his tongue in and out, he rubbed around the top part of my labia where my clit was hiding. Well, I exploded!

“Oooh, OOOOh, OOOOH, OMIGOD, I’M CUMMMINNGG!” and my body stiffened as fireworks went off in every nerve of my body.

As I lay there exhausted, I didn’t care if the whole world marched by and got a good look at my pussy. Any shyness was drained for good. Reed continued to gently lick me and I tightened my legs around his head and said, “I’m not letting you go. Ever.”

He laughed and said, “I think you like that, Sis. You really went off like a rocket. Biggest orgasm I’ve ever seen. We work well together.”

“Oh, that’s an understatement. I’m dizzy from all that and my whole midsection is just tingly and wired-up. That was fabulous. You have a terrific tongue.”

“Thanks, Sis, I’ve been told I have other parts that are pretty good too.”

“You mean this one?” I asked as I lifted his semi-hard cock. I was getting pretty familiar and at home with my brother’s body and was wondering how it would feel inside me.

“No complaints and even a few good reviews. He’d like to be where I was licking a few minutes ago.”

Pretty much a direct invitation, I thought, and realized that I was still holding his cock. Even then, I didn’t let go. It was nice.

“Gee, there’s not much now that we haven’t done. It’s been a busy afternoon,” I said.

“I want to tell you the truth, Lise, er…I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time and even more than ever after today.”

Well, there it was…what do I say now? My brother wants to fuck me and it sounds like he’d like to do it this afternoon. Maybe even right now. He was hard again, I still had it in my hand; god, I realized I’d been holding it for five minutes or so, even squeezing it and rubbing the tip with my thumb. I’d been more like his lover than his sister and I seemed quite comfortable with the idea. Yikes. I had to say something.

So I said, “Reed, I don’t know what to say.” Shit, that’s courageous, right? I was really stalling for time.

“Well, yes I do know what to say, let’s go upstairs and make love. Oh, I forgot about protection, I’m not on the pill.”

“Its okay I’ve got condoms, lets go.”

In Reed’s bedroom, we come together in a hug and he kisses me, tongue and all, like I was his girlfriend. His erection is pressing against me and I reach down to grip it. He leads me to his bed and asks, “Any favorite position?”

“Reed, I’ve never done it before, you’re my first.”

“Well, let’s start with the one everybody starts with.”

I lay down and he gets a condom out of his closet and rolls it on.

“Cute,” I said.

“We just want some fun not a family, right?” and he climbs between my legs. “I’ve got some lube if you want.”

“Ha, I’m so wet, you may need a life preserver.”

He rubbed my breasts as his cock waved over me, then backed up and bent over to kiss and lick my whole pubic area. The tip of his tongue ran up my slit and round and round the top part where my clit was tingling. OOh, this was nice.

Then he moved forward and began to rub the head of his dick along my slit opening which was dripping wet and waiting for its first cock. He pressed into me only enough to get the head inside me and just moved that a little to give me a very nice feeling of warmth and tingle. He moved forward a bit more and then even more.

He was giving me more of himself each time until he was pushing almost all the way inside me. I felt a fullness that I’d never felt before even when I put three fingers inside myself. It was delicious. Every nerve in my pussy was lit up. All the girls I knew talked about sex all the time, now I know why, there’s no better feeling.

As he slowly slid in and out of me, I began moving my hips round and around creating this smooth sensuous tingling feeling in me. Oh, it felt so good. He was moving slowly taking time to savor each moment and it was like I had a warm glow around my whole body but especially between my thighs.

I moved my legs up and rested my heels on his shoulders as he continued to slowly move in and out. Each time, he would press in a bit further until he was taking long, slow thrusts all the way as far as he could go; it was indescribable as he penetrated into my core and I felt waves of ecstasy radiating all across my body.

Reed continued to slide in and out of me as I bathed in the glorious feeling his cock was giving me. Even his tongue, as wonderful as that was, wasn’t quite as exciting as the first fuck of my life. His hand pressed on my mons putting a tingly pressure that was bringing me close to orgasm.

“Oh God, Reed, I’m gonna cum. Go slow and go as deep as you can. Mmmm.”

“I’m close, too. Mmm, great.”

With that Reed began to thrust harder than ever and my whole focus was on the feeling of him going in and out and the waves of heavenly rhapsody traveling outward across my body.

Then, suddenly, my whole body exploded in an burst of the most erotic feeling I’ve ever had radiating from my full pussy to every part of me.

“Ohhh, OOOHHH, OOOHHH, OOOhhh, Oh, Reed I want you in me forever. Fuck me forever.”

Reed had filled me, his little sister, full of his cum, thankfully well contained in a nice, lubricated, reservoir-tip condom.

We lay there in each other’s arms enjoying the feeling that washed over us. Reed’s penis is still inside me though he has gotten a little limp. When he pulls out, I look down and see the condom still partially inside me and begin to laugh.

“What’s so funny, Sis?”

I point and he laughs too as he pulls it out.

“I’ll get rid of this. Be right back.”

We lay together for about a half hour just holding each other and kissing and generally making out touching each other wherever it felt good. And it felt good in lots of places.

What an afternoon: I’d masturbated a guy, had an orgasm by oral, and been fucked really good, really good. Oh, was I so happy.

Then I remembered that tomorrow’s Friday and Mia and Erin will be back.

“Reed, we’ll have company tomorrow, Mia and Erin’ll be here with us. We’ve gotta keep cool about what we’ve been doing, I’d die if they knew. Just do stuff with them, okay? God am I going to be horny watching you and them.”

“Well, Lise, you and I’ll have time to ourselves when they’re not here; we’ll just wait ’til then.”

Chapter Three

So, on Friday morning, after our parents left for work, I took off my nighty and panties and tiptoed into Reed’s room and slipped under the covers.

“Mmm, hi Lise, oooh, you’re naked, yum, yum.”

In a second, my brother had slid off his boxers and we lay together rubbing back and forth on each other. His cock was at full attention.

I sat up and pulled the sheet back exposing his wonderful hard dick to the morning light.

“Hi, Mister Cock, how ’bout a morning kiss?” and I bent down and kissed his dick and tongued around the tip. I got up on my knees and took him in deeper and moved my hips up near his shoulders.

I felt Reed’s finger gently caress my moist labia and enter my tingly slit. I stopped sucking for a moment, turned and said, “That’s nice, Reed” and swung my leg over his body so my pussy was now right over his face.

He raised up and licked my wet opening as I slowly lowered myself onto his mouth. His tongue began to dart in and out of me sending little shocks throughout my body. He was also sucking on my pussy and would lick his way to my clit every once in a while. My abdomen would jolt when he did that and I would almost swoon with pleasure.

This is what sixty-nine is all about, I thought. No wonder that a friend of mine told me that it was all she ever wanted, just her boyfriend licking and tonguing her pussy until she died of ecstasy while she sucked him to orgasm. She wasn’t kidding. Now I knew.

“God, Lise, I want to fuck you.”

“Me too.”

He got up and got a condom and put it on his hard pink cock and came back to the bed.

“New position, maybe? Any ideas?”

What did I know about positions?

“How about me on top? Okay?” I said thinking of an obvious arrangement. So, I crawled over him, got up into a crouch and moved so his cock was directly below my open lips. Slowly easing down, I felt his dick press into me, first, the head, then several more inches, oh, that felt good.

I started moving up and down on his cock, each time going up I would tighten my muscles to grip him snugly like I was sucking him upward. He seemed to be loving it. I also liked moving my hips around as I rocked up and down, what a delicious feeling.

“Oh, I like being on top, Reed, I can really feel you fill me up. And I love to push down as far as I can and just wiggle there. You seem to like that, too.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s fantastic. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“No, maybe I’m a ‘natural.'”

“I think you are.”

His hands are kneading my breasts and tweaking my nipples. I lean over so he can take one in his mouth. Oh, that’s nice, him sucking, me fucking. I rock back and forth on his wonderful cock feeling ever tiny movement inside me. The sensations are delectable. I lean forward so his cock almost comes out, then slowly press back down to the full depth of his penis and jiggle my hips back and forth. Ooooh.

Oh, this is so good. Nice and slow. In and out. Up and down. I’m aglow with sexy tension sparking all over my body. So good. So good. Its strange that none of my girlfriends who are having sex with their boyfriends ever talk about going real slow. Its really the way to go. Slow so you can savor each other. Fast is fine sometimes to change things up but fucking slowly and deliberately is so sensual. I love it.

I could feel heat radiating from my body, especially my face; I must be beet-red. God, this feels so good. It feels like my pussy is the center of the universe and nothing else exists. Reed moves a hand down to rub around my clit and the feeling swelled up inside me.

“Oh, god, Reed, I’m…CUMMING…,” I yelled.

I just hope the neighbors didn’t hear me. It was my second time at intercourse and if it kept getting better each time, I may have to be hauled away to a padded room soon. Then, my brother started moaning and thrusting up into me. I knew he was getting close.

“Ungh, unggh, UUNGHH,” and he exploded inside me as I ground my hips down on his cock. I almost thought I’d have another orgasm.

“God, Sis, I don’t think I’ve ever cummed that hard ever before. Wow, thanks, that was great. Boy, are we good together. The best.”

I slumped over on him and we held each other as we both cooled down from our rapturous lovemaking. His cock was still inside me but I could feel it slowly retreating.

“Well, the girls are due around noon, so I better get ready. Not a word, Reed, okay?”

“Not a word, Sis, just between us.”

So, Mia and Erin show up and we head to the pool, flinging our tops down as we put on suntan lotion.

“Is Reed home?” asks Erin.

“Yeah, he said he’d see us later.”

“Oooh, good, I need to see that nice cock of his.”

“God, Erin, you’re awful.”

“Why? He’s got a perfectly nice cock.”

“Well, Lise. Are you going to do the suntan lotion for Reed? Its your turn.”

“You’re kidding, right? He’s my brother.”

“Maybe so, but he’s got a beautiful dick and it is really a turn-on to make him cum. Wait ’til you do it. Just pretend you’re at a nude beach resort and he’s a guy from, oh, I dunno, Australia. Then you would, right?”

“Well sure. Get me a guy from Australia.”

Mia adds, “I think you’re crazy. I don’t care who he is, I’d do it. Erin and I sure don’t care. And she’s right, its really sexy to get a guy to cum like that. I almost get an orgasm doing it. You should do it.”

About one o’clock, Reed appears carrying a drink and a towel and his sunscreen. Erin says, “Come here Reed, its sunscreen time. And its Lise’s turn.” Well, I could kill her. She gets up and goes over to my brother and says, “Let’s just pretend you’re ‘Rod’ from Australia and we’re all at a nude beach in Cancun.

“C’mon, Rod, I’ve got someone I want you to meet, Babs, from the States. She’s in charge of sun tan lotion today. Say ‘Hi’ to Babs,” and she led him over to me. “She’s here in Cancun with us.” She reaches down and takes his cock in her hand. “Rod is a good name for him, huh? Well, Babs will take care of you today.”

“Hi, Babs, nice to meet you. Hope you get the lotion on all the right places.”

Well, if I do this, they’ve already said they wouldn’t blame me, they’d do it themselves. And, I’d get to give Reed another handjob.

“Well, maybe since we’re in Cancun and you’re from Australia, why don’t you just lie down here, we’ll get started.”

Erin and Mia both smirk and I begin to dribble lotion up and down Reed’s beautiful naked body.

“Let’s get plenty here,” as I squirt it all over his cock to giggles from my girlfriends.

I started with his face, neck and upper torso, down his hips (his dick twitches when I get down in that area), down his legs and feet.

“Let’s see, did I miss anywhere?”

“Only the best part, Babs. Come on.”

“Oh, there,” and I rubbed it on his abdomen and up his cock. Erin went, “Ooooh.”

“It has to be rubbed in well, right?”

“Oh, yes, its the only way,” Reed replied. So, I stood over him and began stroking him with pulling motions like pulling a rope over and over. He reaches up and starts to fondle my breasts and I’m soon forgetting that my two best friends are watching me jack-off my brother.

Soon, there is some liquid oozing from his cock which keeps coming out as I rub up and down.

“Mmmm, that’s great, Lise, I mean, Babs. Just great. I’m just about rea…Unnghh, uuunnghhh, ooh, ooh,” and he shot a wad of cum up onto my leg and several more on my arms. I kept milking it out of him as he stiffened and then relaxed in a blissful near-coma. “You American girls really know what you’re doing. Whew, I’ll never sunburn there for sure. Thanks, Sis, or Babs, sorry.”

Things settled down pretty much the rest of the afternoon, though Erin did say “Well, was it fun? We really don’t care, you know, that he’s your brother. Its okay with us. Was it fun?”

“Oh, fun isn’t exactly how I’d describe it but it was pretty erotic. I’m going to wear out some batteries tonight, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, we know, we know.”

The weekend was pretty mild stuff except for me sneaking into Reed’s bedroom late Saturday night and offering him a blowjob. What a nice brother I have: he said only if we can do ‘sixty-nine’ on each other. And we did. Isn’t he nice? I love his tongue.

On Monday, Erin and Mia come in and again, we all toss our tops down. Boobs out. Erin says, “Well, as much as I like jacking-off your brother and his pretty dick, I think I’d like to do my first blowjob. Can I borrow your brother’s nice cock to suck?”

“What a lovely way to put it, Erin. You don’t beat around the bush, do you.”

“Well, is it okay with you?”

“Erin, its his cock, not mine (although, I thought, I’d been having quite a bit of it lately myself.). You need to ask him. He probably won’t say ‘no.'”

“Well, I might just ask him.”

Who knows with Erin, anyway. So, when Reed comes out with his cock in the air, all eager to see us, Erin says, “Good hard-on Reed, bring it over here and I’ll suck it for you.”

“Shit, this girl is incredible,” I thought.

“Gee, Erin, that sounds nice. I’m on my way,” and he trots over, dick bouncing all the way.

“Where do you want me, Erin?”

“Lay down right here. Looks like you’re ready. Heh, heh.”

She sits next to him on the chaise and reaches to his dick, leans over and takes it right in. Wow. She’s sucking away as Mia and I ogle the scene as it unfolds.

Erin and Reed look like they are in their own little world and he’s got a hand up rubbing one of her boobs as she pulls eagerly on his much-admired cock. We are entranced by the scene in front of us; such a public show of such a normally-private act. It sure is sexy to watch. She’s making “umph” suck noises as she works up and down while he’s laid back in a blissful state.

As we’re watching, he takes his hand from her boob and moves it to between her legs. I can’t believe we’re watching this as she parts her legs and he works a finger under her bikini bottom. Shit, he’s fingering her pussy. As we watch. I looked at Mia and she has a hand down between her legs with two fingers out of sight. As I’m watching Mia, I realize that I’ve been rubbing my pussy as well. Well, what the hell, I put two fingers in my sopping wet love canal. Boy does that feel good.

Erin and Reed are still going at it, by now Reed has the finger well into Erin and is moving it in and out. What a show! Boy, was I getting hot watching it. By now Erin is moving her hips against Reed’s finger and it looks like he now has two fingers in her. Wow. Then, to top it off, she reaches down and pulls off her bikini bottom and really spreads her legs. There is nothing left up to the imagination now.

As Mia and I watch, Reed bucks and stiffens, moans and obviously cums in Erin’s mouth. She never slows down sucking him and he continues to finger-fuck her with her bucking her hips now against his probing. She speeds up and it looks like she’s cumming but her full mouth makes little more than a soft moan.

Soon, she pulls up and licks the tip of my brother’s cock for the last traces of semen. What a show. This is way better than any internet porn. And Mia starts to applaud. I join her and our two stars take short bows to their entranced audience.

As they thank each other and share a lingering kiss, Mia and I continue to work our fingers inside. Erin rejoins us and we each pull out from our yearning love tunnels. “Don’t stop on account of me, girls,” she says as she stands naked in front of us.

Well, we do stop (after all!) and she sits and says, “Well, I can tell you that it is super-sexy to feel a guy’s cock burst in your mouth. To know that you caused it. That it was you that made him cum like that. I’d do that anytime.”

“I know I’ll never forget watching you two, ever,” I said.

And, we settled in for a relaxing (my pussy throbbed the rest of the day) afternoon by the pool.

Chapter Four

I joined Reed in bed the next morning and, I can report, his cock was hard and eager. Not sure what it was, but he wasted no time giving me the fuck of my life. I was sore when we finished but it was a super orgasm.

He was really sexed up for some reason. I mean, I was naked and jumped all over him and he’s been sunning every afternoon with six beautiful breasts to look at and he’s getting blowjobs each day. Poor guy.

That afternoon, as we went out to the pool, Mia said, “I’ve thought about it all night and I’m going to give my first blowjob today. Wish me luck.” God, now Mia!, I thought.

So, when Reed joined us, Mia jumped up and went over to him and whispered a few minutes. Reed settled on a chaise, dick in the air, and little, shy Mia begins sucking him off. Reed reaches down and she raises slightly while he pulls off her bikini bottom. Well, here we go. I look back and she’s spread wide and he’s fingering her as she wiggles her twat.

This goes on for a few minutes, when Erin gets up (of course, she’s naked now, not just topless) and goes over to Reed, bends down and whispers in his ear. Then I see her raise a leg over his head and straddle his face with her pussy. She’s riding his mouth and he’s eating her out as Mia sucks him off. Omigod.

Pretty soon, I can tell that Reed is cumming in Mia’s mouth (who could hold out long under those conditions!) and Erin is going, “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm,” like she’s having an orgasm. Unbelievable! She’s scooting across my brother’s face faster and faster and finally gives little back and forth motions followed by “OOOOHHHHH.” Well, she should be happy. Very happy.

“Oh, you girls really know how to make a guy happy. Wow, my dick is in heaven. Thanks, I think I’ll tale a nap now. But I’ll dream about you two.”

So, the afternoon settled down (except for my raging hot pussy). After Reed went in, Erin leaned over and said “Your brother has a fabulous tongue. I’ve never had oral before, oh god, its fabulous.”

“Well, I beat you to his wonderful tongue,” I thought to myself with a bit of a smirk.

The next day as we gathered around the pool, my two girlfriends had stripped naked, their bare pussies enjoying the sun.

“Well, why not,” I said, as I stripped off my bottom, “we’ll all be naked.”

“Is Reed here, will we have his nice cock to play with?” asked Erin, always eager to shock.

“It should be your turn to suck his cock, Lise, are you up for it? I’ll bet he is,” and she laughed.

“Yeah, I guess, if he wants it.”

“He’s a guy, Lise. They’re just dicks with legs. Of course, he’ll want his sister’s pretty lips sucking the cum out of his cock.”

Erin always had a way with words.

So, when Reed arrives, Erin says, “Oh, it’s Rod from Australia. Remember Babs? She wants to suck you off, okay?”

“Damn, Erin, I didn’t say that, I said I might.”

“Oh I was hoping it would be Bab’s turn. She’s so hot. This ‘Rod’s’ got a thing for her,” he says pointing to his wavering penis.

“C’mon Babs, its your turn. Suck Rod’s rod.” Oh, Erin.

Little did they know that I’d already sucked that beautiful cock more than they did combined. Well, here’s another hot blowjob for my hot brother.

“Okay, Rod, lie down, Babs is going to take you out of this world. I just love you Australians,” I said as I sat down, bent over and began sucking him off. His hand moved to my lap and I thought, “What the hell”, and opened my legs as his fingers began to probe my warm and wet insides. It was delicious and every time he pushed his finger in, I sucked hard on his happy cock.

Giving each other sex this way in unison, matching each finger in with a strong suck, was very exciting and, somehow, added an extra thrill to it all.

Soon, he had two fingers in me and I’m sucking him in as deep as I can. As I pull back, I run my tongue around the head of his cock and, just as on cue, he twists his finger around in me. That’s nice.

I can feel his abdomen tense and his cock pulse in my mouth as I continue to suck. He’s getting close, it feels. Then, his legs stiffen and he lets out a groan and floods my mouth with cum. I almost choke, there’s so much semen but I swallow it in several tries. Some is still oozing out of him which I suck off with my lips.

He’s still fingering me and I’m moving my hips around to heighten the feeling. I look back and see Mia and Erin watching us. They wave. How nice. Even nicer is the feeling building up as Reed (aka ‘Rod’) caresses my insides and begins to press his thumb against my clit sliding it back and forth. OOOh.

It was getting close to ‘cum-time’ for little Elisa (aka ‘Babs’) and I was moving my hips faster trying to fuck his fingers in and out of me. Oh, that felt good, sooo good.

“Ummm, UMMMmm, UMMMM, UNGHH,” as I shoved against his hand trying to move his fingers deeper in my fiery love box.

“Thanks, bro, nice orgasm, but not as nice as having you in me. I love fucking you,” I whispered.

“Oh, so do I. So do I.”

The next morning, I’m back in bed with Reed as soon as the parents leave and we’re trying things, ‘doggie-style.’ It really feels great to have him entering me from behind like that, very intense. But I do love being on top so I can control things to my own pace.

As he is moving deeper in me, I clench my muscles so that when he pulls back, my pussy grips him tightly. Oh, that feels sooo good and I know he loves it, too.

I cum first (who can blame him for being a bit slow, he’s been getting his cock drained very frequently these days) and after a few more minutes, he lets go in a very hard orgasm that just leaves him breathless. Poor guy has to get ready for my horny girlfriends when they get here after lunch.

Mia and Erin show up, come out to the pool and pull off their bikinis. Its nude time, I guess, so I do the same.

“Look what I’ve got,” Erin says and hauls out a box of condoms. Oh, my, looks like Erin, again, is upping the stakes. Condoms are for fucking and evidently Erin wants to fuck my brother. Well, he is a great fuck, I already know that, I just can’t say so.

“Do you really plan to fuck my brother out here by the pool, Erin?” I ask.

“If he wants to, sure. Nobody has to watch but I don’t care if you or Mia do. We’re all friends.”

Well, there it is.

When Reed comes out, he comes over and Erin tosses him the box.

“Wanna try one on, Reed, I have just the place for it. Right in here,” and she turns to him, spreads her legs and points to her pussy, of course.

“Ooh, Erin, you’re such a fox. How could a gentleman like me say no. Let’s go over to the shallow end of the pool.”

So Erin and Reed go over, she sits on the edge with her feet in the water, he gets in, puts the condom on and moves to between her legs. Yes, they are going to fuck right in front of us both.

Erin puts her hands on his shoulders and you can see that he’s inching closer to her. He must be putting it in her because now he’s moving back and forth. God, they’re fucking. In a few minutes, I can hear the water in the pool being sloshed around as Reed thrusts into Erin. I’ll bet they wouldn’t even notice if Mia and I walked over there and sat down next to them and watched.

They’re kissing and Reed’s hands are on Erin’s breasts as they continue their poolside fuck. I can’t help but be turned-on watching them. Who wouldn’t be? All I could think about is how I had Reed’s cock in me just a few hours ago and how very good it felt.

Mia leans over and says, “Hope you won’t mind, Lise, but I want to fuck him tomorrow. God, I’m on fire watching them. I’d fuck anything.”

“Whatever, Mia, you’re a big girl.”

“Reed’ll be my first ever. I can’t wait.”

The copulating pair at the pool are obviously having a good time as Erin is moaning and grunting loudly and urging Reed, “Deeper, deeper, fuck me, Reed,” and it seems that my brother is accommodating her every wish. I’m hoping that the shallow end of the pool isn’t so deep as to drown them both if they slip in. A least they’ll die happy. May have to bury them in one casket.

Reed is pumping away and Erin begins to scream and falls forward on him. Looks like a nice orgasm from here. In a minute, she lays back, lifts her feet to the edge of the pool, widens them out and Reed begins thrusting very hard and very fast into her wide open pussy. God, it’s like a porn movie.

Soon, Reed is cumming and droops forward on top of Erin and they lay there on the edge of the pool in post-fuck bliss. Finally, they get out and stand there naked kissing and feeling each other and in a few minutes, Erin walks back over to us and sits down.

“Omigod, your brother can fuck. He’s great and I’m no longer a virgin. Hooray, I’ve been fucked. I told him he can have me anytime he wants. God, what a feeling, my pussy is still in heaven.”

Erin is not the shy, retiring type at all.

“Wait ’til he does you two, you’ll see.”

“He is my brother, you know, Erin.”

“So what, he uses a rubber and you’ve already had as much sex with him as a certain Miss Lewinsky had with a certain President. I’m telling you, Lise, you two should do it.”

“Little did she know,” I thought.

“Well, I want him tomorrow if that’s all right. He’s just the kind of guy I want to lose my cherry to. I mean, I don’t have one any more, but I’m ready to do it and do it with Reed. He’s a helluva sexy guy.”

“Sure, Mia, he’s all yours,” I add.

Later, when Reed was ready to go in, he came over to us, bent down to Erin and gave her a nice, long french kiss as she lay stretched out on the chaise during which she was holding his cock in her hand. They seem to have become very good friends lately and I’m sure wet during these afternoons at the pool even if I haven’t been in the water.

After they leave, I masturbate three times, twice in the late afternoon and one more at bedtime.

Chapter Five

The next morning, Reed comes in my room naked (I’m getting used to seeing him this way. But don’t think that I find this boring.) carrying a condom.

“That for me?” I ask.

“Well, for both of us, actually. Ready for a little morning fun?”

Oh, yeah, we did have fun and a nice, hot, soapy shower, too.

That afternoon, Mia and Erin come in and strip down for another fun afternoon.

“Oh, I’ve been awake almost all night thinking about this. I even put a little perfume down there. I’m ready,” says Mia.

When Reed comes out, Mia jumps up and runs over to him. I can’t tell what she says exactly, but we can all guess, can’t we. She waves at us and Reed goes over to his chaise and lays down. Yes, his dick is standing at ‘attention.’

He put the condom on and Mia straddles the chair and lowers herself dead over his cock and we watch it disappear inside her. I thought I’d cum just watching his dick slide up into her.

She sits up over him moving up and down letting out little moans now and then. After a while, she leans forward and her large, soft breasts fall into Reed’s face where she begins to sway them back and forth across his mouth. He sucks one inside and she puts her hand down beside his head and rocks back and forth on his cock which, from where I sit, I can see going in and out of her. What a show. And, damn, am I horny.

I start to finger myself as does Erin and I soon begin rubbing my clit to catch up with our mating pair by the pool. I can watch Reed’s cock come out almost all the way, then Mia plunges back down driving it well inside. I’m rubbing myself furiously and can feel an orgasm mounting just when Mia yells rather loudly and slows down her rocking. Reed, then, begins to buck up and down and I can tell he’s dumping his load of sperm.

My body begins to clench and I can feel myself becoming washed over with the wonderful feeling of sexual bliss. It’s a very good orgasm, not great, but very good. I then hear Erin getting herself off and she collapses back and slowly rubs on. What a porn show in our backyard!

I lay back and slowly caress my wet and warm pussy as the feelings wash over me. Erin leans over and says, “Your turn tomorrow. He’s a wonderful fuck, you’ll love it.”

Tomorrow. Hmm.

In a while, Mia comes back over and says to Erin, “Oh, hon, you’re so right, Reed’s dick is magic. Why any girl wants to stay virgin, I don’t know. That was the best orgasm of my life.”

“Well, it looked pretty good from here,” I said.

“God, I bet we looked something like a porn flick.”

“Yeah, kinda.”

So, my two girlfriends like my brother’s cock buried deep in them. Well, so do I, though they don’t know that. So, do I do it tomorrow? Reed and I usually make love every morning. Should we have an ‘afternoon-er’ too? Mia and Erin have already seen me jack-off and suck my brother and really don’t seem to think a thing of it. Hmm. At least it’ll get our fucking out in the open, really out in the open.

“Okay, tomorrow, Reed and I do the deed. And you two wanna watch, right?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, you watched us do it. Fair’s fair.”

The next morning, as we lay in each others arms, I tell him that today we do our first poolside fuck, audience and all.

“Well, having Erin and Mia there won’t slow me down. God, I love fucking you. You are so good.”

“Maybe we should put on a little show for them. How about doing it ‘doggie-style,’ that hasn’t been done by the pool yet.”

So, after lunch, Mia and Erin come through the house out to the pool, strip down and start putting on tanning lotion. They are getting beautiful all-over tans and so am I.

“Is Reed, should I say, ‘Rod,’ joining us today?” Mia asks.

“That’s what I hear. Why?” I ask, leading her on. About then, Erin reaches in her backpack and brings out another box of condoms.

“In case you two get carried away.”

Clearly Erin is expecting a nice, long summer by the pool with the three of us fucking my brother. Oh, my poor brother. Ha. And about then he comes out as usual with his dick waving at his admirers by the pool.

“Hi, ‘Rod,’ remember us, the girls from the US. ‘Babs’ has been waiting for you and your very nice friend there,” as Erin points to Reed’s dick.

“Oh, sure, ‘Babs,’ nice to see you again. All of you. I need to put this away, can you help me with it?” he says holding up his stiff cock.

“Oh, I’ll be right there, ‘Rod,’ I know just the place for it. Hold a sec,” I say and go over to his chaise. I kneel on it facing away from Erin and Mia and presenting my butt with its pretty lips just below to Reed, aka ‘Rod’ who moves right up behind me and rubs it up and down and around, just like every girl likes. Oh, it’s wet enough.

He arches forward and in goes that nice feeling cock just filling me right up. Oh, what a feeling. He is rubbing my butt cheeks as he goes in and out, then reaches one hand under to feel for my clit. He finds it and I stiffen when he touches it. Slowly, he wipes some of my juices up to the top of my labia and begins to rub.

Yes, this is wonderful. I can’t speak for Reed but I am totally oblivious to the two girls watching us fuck. We could be in Yankee Stadium for all I cared. My entire body was focussed on the feeling inside me as Reed moved in and out of me.

Each time he drew back, I gripped the muscles in my abdomen to tighten on his erection and then relaxed the muscles to let him slide right back down into my eager depths.

“Oh god, that feels good, Sis,” he says as he presses all the way in as far as he could go and just holds it there and I rock back and forth maybe just a half inch or so, just a little bit, but the feeling was fantastic.

There was a feeling deep, deep inside me that I’d never felt before and I began to move my butt round and round to intensify the feeling. Whatever it was, it caused my whole body to light up and I felt almost faint for a few seconds as I stiffened and a shudder echoed throughout my body.

As a tremendous orgasm raced through my body, I fell forward on my elbows. Reed also moved with me to keep his cock buried deeply. It felt like I was suddenly swept up to a mountain-top with a glorious view of the world below. It was the most sexy, erotic and powerful orgasm of my life and I felt like I was outside my body for a few seconds.

Reed was pumping into me vigorously as he climaxed and filled me with his warm love juices.

“Wow, Sis, you really had a hell of an orgasm. Good one, huh?”

“Oh, Reed, indescribable. Best of my life and right here in front of my two best friends. That’s kinda hard to believe.”

We lay there together on the chaise with our arms wrapped around each other for I don’t know how long.

I kissed him (tongue and all) and got up to came back over to Mia and Erin.

“Wow, Lise, that was a good one, for sure. You really went off,” says Mia.

“I’ll say, I thought I’d cum just watching.”

“Not bad, not bad,” I teased and we settled in for the afternoon.

Whew! I almost fainted when I had that orgasm. What was it? Maybe it was doing it like that outside and in front of an audience, maybe it was doing it ‘doggie-style,’ where his cock was at an angle I’d never experienced before. Whatever it was, I wanted to do it again…and again. To this day, doggie-style is one of my very favorite positions.

I sat down (Thankfully, for I was exhausted. Nothing like a good, hard cum.) and dozed off for a while. When I woke, Erin said, “We’ve been plotting while you were dreaming of your hot sex with Reed. Tomorrow, why don’t the three of us all get together and give Reed a foursome. His dick will never be the same. He’d dream about the three of us forever, ’til the day he dies. It’s every guy’s fantasy. Mia and I want to, how about it?”

Well, why slow down now?

“Sure, are we just gonna do whatever we think of at the time or plot something out?” Erin says,

“Let’s just see how it goes. We’ll make him a happy boy for sure. Okay, girls?”

So, the next afternoon, Reed comes out as usual and walks over to the three of us.

“Hi, beautiful naked ladies, you’ve got me hard already.”

Indeed, my brother’s cock was firmly standing at attention in front of six beautiful breasts and three lovely shaved and tan pussies. He knew he was a lucky guy.

“It’s my turn, today, Reed. Your cock looks ready for me,” blurts Erin as she hops up and goes over to Reed’s chaise. He follows and lays down, cock in the air. She bends over him and gives him a few good sucks eve though he looks rock-hard as it is. I just think she likes sucking Reed’s cock. She then swings a leg over him and guides his cock in. Mmm, that looks nice and makes my pussy throb just watching.

As Erin moves up and down on Rob, Mia says, “Okay, I’m up next,” and goes over and puts a leg over Reed’s head and lowers her pussy to his mouth. All we need is a film crew.

I watch this for a few minutes, then go over and take Reed’s hand and put it between my open thighs. He takes the invitation and slips his middle finger inside and begins finger-fucking me as I have a leg up on the chaise. Mia is rubbing herself all over Reed’s face, he is sopping wet as his mouth slips and slides over her open labia. Reed’s other hand (remember, one has a finger inside me) reaches up and around to Mia’s clit and begins rubbing and Mia begins moaning.

He’s also using his thumb to rub around my clit which sends little shocks all throughout me. Mia begins to give out little, “mmm” sounds as she glides back and forth across his face while Erin bibs up and down on his cock.

“OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, ohh,” Mia moans loudly as she slows down to little strokes across Reed’s lips. Her face is flushed and she’s out of breath.

“Oh, man, that was good. Lick me some more,” and she remained positioned over his face.

Reed began grunting, “Ungh, Ungh,” as Erin pushed and pulled up and down and soon, he tensed forward and emptied deeply into Erin above him.

“MMM, I love your cum, Reed, every drop. It’s gonna make me cum. Ewww, right now. UNNNK, UNNNK, UGHH, oooh, oooh, oh, so good, soo good.”

As I watched Erin, it looked like her eyes rolled back for a few seconds. She’s covered with sweat, normally I’d call it ‘perspiration’ but this was ‘sweat.’ She worked for this orgasm.

All this, along with some very nice G-spot and clit rubbing shot me up to the stars right after.

It wasn’t the best orgasm of my life but it was in the top ten or so. The sex at poolside was heavy in the air and four happy people bathed in the lovely scene of so much pleasure.

It was a wonderful summer, by the pool with Erin, Mia and me taking turns fucking my brother every afternoon. Until he went away to Stanford two years later, he had more sex than most guys have in a lifetime. He and I would make love every morning, then, as had become tradition by then, one of the three of us would bury his blissful cock deep inside an eager and enthusiastic pussy that afternoon.

We had beautiful all-over tans, went through dozens of boxes of condoms until we all got on the pill, tried what seemed like hundreds of positions (It got to be when Reed and one of us tried a new and interesting position, the other two girls would move close in to watch with interest, so much interest that the two would have several solo orgasms while they watched. We were not at all bashful by the end of summer.)

Erin went on to have several boyfriends around her at any one time and Mia settled into a long-term relationship that lasted well into college. When Reed would come home from college, Erin always knew and they would find time to be together, yes, by the pool, screwing their heads off. With them, it wasn’t romance or anything like that, just plain old carnal sex, fucking for the fun of it, reliving the times by the pool when they were younger. Can’t say that I blame them.

Reed and I continued to have sex until I was in my third year of college and he began a serious relationship with a graduating senior. Reed is engaged and is living in Denver working for a high-tech company in finance.

Mia is a financial analyst for a mid-sized manufacturing company near Chicago, Erin majored in Theater Arts and is in New York doing a minor role in a daytime soap (God, she’s prefect for it.). I am in my third year of law school and have a fiance (not the same guy as in college) that I love dearly. We dazzle each other with wild sex when I’m not too tired from studying. Some things never change.

Those summers by the pool will be lasting memories for each of us and, I hope, for you as well.