One Day in a Good Life

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I was having a delightful dream. Her wet warm tongue was sliding down the top side of my dick and her soft lips were grabbing my root with delicate grace and exquisite skill. It was an amazing blowjob.

Suddenly, I felt the sides of her knees against my shoulders, and I realized this wasn’t a dream.

I’ve always loved looking at Julie’s magnificent pussy, and, when I opened my eyes, there it was, inches away, while I was getting wonderful wake up head.

Life is good!

“What a glorious sight to wake up to. Good morning, Baby,” I said.

Julie took my dick out of her mouth just long enough to say, “Good morning to you, Baby.” and went right back to deep throating me.

I reached up with both hands, palmed each cheek of her beautiful butt, and pulled her hips close enough for me to lick her sweet pussy. She was already wet, and tasted so delicious.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, not letting go of my dick. I could now feel the hum in addition to all the other sensations on my dick.

I worked my tongue in between the folds of her pussy, found her clit, gave it a few flicks, worked my way back to her vaj, gave it a few licks, then worked back and forth between the two places. She started rocking back and forth to my rhythms, pushing her pussy down a little further. Her juices got hotter, wetter, and tastier, and she hummed on my dick again, this time even longer.

Without warning, she let go of my cock and sat straight up, pouring even more of her sweet pussy juices into my mouth.

“Now that you’re awake, I’m climbing on,” she announced, moving down my body and starting to turn around.

It wasn’t easy watching Julie’s beautiful, tasty pussy moving out of reach of my tongue, but, knowing where she was headed with it, how could I complain?

She turned her head and looked into my eyes. I melted. Her beauty, her eyes, her smile. I couldn’t help but smile back.

Life is good!

Julie straddled herself over my erection, put her fingers and thumb around my root, aimed my dick straight up, and slid herself all the way down, slowly, but surely, taking every bit of me, then squeezing my root with her angelic pussy lips.

“We’re a perfect fit for each other.” she said.

I agreed.

Even though I still hadn’t fully woken up, I kept my eyes open so I could look deeply into her beautiful eyes while she mounted me.

“I love watching the looks on your face while you’re taking me in deeper and deeper into your sweet pussy,” I told her.

“I love the look on your face while I’m doing it,” she said.

She leaned over and gave my a deep, tender, passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

“I love the feel your beautiful, tender breasts against my chest,” I told her.

She lifted herself up and put one of them into my mouth. Almost instantly, her nipple pointed and hardened. She gave me the other one, and it came to a point even faster.

She sat up straight, smiled sweetly, swirled her hips around, moved up and down, and rocked back and forth, using her tight, hot, sweet pussy to explore my erection from every possible angle.

Life is good!

I heard the patio door open, and I could tell by Julie’s, “It’s OK” look, she knew what was going on. Mandy came prancing in.

“Hi, Julie! Hi, John!” she chimed.

Mandy and Julie are old friends with a common problem – they both get quite cranky right before their periods. They tried everything, and they both found getting well fucked by a man was the only thing that did anything meaningful for this.

Over the years, when one of them had a boyfriend and the other didn’t, they would sometimes share their boyfriends with each other for these difficult times. After Mandy broke up with her boyfriend several months ago, Julie told me about their sharing arrangement and asked me if I would help her friend out in her times of need.

“How can I refuse a request like that?” I remember replying.

Julie told me, “I hadn’t yet gotten around to telling you Mandy needed you again this morning. That’s why I woke you up.”

“At your service, Miss Mandy,” I said, looking over to Mandy with a welcoming smile.

Mandy smiled back, blew me a kiss, handed Julie her coffee, hopped out of her sandals and up onto the bed, and put her knees on either side of my head, facing Julie. I could see under her dress she was wearing my favorite ladies underwear – none. Without pausing, she squatted her lovely, delicious pussy right onto my mouth.

I love eating pussy. I love how it looks, and I love how it tastes. I love how it smells; it’s heavenly sent, with a heavenly scent. I love how it feels, and I love how it responds to my lips and tongue. I sometimes wonder what it would sound like if it could sing, and all I can ever imagine is a choir of angels.

While I’m eating pussy, sometimes I get so excited about how it feels in my mouth I have to turn around and put my dick in it. Other times, when I’m fucking, I get so excited about how the pussy juice feel on my dick I have to turn around and lick it up. With one pussy on my dick and another on my tongue, all such problems disappear.

As I began licking Mandy’s pussy, she pulled her dress off over her head, tossed it aside, and gave Julie a long, deep hug. With Mandy sitting on my face, I only had a partial view of their breasts melting into each other, but I could easily imagine the full beauty of what was happening. I could also feel Julie’s pussy getting hotter, wetter, tighter, and more vigorous on my cock while Mandy’s was getting hotter and wetter in my mouth.

Life is good!

“Let’s put this coffee to good use,” Julie said, as she handed Mandy back her coffee and dismounted me.

I knew exactly what they were talking about, and with Mandy’s pussy still on my tongue, I said, “Uh-huh! Uh-huh!” humming Mandy’s clit in the process.

Mandy took a big gulp of the hot coffee, swirled it around in her mouth, handed it back to Julie, and went down on me with hot mouth and throat, way hotter, in several ways, than a normal blowjob. Julie took a gulp of coffee and did the same thing. After switching the coffee and my dick back and forth between them a few times, the coffee was gone and they had lapped all of Julie’s pussy juices from my cock, getting it raging hot in the process.

Julie climbed back onto my hot dick, eased her way to my root, and squeezed it tight. The sensations of her pussy were even more intense than earlier.

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, though. I learned several years ago if I wait to cum, I can fuck even more, then have even stronger orgasms.

Mandy was panting and moaning, and I could feel her clit swelling against my tongue. Her pussy went into intense orgasm spasms.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Mandy exclaimed, as more of her sweet love juices flowed into my mouth.

After Mandy calmed down, she lifted herself off my face, saying, “Oh, thank you, John. That was wonderful. Now, what I really need is your cock in me so I don’t bite somebody’s head off today.”

Life is good!

Julie gave up her seat on my cock and helped Mandy mount me, spreading Mandy’s pussy lips with one hand and aiming my cock into Mandy’s pussy with the other. Watching one beautiful woman gracefully put a dick into another beautiful woman’s hot pussy is a wonderful scene to watch – especially when it’s my dick.

Mandy closed her eyes, almost going into a trance, and slowly slid all the way down to my root. Her pussy was still having involuntary contractions from her orgasm. I was so happy to be fucking her while she was having them and helping her enjoy them further.

Mandy’s movements were slow, deliberate, and intense, squeezing, releasing, milking, rocking, and riding my erection. It was like she was meditating and doing yoga, using the root of my cock as her pivot point. Julie was steering Mandy from her hips, abdomen, lower back, and butt, as if Mandy’s body was part of hers and she was riding me herself, only using Mandy’s body.

Life is good!

After about ten minutes of this blissful, meditative fuck, Mandy opened her eyes, gave us both friendly, loving kisses and hugs, and got up, saying, “Thank you guys, I really needed that. I hate to just get laid and run, but I have a full day.”

Turning to me with a frisky smile, she said, “I sure am glad I could squeeze you in, John.”

Mandy vanished as quickly as she had arrived, but, before she was even out the door, Julie put my cock back in her mouth and down her throat for a few strokes before mounting me again. Her pussy was even hotter and wetter than it was earlier.

“Thank you for being so sweet to Mandy,” Julie said.

“Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, Sweetie,” I replied, adding jokingly, “especially the hot, cute ones who want to join us in bed.”

As Julie kept riding me, her movements got stronger. When she started rubbing her clit, I knew where she was headed.

“Oh, John! I’m cuuumm…ming,” she gasped, getting so lost in her orgasm she had a hard time getting that last word out.

I pushed her hips down on mine in time with her breathing, impaling my cock even deeper into her sweet honey pot while she gushed, breath, after breath, after heavy gasping breath.

Julie caught her breath, straddled my right leg while keeping my dick tight in her pussy, laid her body diagonally across my chest, and put her head on my left shoulder. I love this position.

I put my arms around her and held her tightly. Meanwhile, her pussy was still having involuntary pulsations from her orgasm.

“I love you, Baby.”

“I love you, too, Baby.”

Life is good!



We had both dozed off. When I woke up, we were still in the same position. I still had my erection buried into Julie, and her pussy was still wet. I stroked her hair and body, and she purred.

“Getting hungry?” she asked.

“Hungry for more of your sweet pussy,” I laughed, flipping her over on her back and going down to lick more of her sweet juices.

After a few licks, I knew Julie was wet enough to enter. I got on top of her, started kissing her, and began probing the opening to her pussy with my dick.

It wasn’t long before I found the entry to Julie’s pussy and began slow in and out strokes, half an inch in and a quarter inch back, sometimes a half an inch in and a half an inch back, building her up for taking me balls deep. She wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around my thighs and held me tight, resisting my backing out strokes, but loving them all the same, and pushing me in deeper on my forward strokes.

Once I was all the way in her, we stopped moving and just held each other tight, breathing in unison, and gazing into each other’s eyes.

We are so in love. We told each other so in many different ways, with and without words.

After a few minutes, I said, “You’re right, we should eat. As much I wish I could, this man cannot live on pussy alone.”

We went out for brunch and, just like Mandy had done this morning, Julie wore my favorite underpants under her dress – none. She kept putting her hand under her dress, sticking her fingers into her pussy, then putting them in my mouth. I had a nonstop erection.

Life is good!

We were just finishing when Julie’s friend Brie showed up at our table. She was wearing a thin, clingy top that featured her lovely nipples in a way that was classy and erotic, but not at all trashy. I could feel my erection getting even stronger.

With a frisky smile, Brie said to Julie, “I know what you’ve been doing!”

“Jealous?” Julie said playfully.

“If I were jealous I’d tell you to go get a room, but what good would that do me? I’d much rather go back with you two. It seems like it’s been forever.”

Just as Julie and I started looking at each other to get a read on what each other was thinking, Brie slid a wet finger into each of our mouths. There was no doubt where they had been. Seeing the expression on Julie’s face, and I had no doubt what her answer would be.

Julie smiled at Brie and said, “I’ll ride with you?” Brie nodded, with a lustful smile. Julie smiled sweetly at me and said, playfully, “Now don’t you keep us ladies waiting too long, Honey.”

Life is good!

Julie and Brie were already naked and going at it. Julie had Brie on her back, legs wide open, mouth on her clit, and two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

I love watching a woman going down on another, especially when she’s in doggy position. I saw it as an open invitation and put my fingers into Julie’s pussy, just to make sure she was ready. Hot and ready she was. So was I.

No slow entry this time. I went in balls deep with one plunge. Julie’s pussy welcomed my dick, clamping down on me with a perfect grip.

Kneeling behind Julie, I could see her eating and fingering Brie’s pussy by just leaning to either side. Without even leaning, I could see Brie’s face, flush with excitement, the gleam in her eyes, the contented smile as she was being eaten and fingered, her lovely breasts moving up and down faster and faster as her breathing was getting heavier, and her perfect nipples standing at attention.

I could see Julie’s beautiful butt against my hips. The curve from her waist to her hips is most pronounced in this position, and it looks both beautiful and erotic. Backing out a little, I got a different erotic view of Julie’s butt and her legs. Backing out even more, I got to see her hot, wet pussy in a better light. Backing out a little more and leaning over a little, I could see her engorged clit getting a deeper and deeper shade of hot pink.

“You ladies look beautiful from here,” I said, and I was being 100% truthful.

All this time, Julie’s pussy felt so good for my dick to move in and out of while I admired the beautiful scenery.

Life is good!

Brie was getting closer to orgasm, and I was thrilled. Like many women, what she likes most after an orgasm is to be well fucked. She’s a fun fuck. I was looking forward to fucking her again, but I could wait until she came.

I slowed down pumping Julie’s pussy so she could concentrate on getting Brie off. Instead of speed, I focused on sensuality, and Julie was getting more and more aroused.

Brie’s breathing got faster, shallower, and more irregular. Her jaw fell open a bit. Her stomach and abdomen started jumping a little. For a brief moment, I was a little disappointed I wasn’t the one bringing her off, but then I realized if I was the one bringing her off, I wouldn’t be able to focus on watching all this happening in so much vivid detail.

Brie was right on the edge, and, without a doubt, my Julie was going to bring her over it. Even though Brie was her main focus, Julie was still able to work my dick hotly and tenderly as I continued to slide in and out her sweet pussy with slow, sensuous strokes.

Suddenly, Brie froze and completely stopped breathing for a few moments. Her abdomen started pulsing and her breathing came back with a woosh. She started gasping and bucking her butt off the bed. Julie stopped licking Brie’s clit and focused on fingering her. Brie was having a full body orgasm, my Julie was making it happen, and I had a ringside seat for it all, complete with a hot, sweet pussy to park my dick into for the whole show.

Life is good!

The look on a woman’s face after she has just had a powerful orgasm is a sight to behold that never gets old. Brie looked radiant. She sat up and hugged and kissed us both like we had just rescued her from drowning and, at the same moment, given her the lottery jackpot.

Julie knew what Brie needed next. She edged herself out of our hug and started leaning Brie back down on the bed.

Julie also knew what I wanted next. Before putting my dick into Brie’s pussy, Julie positioned me so I could get licks some of Brie’s delicious cum juices. Her clit was still quite sensitive from cumming, so I had to go easy. I found just the right connection to get the most of her juices without overstimulating her.

“You taste wonderful, Brie,” I told her.

“Your tongue feels wonderful, John,” she said.

Life is good!

I could have licked Brie’s sweet pussy juices much longer, but I didn’t want to keep her waiting for my dick. Getting fucked by a man while her after orgasm spasms are still going on is very powerful for a woman, and I didn’t want Brie to miss out on that.

I gave Brie one last affectionate lick on her pussy as I moved up her body, stopping to kiss her nipples a little on the way by. They were so hard and responsive. As my dick moved towards Brie’s pussy, Julie was parting her pussy lips with one hand and grabbing my dick with the other.

I knew a fast, deep plunge would be too shocking for Brie, but a long, slow entry would be too dragged out for her. I looked into her eyes, tuned into her breathing, felt the way she had her arms around me, and knew I had a good read on her.

I put my dick into Brie’s pussy about a half an inch, paused, but didn’t back out. I could feel her pussy gently pulling me in. That was the signal I was hoping for. On Brie’s next breath, I gave her another half an inch or so. I could still feel the heat and the pulses from her orgasm. She could too, and her eyes opened wide. When I was in about two inches, I could feel the pulses even stronger, and she was ready to take more of me.

With Brie’s next breath, I went in to about three inches deep. The first three inches of a woman’s vaj are the most sensitive, so I didn’t want to back out yet. I gave her another inch or so, then pulled back. I did that, in and out, in and out, in and out, for a few breaths, and she was getting into it.

Suddenly, Brie’s pussy got a lot wetter and her breathing changed, moving into high gear.

“Fuck me good, John!” Brie begged.

Brie was one hot fuck, begging me to fuck her, and I knew she needed it hard and deep. I gave her what she asked for. On her next breath, I gave her all the rest of my dick with one deep plunge, then backed out a couple of inches. She loved it, so I gave those same couple inches to her again, and again, and again.

Brie and I continued pounding each other, hard hot stroke, after hard hot stroke, after hard hot stroke, again and again. Fucking a hot woman who is even hotter from just cumming is a wonderful delight, and here I was getting to do it again.

Life is good!

The pulses from Brie’s orgasm seemed like they took forever to stop, but it was time to bring Julie back into the action, and I knew what she would want. I moved up onto my knees, keeping my dick deep inside Brie, licking her lovely nipples on the way up.

Julie wasted no time squatting her pussy onto Brie’s face. Brie put everything she was feeling into licking Julie’s pussy … appreciation, affection, joy, fun, and passion, and Julie’s pussy was soaking up every bit of it.

From this position, there were more lovely female body parts than I could touch at any one time. I did my best to move my hands around them all, without neglecting the others.

I had easy access to Brie’s clit. It was ready to be touched again, and I touched it, many times, and in many ways. I had easy access to two sets of lovely, delectable breasts. I could lean over and kiss them any one of them, and I took full advantage, kissing all four of them, over and over again, trying the best I could to spread my kisses evenly between them all. I also put my hands all over them, gently rubbing all four hot nipples with my fingers and thumbs, making sure they all stayed hard and pointed in between licks.

With Brie on her back, me fucking her, and Julie riding on Brie’s face, Julie’s face was close enough to mine that we could kiss. I love Julie’s kisses, and when her pussy is being eaten, her kisses are even hotter. From this position, I could hug Julie, as long as I made sure to not get too carried away and pull her off of Brie’s face.

Directly in front of me was Julie’s beautiful face. When her eyes were opened, she gave me sweet looks of love and affection. When her eyes were closed, I could see the expressions of joy on her face. I could see her lovely smile whether her eyes were open or closed.

A short glance below Julie’s sweet face were her soft, smooth breasts, with her excited nipples pointing straight out. On the bed, Brie was on her back with her perky nipples still straight up, and I had a great view of her pussy. I could see all this while my dick was moving in and out of Brie’s pussy, still hot off an orgasm.

Life is good!

“You ladies look beautiful from here, too,” I said, again, being 100% truthful.

Julie was getting close to orgasm. I could see it in her eyes. I put my hands out to her. She put her hands in mine, and we held each other’s gaze. I watched her eyes get wider, her breathing hasten, and her body start to tense.

Julie’s body began quaking and she gripped my hands tighter. Her orgasm was erupting. Her first reflex response was to close her eyes, but she opened them right away and continued to look into mine, including me in her orgasm. She didn’t moan or say a word, and only gasped quietly. Her chest heaved for about a dozen breaths. Even though this was a quiet orgasm for Julie, I could tell she was feeling it deeply.

When Julie’s breathing calmed down and her grip relaxed, I knew she was done cumming. I put my arms around her and gently lifted her off of Brie. Brie got up, we did a short group hug, and I quickly took over Brie’s place on the bed so Julie could get a good, after orgasm ride on my cock.

Before mounting me, Julie put her pussy over my mouth so I could lick some of her cum juices. After a few good licks, I lifted her hips and guided her down to my cock. I knew she needed that, and I was ready for her.

Julie slid onto my rod slowly and gracefully, pausing a few times to adjust her grip before taking all of me. I could feel the pussy spasms from her orgasm still going on, and they seemed to continue forever.

Julie closed her eyes and did some slow gyrations, similar to how she had steered Mandy on my dick that morning. My focus on Julie got interrupted when Brie gave me a big, sweet kiss, then put her sweet pussy over my mouth. Here I was again, lying on my back with my lovely girlfriend riding my cock and one of her beautiful friends with her sweet pussy on my mouth.

Life is good!

The way Brie’s clit was feeling on my tongue, it was obvious she was building up to another orgasm. I knew if, besides licking her, I could give her some good fingering, she could have a stronger orgasm, but that would be harder to do with her facing my feet.

I gave Brie a little steer, like I was leading her in a dance. She got the message, turned around to face me, and put her clit back on my mouth. Now, I could easily put my fingers deep into her pussy while licking her clit.

I started with one finger, put it in to the second knuckle and bent it to stroke the spot behind Brie’s clit. She loved it. After a few minutes, she was ready for another finger. I used my middle and ring fingers, using my ring finger mostly to keep my hand in place, and my middle finger to stroke behind her clit. I kept licking her clit, too.

Things were building nicely. Brie’s juices were flowing more, her movements were getting more determined, and her pussy was getting even more responsive to my moves. Meanwhile, Julie was riding my dick so beautifully.

Life is good!

Brie seemed to need something else to bring her over the edge. I got my other hand out from under her leg, brought it down her abdomen, and, took the root of her clit between my thumb and finger, gently squeezing, tugging, milking, and stroking it, all while continuing to lick the tip of it. It kept growing, and getting harder in my mouth.

That did it. Brie went off. I stopped stimulating her clit, but kept both hands in place, sandwiching her clit with my fingers inside her pussy and my other hand cupped over the outside, both hands following her every move and riding with her. I could feel Julie steering some of Brie’s movements, too. Unlike Julie’s orgasm, Brie’s second orgasm was not a quiet one.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as she came.

When Brie stopped cumming, I gave her a few licks to collect some of her juices, Julie pulled herself off of my cock, giving up her place to Brie. After getting Brie mounted onto my cock, she repositioned Brie’s right leg in between my legs so she was straddling just my right leg and laid her across my chest, putting her head on my left shoulder.

I put my arm around Brie. Her involuntary contractions from this orgasm were even stronger than her first one.

Julie crawled up on my right side, putting her head onto my right shoulder. I had a lovely woman in each arm, and my dick still in Brie’s hot, sweet pussy. The three of us laid there, enjoying our afterglow for a while.

Life is good!



After dinner, April and Lisa were coming over. April was another old friend of Julie’s who had sometimes joined Julie and me in bed. When April got into a lesbian relationship with Lisa a few months ago, she made it clear to Lisa, as much as she loved her, she still needed to be fucked by a man once in a while and wasn’t going to give that up.

The first time Lisa came over with April, Lisa was quite cold to me, barely hugged me, and was mostly an observer. It was obvious Lisa would have preferred April stop getting laid altogether. April knew what she needed though, and had no plans to stop.

Reluctantly, Lisa went along. They kept coming over, I kept fucking April, Lisa kept watching us, and they kept coming back.

Over time, Lisa was warming up to me. The last time they were over, Lisa even gave me a few naked hugs and patted me on my butt a few times.

When they arrived this time, Lisa had a much softer look about her. April announced, “John, Lisa wants to talk to you about something.”

Lisa and April made a space between them. I sat there, turning slightly toward Lisa. Lisa took my hand and looked intently at me. Her hard edge was gone. I was struck by how soft and vulnerable she was. I also noticed how she was shaking. This was important. I put my other hand on top of hers, and she got a little calmer.

“John, you know how unsure I was in the beginning about April having sex with you. Over these past few months, I’ve watched you make love to April and Julie like I’ve never seen anybody make love, and I’ve seen what your lovemaking does to them. I’ve especially noticed how April glows for the next few days after we’ve been here and how that glow fades when we haven’t been here for a while.”

April took a few deep breaths, gathered herself, then continued, “I haven’t had sex with a man since I was a teenager, and it was nothing like how I’ve seen you make love to April and Julie. After seeing what your lovemaking has done for April and Julie, I want to try sex with a man again. If you’d be willing, I’d like that man to be you, but I’d like to talk about it first.”

I put my arms around Lisa and hugged her close to me. I didn’t say anything. I just held her. She was still shaking, but not so much. It was obvious a burden had been lifted. She had calmed down – a lot.

After a while, I said, “This is a very big step for you, Lisa. I’m honored you would pick me,” pausing, before I continued. “You’ve already discussed this with April?”

“And Julie, too,” she said. “I asked Julie not to tell you, because I wanted to tell you myself.”

“What is it you want to talk about?”

“Well, I hate to put it this way cuz it might sound worse than it is, but I guess I have some conditions.”

“Con … di … tions?” I asked, ever so slowly.

“Sort of … like I want April to put your dick into me.”

“No problem,” I eased up. “What else?”

“I need you to go easy with me. It’s been years since I’ve had any part of a man inside me.”

“I can do that. Is there anything else?”

“Well, I’m not ready for you to cum in me.”

“No problem. Is that it?”

“I think so.”

“Well, I have some conditions, too,” I said playfully.

“Like what?” she smiled, lightening up.

“First, I’ll need these two ladies to help me get you warmed up,” I said, smiling at April and Julie.

“Of course,” she beamed. “What else?”

Julie and April smiled, too.

“I want to lick your pussy, especially after you cum.”

“Okaaaay,” she said, like she was giving up something big, “as long as I don’t have to suck your dick,” she chuckled. “Is that it?”

“Of course we’ll make sure April gets her needs met tonight, but if it’s alright with you ladies, I think we should make Lisa our main focus of the evening,” I suggested.

Everybody agreed.

“I have another idea,” I said. “You know, Lisa, you’ve never even touched my cock before. What would you feel about putting it inside April tonight?”

Lisa got very serious. “John, everything about this is scary to me, but that’s not going to stop me. If I can’t put your cock into April, there’s no way I’ll be able to let her put it into me. It’s a great idea, and I’m not going to let my fears stop me. Sign me up!”

“Group hug!” Julie announced.

April broke the group hug, shouting, “Let’s fuck!” heading off toward the bedroom and leaving a trail of clothes behind her.

We paired off, Julie with April, and me with Lisa. Julie and April were both naked by the time they hit the bed, kissing and stroking each other in all kinds of ways. They were so beautiful to watch, and they set a wonderful, exciting mood.

Even though Lisa had asked me to fuck her, I felt that was her head talking. I could tell she still had some deep fears in her heart. I decided the best approach was to seduce her, with baby steps and very few words, as if she hadn’t just asked me to fuck her.

I started just holding Lisa. I kissed her on the forehead and stroked her hair. She was calmer and no longer shaking.

I backed away from Lisa a little and tugged at my shirt, suggesting it needed to come off. She got the message and took it off. I hugged her again, letting her feel my bare torso with her hands and arms. When I felt she was comfortable with that, I reached under her blouse and touched her lower back.

Without any suggestion from me, Lisa took both her blouse and her bra off and reached back to me for a hug, bear chest to bear chest. She had a beautiful body and lovely breasts. Her nipples got hard just from hugging me, a good sign.

I felt Lisa was ready for a kiss. First, I kissed her gently on the neck, no tongue, just lips. I could tell she liked it.

I put my hands on either side of Lisa’s face, lined up my mouth in front of hers, and slowly brought her face toward mine. The closer she got, the slower I moved her lips toward mine. As I hoped, she made the move to close the final gap, and our lips connected. Lisa was a sexy, passionate kisser, even without using her tongue.

I had a plan. Even though I had set it up, this was a lip kiss Lisa made happen. If it was going to end or move to tongues, I was going to let her make the move. Until then, I was committed to keeping this kiss going, and keep going it did, but I wasn’t giving up.

I wanted things to move forward, and I wanted Lisa to take the next step. I wanted it to seem like she was seducing me.

I got an idea to invite Lisa’s tongue. I separated my lips, just a little, without sticking my tongue out. In no time, her tongue was in my mouth and pulling mine back into hers. That tongue action took her sexy, passionate kissing to a whole new, much hotter level.

It was time for the next move. I took Lisa’s head in my hands and gently steered her mouth to one of my nipples. Lisa knew how to charm a nipple. She used just the right amount of stimulation and just the right amount of pressure.

I was getting really turned on. I had thought of Lisa as cute, but I had never though of her as sexy before. Fucking her might turn out to be fun, I was thinking.

Julie and April had left room for us on the bed. I led Lisa to the empty side with me, got on my back, and steered Lisa’s head over my shoulder to suck my nipple. In that position, one of her nipples was right over my mouth.

When Lisa realized where I had lined her up, she went right along and put her nipple into my mouth. It was very responsive. She switched sides, working my other nipple and giving me her other one. I liked where things were headed.

I got Lisa on top of me in a face to face hug and kissed her some more. I rolled her onto her back, knelt beside her, and started kissing my way down her body. I stopped a little at her nipples, but not for long.

I kept heading down, increasing the passion of my kissing as I got closer to Lisa’s waistband. As I got closer, she lifted her butt off the bed, undid her button and zipper, and took off her jeans and underpants. This was a very good sign.

Lisa was now completely naked. Instead of moving right into her newly opened territory, I went back up, met her face to face, and hugged and kissed her again. The passion was building in us both.

As I started moving back down Lisa’s body with kisses, she tugged on my jeans. This was another good sign. I gave her easy access to take them off of me. She took off my underwear, too. She had a sense of accomplishment about her and wasn’t so nervous anymore.

Things were serious now. Lisa and I were both naked, horny, and getting hotter. I got down on the bed and pulled her onto me. Now that we were fully naked together, I wanted to make sure she was comfortable before I hugged or kissed her too intently. Her head was on my chest, and her belly was resting on my erection. There was no denying its presence.

Lisa seemed okay with things, so I hugged her tighter, and she hugged me back. I pulled her up for a kiss. As her pussy got closer my cock, she got up on her knees, raising her pussy up away from it. She gave me a long hot kiss, then started kissing her way down my body like I had done to her, only she didn’t stop at my waist.

When Lisa’s kissing got to my crotch, she didn’t put her mouth on my dick. Instead, she took it in her hands and fingers, and squeezed it gently and looked closely at it, in many different ways. I wanted her to get comfortable with it, and she was.

After a while, Lisa straddled my crotch, sitting with her pussy along my dick, which was laying on my abdomen lengthwise. I loved the feel of the heat from her pussy on my dick. This was one hot lady, with her pussy resting against my dick, getting ready for her first fuck in many years, and it was me she was getting ready to fuck.

Life is good!

Lisa was now ready for a big step. I guided her body up to my face, keeping her in the same kneeling position. She saw where this was headed and didn’t hesitate. Once she was close enough, I began stroking her abdomen, hips, thighs, butt, and upper mons with my hands. Zeroing in, I found her clit. I worked it between my thumbs while gently massaging her abdomen with my hands and fingers. She liked it.

I guided Lisa’s body further up mine and she put her pussy onto my mouth. I began licking her clit, and she responded by moving with my rhythms. She had a lovely pussy with hot, sweet juices. My tongue parted her pussy lips. I moved closer to her vaj with every lick. When I got my tongue there, more sweet pussy juices flowed.

Lisa was responding well, so I put a finger into her. She accepted it beautifully. She was riding my finger and mouth very erotically. Just as I was about to put a second finger in, Julie and April surrounded us.

“You two look like you’re having fun!” Julie said.

We sat up and paid attention to them.

April looked at me and announced, “I’m getting close to cumming,” then, grabbing my cock and smiling, added, “and I’ll be needing this soon.”

I smiled. Inside, I was smiling even more. There I was in bed with three beautiful women, one of them had already asked me for my dick, and now another one was asking me for it.

Life is good!

Turning to Lisa, April asked, “Are you still planning on doing the honors?” glancing back at my cock still in her hand.

Lisa looked lovingly at her, hugged her, and said, “I’d love to, but first, I’d love to take over getting you off?”

“You go for it, girlfriend!” April said.

“Can I get a few licks first?” I asked, thinking I was asking Lisa.

“Oh, yes!” April answered before Lisa could even speak, throwing herself back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide open, then pulling her pussy lips apart with her fingers.

As I went down on April, she pulled her knees up beside her ribs and put her feet on my shoulders, giving me wide open access to everything. It was such a lovely sight. Julie had been working April’s pussy for a while now, so it was already very hot and wet. When I put my mouth and tongue on it, it was delicious and oh, so responsive.

Life is good.

Just to be sure April didn’t cum before I turned her over to Lisa, I licked her clit and pussy affectionately and playfully, but not passionately. I put two fingers into her pussy, but I moved them more like a tease than with any intent to get her off.

I could have easily enjoyed licking and playing with April’s lovely pussy much longer, but I knew Lisa was waiting to do that next. Besides, as soon as Lisa got her to cum I was going to fuck her, and I was very much looking forward to that.

I backed away from April’s pussy and let Lisa take over. Lisa licked April’s clit with great gusto while working her fingers in and out of her pussy. My first thought was to help Lisa get April off, but then I remembered Lisa was our primary focus for the night. Julie got the message, too, and we both started caressing Lisa. It was obvious she was liking it.

I wanted to get to know Lisa’s pussy better. The way Lisa was positioned while eating April, I had easy access to it. I gently moved my caresses in that direction, and she gladly accepted them. I put two fingers into her pussy and stroked them behind her clit while Julie stroked her clit from the outside. I could already tell Lisa was going to do just fine being fucked.

Julie and I got Lisa going so much she was losing her focus on April, so we backed off of stimulating Lisa and moved up to April’s face. We stroked Lisa’s face and hair, and I kissed her. Julie guided my cock into April’s mouth. April gulped me so sweetly, taking me all the way down her throat. I love the way she swirled her tongue on my cock.

I looked down at April’s lovely breasts, thinking maybe some stimulation there might help get April hotter. Julie noticed where I was going, and we each mouthed one of April’s delectable nipples. With Lisa licking April’s clit and fingering her pussy, and Julie and I each licking a breast, it didn’t take April much longer to cum.

Sometimes a woman can leave you wondering whether or not she really had an orgasm. Not April. She screamed, bucked, and gasped like she was having the orgasm of her life. After what seemed like an eternity, she went limp.

I knelt between April’s legs, gave her pussy a sweet kiss, and lined my dick up near her pussy, waiting for Lisa to guide me in. Lisa grabbed my dick with just the right pressure and steered me home. April likes a deep plunge after she cums, and that’s what I gave her.

April was definitely ready to be fucked. Her inner pussy walls were still having intense involuntary contractions from her orgasm, and I was happy to help keep them going for a while longer with my cock deep inside her. After satisfying some of her need for deep thrusting, it was time to give her some shallow strokes.

I backed out all but an inch of my cock. I could tell by the look on April’s face she was wondering if I was pulling out completely, and I could tell when I stopped she was glad I didn’t. I gave her back another inch and stroked her back and forth that way a little before giving her another deep thrust.

I gave April a mix of shallow strokes and deep strokes, never letting her know in advance what she was getting next. We were both having fun with it, and her pussy felt wonderful. I gave her several more deep strokes, then paused all the way in, held her, and kissed her tenderly.

“Do me doggy!” April begged.

I love it when a woman knows what she wants and asks for it, especially when what she wants is my dick. I pulled out and waited for April to get on her knees. I knelt behind her, and Lisa put my dick back into April’s pussy. Lisa was getting very comfortable with handling my dick.

April loves doing doggy, and I love doing it with her, and there I was, doing it with her again.

Life is good!

I gave my cock to April deep, gave her some strokes at varying depths, gave her some deep stroking again, then paused deep inside her.

April put a pillow under her abdomen, and I knew what she wanted next. She straightened out her legs, and, without taking my dick out of her, she put her belly down on the pillow.

I changed the angle of my penetration, giving April lots of stimulation on the wall between her pussy and her anus, without the pain or health dangers of anal sex. She was in heaven, and I was too.

“Let me ride you cowgirl,” April said.

I backed out of April’s pussy and she rolled aside. I got on my back where she was and got ready for her to mount me. Before climbing on, though, April stuck my dick in her mouth and took me right down to the root.

April lifted her head off my dick and signaled to Lisa to grab it as if she was ready to climb on. Instead, April put her mouth back on my dick, with Lisa still holding my root. She did this a few times before getting into cowgirl position. She was so playful. When April finally slid onto my dick, her pussy took it all in one quick gulp.

I figured Lisa would be more excited about being fucked if she had an orgasm first. I also thought it would help her be more comfortable with me fucking her if I was the one who brought her to that orgasm.

Lisa had already said this whole thing was scary for her, so I wanted to make sure she stayed comfortable with everything. A woman feels more in control on top, so I decided to keep Lisa on top of me while I gave her an orgasm.

With April riding my dick, I signaled for Lisa to sit on my face. I started her out facing April so they could stay connected, and they joined hands. Lisa was riding my tongue in the same rhythm as April was riding my dick.

Life is good!

I turned Lisa around to face me so I could work her pussy with my fingers while I licked her clit. April was still riding me cowgirl while stroking Lisa’s hair, neck, and back. Sometimes, April would lean over and kiss Lisa’s neck, shoulders, or back, or reach her hand around and rub her tits. It was all very sweet, and Lisa was getting into it. Julie was helping, too, stroking Lisa’s butt and rocking her back and forth on my tongue and fingers.

Lisa’s clit got fuller, her movements got more intense, and her pussy was getting wetter. I could tell she was getting closer to cumming.

Just as I felt the connection I had with Lisa’s pussy and clit had gone to a whole new level and we were really in sync, Lisa said, “Right there, John! Just like that! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

It didn’t take much longer.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Lisa exclaimed, rocking back and forth on my face and fingers, with her pussy juices flowing even sweeter into my mouth.

I eased up some on Lisa’s clit while she came, but stroked her pussy behind her clit even harder. When she finally stopped cumming, she looked like she had just run a marathon.

April and Julie wasted no time getting April straddled over my dick. Julie spread Lisa’s pussy lips while April guided my dick into Lisa. Lisa set her own downward pace, taking me much faster than I would have expected. When she got down to my root, a big smile came over her face and she just sat there for a bit.

Lisa’s contractions from after her orgasm were still strong, and she seemed to like having a dick inside her highlighting them. I certainly liked having mine there.

April, Julie and I all gave Lisa big hugs and kisses, making a big deal of this special moment for her. Tears of joy watered up in Lisa’s eyes. I was glad this was turning out so well for her.

I felt something twitch around my cock. Lisa was squeezing and releasing my dick with her pussy muscles. She was really getting comfortable with having me inside her now, and started moving a bit. It was so great to see the expressions on her face as her pussy was exploring the feeling of having a dick in it for the first time in years.

Julie has a wonderful way of moving women’s bodies when they are riding my dick, and she began helping Lisa with her exploratory movements. First, she rocked Lisa back and forth from her hips. Then she rocked her a little from her knees. Then she got her moving her butt up and down, taking my dick out about an inch or so, then taking my whole length again. Julie got Lisa taking bigger strokes on my dick, then brought her back down for a rest.

Lisa was doing fine with bring fucked, and I wanted to give her a rich, full experience. I slid out from under her and knelt behind her. April took my dick and guided it in. I went very easy with Lisa and gave her lots of time to get comfortable with me controlling the entry into her pussy. I used my slow, half inch in, quarter inch out approach. I could feel her pussy grabbing for my dick to come in deeper.

Life is good!

After I got all the way in, I gave Lisa some little strokes, then backed out and gave her some shallow strokes. I mixed it up with deep strokes, shallow strokes, and pauses, but no fast strokes. Julie got in front of Lisa, kissed her, and stroked her breasts. April put her fingers on Lisa’s clit. I could feel Lisa’s pussy juices flowing.

I put a pillow under Lisa’s abdomen, and Julie and April knew exactly where I was headed. They helped Lisa stretch out her legs and lie face down, while keeping me deep inside her pussy. After she got settled, I moved my dick in her just a little until I was sure she was comfortable with being fucked in such a vulnerable position.

I angled the head of my dick upward so it was against the wall between her pussy and her anus and began gently caressing it with my dick. She liked it, and I moved to a gentle tapping. She liked that, too, so I kept increasing my thrusts until I was pounding her hard. She loved it. I slowed down, stopped, and laid against her back, just holding her like that, resting my dick in her in that position for a while.

From the feel of Lisa’s pussy, I suspected she could be brought to another orgasm. Julie and April seemed aware of this, too. Having one with a cock inside her would be a great experience I wanted her to have. Most woman need clit stimulation to have an orgasm. I figured with so little experience fucking, Lisa would need that, too.

I backed out of Lisa and rolled her over onto her back. Julie put a pillow under Lisa’s butt and lifted her legs. I rolled sideways under Lisa’s legs with my cock pointing toward Lisa’s pussy. It’s a great position that allows a woman to easily get her clit licked or stroked while being fucked, but it’s hardly ever written about or shown in porn videos.

April guided my cock back into Lisa’s pussy and went right down on her clit while Julie focused on her nipples. Some women need a long time between their first orgasm and their second and some never have a second one. Lisa is not one of those women. In no time, Lisa was cumming again, with a stronger orgasm than her first one.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Lisa screamed, louder and longer than she did during her first orgasm, bucking her butt off the bed and gasping for air while her pussy was grabbing my cock, over, and over, and over.

Having my cock inside a woman while she comes is a hot, wonderful experience, and there I was, experiencing it again.

Life is good!

After her second orgasm, it was clear Lisa was now ready for missionary. I knelt in front of her, spread her legs, and gave her some affectionate and passionate kisses on her pussy. I moved my kisses up her body, stopping to pleasure her nipples on the way by. As I got close to her mouth to kiss her, my dick was right in front of her pussy.

Instead of waiting for April to put my dick into Lisa as we had planned, Lisa grabbed my dick herself, stuffed it in her pussy, wrapped her legs around my thighs, reached her hands around my butt, and pulled me all the way into her with one strong push. She had a huge smile on her face.

Lisa had turned out to be a very enthusiastic love maker, passionately making up for all those years of not getting fucked. I was so glad she had picked me for this. I gave her some long, loving, hot kisses. Her pussy juices were flowing now, and she was pounding me from below as much as I was pounding her from above.

Life is good!

When I felt an orgasm building in me that had to happen, I said, “I’m gonna need to cum soon, ladies. How would you like it?”

“Do you want to take it and I’ll eat your creampie?” Julie asked April.

“I was going to ask you the same question. I’d love to eat creampie tonight,” April responded.

Lisa jumped into the conversation and declared, “I want John to cum in me and you both can eat my creampie?”

We were all surprised and so happy with how Lisa had opened up to things.

I like my dick to be deep in a woman’s pussy when I cum. I put a pillow under Lisa’s butt, spread her legs apart, and pushed them up and back so I could bury my dick deep into her. Julie and April were on either side of us, holding Lisa’s legs back and her pussy wide open for me.

I started pumping Lisa’s hot pussy with longer strokes. Julie and April each put a hand on my butt and pushed me deeper into Lisa with each thrust. There I was, fucking one beautiful woman and two other beautiful women are helping me get off.

Life is good!

Lisa’s eyes were wide open in anticipation. “Give it to me, John! I need your cum! Fill me up with a big load!”

I glanced quickly at Julie and April. They got the message I was ready and pushed me into Lisa’s pussy even harder with every stroke. As I was about to cum, I paused for a second. Out came my cum, woosh, and I started pumping Lisa again, matching my thrusts with my cum spurts.

I felt several big squirts of cum. I lost count. Then, I had about a dozen little contractions coming from deep inside my lower abdomen, and I could still feel cum oozing out of the end of my dick. Three lovely ladies had just helped me have a very powerful orgasm.

Life is good!

I backed out of Lisa. April dived right in, licked a load of my cum from Lisa’s pussy, moved her mouth up to Lisa’s face, and give her a kiss, dumping a tongueful of my cum into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa swallowed it all and smiled, as we all watched in awe.

Julie and April took turns bringing Lisa tongues and fingers full of my cum until she had eaten it all. April noticed a few drops of my cum on my dick, dragged me up to Lisa’s mouth, and stuck my dick in. Without hesitation, Lisa sucked every drop I had left, smiled sweetly at me, then gave me a big hug. What a change from the woman April had brought over a few months ago.

The four of hung out on the bed for a while, moving in and out of different hug arrangements and basking together in our afterglow. Lisa was chattier than I had ever seen her, and she was beaming. We were all so happy for her. We said our goodbyes, and April and Lisa left.

As Julie and I snuggled into bed for the night, I got another hardon.

“I love you, Julie.”

“I love you, John.”

We snuggled up in spoon position, and Julie tucked my dick into her warm, wet sweet pussy.

Life is good!

I hadn’t quite fallen asleep yet when I heard Julie say, “John, Honey?”

“Yes, Baby?”

“Is it okay with you if I have some of my girlfriends over tomorrow?”

Life is good!