Good Neighbours

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Goddamn it’s too hot, even for July! I thought to myself, wiping sweat out of my eyes as I pushed the mower around the backyard. With the temperatures being so high for so long, and having less rain than the desert over the last month, I was surprised my grass was even still alive, let alone growing.
Oh well, I only had about 5 more minutes left, then I could take a break, have a nice glass of lemonade and then cool off with a dip in the pool. Ah, the pool. Just looking at it brought a smile to my face. I had just had it installed this spring. A lovely, curving figure eight shape, salt water, solar heated, with a gorgeous waterfall cascading down a beautiful pile of stone. It was the first pool I had ever owned, and it was the pride of my home. I was thinking of putting a nice big water slide in, something for my nephews to enjoy the next time they came to visit.
With a sigh and burst of energy, I pushed the mower around the last patch of stubborn grass, cutting it down to a proper length. With the last oversized blade gone, I turned the motor off and bent myself backwards, stretching my back. The wonderful silence of the yard, broken only by the gurgling of the waterfall pouring into the pool, was too much. I left the mower sitting where it was and walked towards the patio, kicking my shoes off and throwing them by the door. I pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it with them, then unbuckled my shorts and pushed them down my legs, kicking them towards my other clothing. I stood there in the sun, dressed only in my boxers, admiring myself in the glass of the patio door.
I wouldn’t say I possess a god like body or anything like that. It’s not like I had those rock-hard 6-pack abs, or biceps the size of a tree trunk, but I had been working very hard at building up my landscaping company the past few years and it gave me a very muscular, very fit physique. I was maybe a little more vain about my body than some people because I still wasn’t very used to being so fit. Growing up I was quite chunky, even into my early 20’s I still held a lot of weight. But losing all that weight had some big advantages, and not just health-wise.
I went a little girl crazy when I was about 24, bringing home a new girl almost every night and having my way with them, knowing my hardened, fit body drove them crazy. I guess you could say I was a bit of a man-whore but I think I deserved it, having been rejected so often in my youth because of my size. But all that changed just after my 26th birthday, when I met my current girlfriend, Melissa. She was 22 at the time, and we’ve been exclusive for almost 3 years now. Only problem lately is she’s in her final year at university, but had to switch schools since the one she had been attending no longer offers the courses she needs. Being about a 5 hour drive apart certainly had it’s challenges, but it was all going to be worth it since she was going to be moving in with me at the end of next summer.
I should give her a call after my swim, I thought, Maybe if she’s at home we can get a little webcam action. Feeling the blood rush to my loins, I thought it would be a good idea if I went and cooled off a little. I headed over to the edge of the pool and taking a deep breath, dove in headfirst, slicing through the water all the way to the bottom, 12 feet down. I swam along the bottom, feeling the heat being sucked out of my body, loving the cool water flowing along my skin. I hung around at the bottom for a time, until a slight burning in my lungs forced me to kick my way to the surface, taking a deep breath as I broke through to the warm outside air.
“We thought you fell in!” a voice called out from the other side of the fence. Since I had wooded areas to the back and one side of my house, I knew the voice came from the only house next to mine.
I pulled myself out of the water and walked over to the fence I shared with the family next door, the Taylors. I wiped the water from my face and found myself staring into two of the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.
“Nope, just goin’ for a swim Laurie” I told the woman on the other side, “I guess you don’t have to come in and save me after all.” Laurie laughed and flashed me her million dollar smile.
“Aw too bad!” she replied, winking at me, “I’m glad you’re okay, but I was hoping to cool off a little!” A picture instantly flashed into my head of this gorgeous woman stepping out of my pool, soaking wet and wearing a whole lot of nothing. It was a very nice picture indeed! I had never seen Laurie completely nude before, but had watched her from my bedroom window many times, looking down into her backyard as she laid out on her lounger, with nothing to cover her but a very skimpy thong, her large firm breasts exposed to my hungry eyes. I stepped up onto a rock settled against the fence and looked down at her, noticing that she didn’t have much on now anyway. Her breasts strained against a thin, white bikini top, her nipples semi-erect and very noticeable, with her long tanned legs coming out of a pair of very short denim shorts. I imagine the view from behind was just as wonderful!
I peeled my eyes away from her smooth thighs and looked back up to her face, flashing her a smile. “Well Laurie all you had to do was ask! Do you really think I’m going to be swimming in here all summer, laughing at you guys while you sweat your asses off? Whenever you feel like cooling off, don’t even bother asking just come on over for a dip!”
“Aw you’re such a sweetie!” she replied, “Just let me finish up with some gardening here and I’ll definitely be over! Air conditioning is nice and all, but nothing beats a nice cool swim!” She turned around to survey her own backyard, giving a big sigh. “Of course, it would be a lot easier if we had out own pool, but you know how Mark feels about kids and pools.”
Her husband Mark had this idea that if they put a pool in their backyard, their kids were going to all just jump in like lemmings and drown themselves. I let my eyes wander down her backside as she was turned away from me, almost groaning at the sight of her lovely bottom, her bum cheeks almost poking out the legs of her shorts. I moved closer to the fence, in case she looked over, knowing that she would definitely notice the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. “Hey, you guys have nothing to worry about,” I told her. “Anytime the kids want to come over as well, they’re more than welcome to. I won’t let anything happen to them.”
She turned back around and gave me another big smile, “Oh David, they would love that!” she cried. “Let me just finish puttering around this garden, and then Jaime and I will come over and keep you company by the pool.”
Not very interested in spending the afternoon with her 13 year old daughter, but extremely interested in seeing Laurie’s luscious bottom, I replied “Sure, come on over whenever you’re ready.” She gave me another wink and then turned back to her yard to finish her gardening. I watched her walk back, her firm ass swaying side to side as she walked. I moaned as I watched her bend over her flowers, pulling weeds, as I gave my throbbing member a squeeze through my boxers. I should probably put on a proper swimsuit, I thought to myself. Don’t want the kid traumatized by the hard-on her mom gave me!
I headed over to the patio door and stepped inside, stripping my wet boxers off and walking through the house nude, my very erect member sticking straight out in front of me. I grabbed my swim shorts and pulled them on, thankful for the loose material hiding my lust. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of lemonade, thought for a moment, then grabbed two more glasses and filled them up. I put all the drinks on a tray and headed outside. I couldn’t believe the heat when I stepped outdoors! I had only been in the air conditioned house for a few minutes but already felt like I was on fire outside.
I flicked on the stereo and stretched out on one of the loungers, putting my sunglasses on and shutting my eyes, basking in the heat baking off of the sun. I lay there in the sun, the music filling my ears and feeling my body relaxing, my rigid erection finally starting to soften. I sat up when I heard the side gate open and turned my head to watch Laurie and her girl walk into my yard. It’s a good thing I had my shades on, because I think without them my eyes would have popped right out of my head! Onto the patio walked the two most gorgeous creatures I had ever laid eyes on. Laurie was stunning, her tanned body looking incredible in her white, practically see-through two-piece. It had tiny little triangle tops that barely covered her nipples and aureoles, her large, firm breasts damn near popping free! The bottom was an even hotter sight, with a tiny little triangle covering her mound, but showing the outline of her lips, and there might as well not have been a back to it, because the strap was about as big as a piece of floss, her round, firm ass practically bared before my eyes.
As I watched her walk up to the other lounger, her curvy hips swaying with each step, I felt my cock react, blood flooding into it, giving me a hard-on like I’ve never had, so hard it ached. But if I thought the mother was stunning, her little girl Jaime was a goddess. I’ve never been one to think about younger girls, especially that young, but I swear just looking at her almost made me cum. I think it was the first time a 13 year old had made me hard since, well since I was 13! She was almost an exact replica of her mother; long, flowing, strawberry-blond hair that reached almost to her bum, bright, innocent looking sky-blue eyes; full, sensuous lips that I wanted to taste that instant, and a body like no other. Her breasts were small compared to her mom’s, but still quite large for 13, and VERY firm and soft looking. They were covered by the same style of suit as Laurie’s, although Jaime’s was a light pink, and nowhere near as see-through as her mom’s.
I started to feel a little guilty though, as I stared at her young body, because when I saw her lovely teenaged bottom, barely covered by the little thong she wore, I knew if I was alone with her, I would be struggling not to rip her suit off her little body!
Laurie came and sat on the lounger next to me and gave me her winning smile “I hope the suits don’t bother you David, we’re not too big on modesty in our family.”
I cleared my throat a couple times before I found my voice, “Uh no, not at all Laurie. I think you girls look absolutely beautiful! Downright sexy even!” As I said this, I was looking into Jaime’s face and loved the little smile she gave me, and how deeply she blushed before she looked away. Laurie smiled at me and laid back with her shades on, relaxing in the sun, as Jaime walked to the edge of the pool and stuck her toe in, testing its warmth. Then she leaped high into the air, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them before plunging into the water in a textbook cannonball. She came up to the surface, wiping water from her eyes. I gave a little clap and called out to her, “I’ve never seen such a good looking cannonball before Jaime!” Or such a good looking little ass, I thought to myself. She smiled at me and let out a girlish little giggle, and I could feel my cock twitching just from the sound of her laugh.
She disappeared under the water again, then resurfaced and started swimming laps. I laid back, staring at this beautiful little girl in my pool, trying to position my body so neither female would notice the pulsating bulge in my shorts. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get images of our naked bodies together out of my head, so I tried talking to Laurie to clear my mind a little.
“So would Mark like to come for a swim when he gets home?” I asked Laurie, trying not to let on that I was staring at her chest.
She turned on her side to face me, one hand resting on her lovely hip. “Oh maybe but he won’t be home for a few days at least,” she said with a sigh. “That’s one thing about being a high level executive I guess. The extra money is nice, very nice, but there’s some things that you just can’t take care of when your thousands of miles away.”
I immediately thought of Melissa and myself, how hard it’s been to keep up the physical end of our relationship when we only see each other for a couple days every few weeks. It doesn’t matter how hot your girlfriend looks riding a dildo molded from your own cock, when it’s just on a webcam it can get old pretty quick. I let my eyes wander up and down Laurie’s body, wondering how long it had been since someone “took care” of her. My mind filled with images of Laurie’s body under mine, writhing in pleasure as I pumped into her over and over.
I snapped out of my daydreaming as I notice Jaime had gotten out of the pool and was standing right next to me, very wet, and very hot. I couldn’t keep a small sigh from escaping my lips as I drank in the view of her young body, little droplets of water running down between the small cleavage between her budding breasts, over her flat tummy and across the thin material covering her tiny mound. I wanted nothing more in life at that moment than to lean over and bury my face between her legs.
“Uh, Mr. Roberts, do you have an extra lounger I could use?” she asked me in a small, shy voice. “I’d like to try and get some sun if I could.”
I gave my head a little shake to clear it, and looked up into her eyes, giving her a smile that I was sure looked goofy.
“Oh here sweetie, you can take this one,” I told her, getting up and gesturing to the empty lounger. “I’ll get one of the chairs from the shed. I just haven’t had anyone else over yet this summer, so I never bothered to put more chairs on the patio. I’m just going to go get them now.” I rambled on and on, unable to stop myself, feeling so tongue tied from the young goddess standing half naked in front of me. I hurried across the patio towards the shed, praying neither one saw the massive erection straining against my suit. I opened the door to the shed and headed inside, pulling the door closed behind me and leaning back against it, trying to get myself under control. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing, but all I could see was that perfect little girl standing in front of me, water dripping down her body, the little goosebumps on her tummy and thighs as the slight breeze blew across her bare skin. I let out a moan, feeling so ashamed of myself. She’s only thirteen! I tried to remind myself, but all I could think of was how good those plump, moist lips of hers would feel sliding down my cock. I pushed the waist of my shorts down, my cock springing free, hard as a rock and pulsing like crazy as I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and started to pump it up and down, images of her underage body flitting through my head. I thought maybe if I blew a load, it would calm me down enough to deal with Jaime and Laurie a little better, release some of the tension maybe.
I was imagining myself undoing Jaime’s little bottoms, pulling them away from her and breathing in her young scent. Was she still bald down there? I wondered, pumping harder at the thought, Or maybe she’s starting to get a bit of fuzz already. Thinking of her tiny pussy in front of my face, I could feel my balls start to tighten up, my already engorged member swelling even more as I could feel myself about to cum.
“You lost in there sweetie?” I gasped as I heard Laurie at the door to the shed, pushing my throbbing cock back into my shorts, my breath coming in short gasps as I tried to compose myself. I pushed away from the door and grabbed the closest patio chair, then opened the door to the shed, face to face with that beautiful woman from next door.
“Yeah, I couldn’t find my way out,” I said with a nervous laugh. “It was under a pile of crap at the back, I just had to wiggle it free.” I felt myself blushing crimson as I thought about the truth of what I just said, then blushed even deeper as I saw that she had definitely noticed my hard-on. She looked back up at me, giving me a smile that seemed to say “Well, hello there!” and started to head back to the loungers.
“Well come on slowpoke!” she called over her shoulder, “Jaime and I are waiting for you to put some sunscreen on our backs. We want to get some sun, but not too much.” I watched her barely covered ass sway for a moment, then headed back to join them, putting the chair down next to Laurie’s lounger. Laurie laid down on her stomach and reached behind her back to undo her top, leaving her smooth skin completely exposed.
“Here, do me first,” she told me. “I’ve been laying in the sun longer.”
Laurie, you have no idea how much I would love to do the both of you, I thought, moving over to her lounger, and sitting on the edge. I grabbed the bottle of sunscreen she had brought with her and squeezed a dollop onto her back, then started to rub it in.
“Well that doesn’t look too comfortable at all,” she said, turning her head to look back at me. “You’re going to hurt your back, being all twisted like that. Why don’t you just kneel over my legs, sweetie?”
I could only nod at this suggestion, my heart racing as I straddled the backs of her thighs, leaning over her to rub the sunscreen into her back. I jumped a little when I felt her push her bottom against me, causing the tip of my erection to push between her ass cheeks. She turned around and gave me a wicked smile.
“Well, it seems like you’re really enjoying yourself back there.” She turned her head back around and lay it down on the lounger, continuing to move her hips back and forth, sliding her ass cheeks against the head of my cock. I looked over at Jaime, afraid she saw what her mom was doing, but she had her head down and turned the other way. I rubbed the last of the sunscreen into Laurie’s back, feeling the cum rushing into my cock. Oh fuck, I thought, I can’t cum all over myself! I pulled away from Laurie’s gyrating hips just in time to keep myself from cumming all over my shorts, standing up quickly and trying to catch my breath. Laurie laid there, unmoving, a funny little smile on her lips, her eyes unreadable behind her glasses as she turned her head the other way and settled onto the lounger.
“Thanks David, you’re a sweetie. But make sure my baby gets covered, I don’t want her to get burned!” I headed over to Jaime, my head swimming, my cock leaking cum like crazy, feeling like I was about to shoot gallons all over myself. Jaime looked up at me as I walked over, and gave me her shy smile.
“Thanks Mr. Roberts, I appreciate it. You can do my back just like Mom’s.” She put her head back down and untied her top, as I straddled her legs, careful not to let my cock poke into her. I could just see her jumping up and screaming, and Laurie freaking out and calling me a pervert. I squirted some sunscreen onto her back, and started rubbing it in, gritting my teeth as I fought to keep my cock from exploding in my shorts. I rubbed it into her back, her shoulders and a little on her sides, and I thought I was going to be alright as I rubbed the last of the sunscreen into her lower back when she let out a little sigh and shifted her body.
“Mmm, thanks Mr. Roberts, that feels much better.” As she shifted her body, her little bum pressed lightly against my stretched shorts. I couldn’t control myself and felt my body respond, my hips pressing harder against her, pushing the tip of my raging hard-on between her young cheeks as my balls let go, wave after wave of hot cum gushing out of my cock and filling my shorts. I bit my lip to keep from crying out and looked quickly in Laurie’s direction, but thankfully, she was turned the other way. I enjoyed the feeling for a second longer, then quickly jumped away from Jaime’s body, running towards the pool, my cock still pumping cum as I ran.
“Man it’s hot out!” I cried much too loudly, dropping into the shallow end of the pool, hoping neither female heard the lust in my voice as I tried to recover from the last surges of my orgasm. I saw Laurie sit up and smile at me, stretching her body on the lounger for me to see. I reached down my shorts, my hand hidden under the water, and started rinsing the cum away from my cock and shorts. I nervously waited for Jaime to sit up, screaming accusations at me, maybe some of my cum having leaked through my shorts and drying on her soft bum cheeks. I had never been more scared before in my life, knowing that Laurie would probably try to castrate me herself for defiling her innocent daughter.
But Jaime never moved. She just went on laying there on the lounger, enjoying the sun’s rays beating down on her back. I looked down as I rubbed my crotch, watching the solidified semen floating away and breaking up. Could I be that lucky? Could I have just got away with dry humping a 13 year-old’s ass and filling my shorts with more cum than I ever would have thought possible? I finally allowed myself to hope that I wasn’t going to jail, that Laurie wasn’t walking towards the pool to claw my eyes out. I felt exhausted, even though the experience had only lasted a few seconds. I had never cum so hard, or so much, in my life. I felt like I could have filled my pool from that one orgasm alone. But the excitement didn’t die. Oh no, my cock was throbbing harder than ever, not going soft for an instant, in fact straining even more against my shorts.
Laurie walked up to edge of the pool and sat down, dangling her legs into the water, slightly parted at the thigh, leaving my face practically inches from her barely covered pussy. She smiled as she swirled her legs around in the water, speaking in a hushed voice, “Was I being a little too forward there for you David?” she asked, her eyes twinkling.
I couldn’t believe it; she thought it was all because of her! And why not? She was one of the most attractive women I knew, and it was obvious she wanted me too. I figured as long as I didn’t say anything stupid, she would never suspect me of being ga-ga for her little girl.
I reached out and put my hand on her thigh, rubbing up and down, loving the feel of her soft skin and tight muscles. “Not at all,” I told her, shaking my head, “I was just so worked up, I thought it best if Jaime didn’t notice anything.” I gave her a knowing look and she giggled, taking my hand and moving it to the top of her inside thigh, my fingers brushing against her wet suit bottoms.
“It’s okay, I don’t think she would have caught on sweetie,” she told me, giving me a naughty smile. I moved my fingers to the edge of her suit bottom, pushing the material aside and running the tips of my fingers up and down her soaked slit. She made a pleased noise and moved her hips against my hand. I applied more pressure, rubbing her slit harder through her short, curly hair, feeling slightly disappointed it wasn’t a smooth, soft 13 year old pussy instead. She spread her legs wider, making her pussy spread open. I slid 2 of my fingers inside her, feeling her hot cunny grab them tightly, as she closed her eyes and moaned softly, pushing harder against my fingers, sliding them deeper inside her.
I started to slowly slide them in and out of her pussy, my thumb moving against her swollen clit, rubbing in small circles. Her breath caught as she tried not to moan too loudly, then, with her eyes still closed, called out to her daughter, “Jaime sweetie, I think it’s time we headed home, okay? Maybe we could put a movie on and have some popcorn? Snuggle up on the couch?” I thought she controlled her voice pretty well for a woman getting finger-fucked by her neighbour behind her daughter’s back. Jaime rolled over and sat up.
“Aw mom I was just starting to relax, can’t it wait?” she asked, pouting those adorable lips.
“No it can’t wait,” Laurie replied, gently pushing my hand away from her pussy and standing up. She walked back towards the loungers, straightening her bottoms. “Mr. Roberts would like some time for himself this afternoon, I’m sure. Now you head home, and pick out a movie, and start the popcorn. I’ll be over shortly, Mr. Roberts is going to give me a little tour, maybe point out a few things your daddy might like to do with the yard.” She turned and gave me a wink, then handed the sunscreen to Jaime and told her to be on her way. Jaime pouted some more, then walked over to the pool as I was pulling myself out.
“Thanks for the swim Mr. Roberts, it was really nice,” she said shyly, her head lowered. I held her chin and tipped her face up, giving her my best smile.
“It was my pleasure Jaime, I loved having you over,” I told her, “And please, no more Mr. Roberts. Call me Dave.” Her blue eyes brightened even more, a gigantic smile lighting up her face as she reached up on her tiptoes and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.
“Thanks again Dave,” she said softly, before turning around and walking out the side gate, her lovely bottom swaying as my eyes followed. I could have died right then and been very happy about it. I let out a little sigh and then turned towards Laurie. She had a mischievous grin on her face as she motioned towards the door.
“Are you going to show me around Dave?” she asked, softly biting her lower lip. I opened the patio door and lead her inside, heading down the short hall to the kitchen.
“Won’t Jaime wonder what’s keeping you?” I asked, turning to look at Laurie. She answered by pushing me hard, slamming my back against the kitchen wall and throwing her body against mine. She pressed her mouth to mine, kissing me hard, her tongue sliding into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me hard, my aching cock jammed against her belly as I wrapped my tongue around hers, enjoying the faint taste of lemonade. She moved her head down to kiss my throat, licking her tongue around in circles, up my neck and taking my earlobe in her mouth. She bit down hard, making me gasp in pain and pleasure, and whispered in my ear, “I want you inside me, David. Now.”
I shuddered in pleasure as her tongue darted in and out of my ear, her hand reaching down my shorts and wrapping around my stiff organ, gobs of precum dribbling from the tip. “But what about Mark?” I asked, just clear headed enough to worry about the possibility of an angry husband.
Laurie pushed away from me and looked me in the eye, a serious look on her face. “Look,” she started, “Mark and I haven’t been to bed together in over two years. Yes, I still love him, but I’m not a young girl anymore David.” At this an image of Jaime popped into my head, and I allowed myself the fantasy that it was her stroking my raging erection. “In less than a year, I’ll be a 40 year old woman, with a 40 year old woman’s needs,” she continued. “If Mark isn’t willing to take care of me physically, then I have no choice but to look elsewhere.”
“But there’s Melissa,” I started, “I can’t do this to her, it wouldn’t be right.” She pressed a finger to my lips, silencing me with a shush. She ran the tip of her tongue across my lips, then started to crouch down, pulling my suit down with her.
“If you need a little more convincing…” she said as my cock popped free of my suit, standing rigid right in front of her eyes. She moved her head forward and licked the gob of precum dribbling from the tip. Any last protest I may have had was gone as her lips parted and my throbbing member slid into her hot, wet mouth. I moaned loudly, grabbing fistfuls of her blonde hair as she worked her mouth up and down the length of my shaft. This was the first time a woman other than Melissa had touched me in that way in almost 3 years, and I felt a big pang of guilt at how much I was enjoying it. But like Laurie said, everyone had physical needs, and they needed to be taken care of too. It’s not like I was in love with her, not even interested in her beyond her body and what she was doing with it.
I know I was just trying to justify what I was doing, but the lust I had been feeling all afternoon for Laurie and Jaime erased any thoughts of loyalty I still had. I looked down to watch her swallowing my cock, imagining little Jaime sucking on me, and it was almost too much. I rested my head back against the wall, pleasure exploding through me as Laurie reached around to my ass and pushed my cock completely into her mouth. I almost came right then as I felt myself sliding down her throat, only stopping when my full, heavy balls rested against her chin, my hips moving against her face as her throat muscles massaged my hard-on.
I couldn’t take it anymore, my balls were ready to burst. I pushed her head back from my cock and bent down to pick her up. I laid Laurie on her back across the kitchen table, her feet up on the edge and her legs spread wide. I grabbed the flimsy swimmer bottoms and ripped them off her, throwing them down the hall. She was panting now, and ready for me, her slit glistening with her juices. She put her feet up on my shoulders, spreading her lovely lips as I took my pulsing cock in my hand, and ran the head up and down her cunny, smearing her hole with my precum. She moaned loudly and reached under my cock to massage my balls, heavier with cum than I’ve ever felt them.
“Oh fuck me now David,” she moaned, “I need that cock in me so bad baby.” I positioned the tip of my cock against her soaking wet pussy, then grabbed her thighs and started to slowly push myself inside of her, groaning with pleasure as I slowly sank each inch of my cock inside her. She started moaning louder, reached for my hips and pulling me in further, until I was completely sheathed in her pussy, my balls resting against her ass.
“God you feel so good!” she yelled, “I can’t believe how much you’re filling me!” I pulled back and started to slowly pump her cunny, surprised at how tight she was, watching her face as she writhed with pleasure. “Mmm fuck me hard David,” she moaned, grabbing her big soft breasts in each hand, squeezing her nipples, pinching and pulling them hard. I reached between her legs, resting my thumb on the top of her pussy and began rubbing it in small circles, stimulating her throbbing, erect clit as my cock pumped in her like a piston.
I watched her face as she threw her head back, her mouth open in pleasure, unable to catch a breath, the only sounds in the room my heavy breathing and the wet smack our bodies made as I slammed myself into her. I was fucking Laurie, but imagining little Jaime underneath me, her tight bald pussy squeezing every inch of my cock as I invaded her virgin body. I was rubbing Laurie’s clit harder and faster, feeling her pussy clamp down on my cock like a vice, her breath coming in short, ragged pants as the beginnings of an orgasm pulsed through her body.
She bucked her hips against mine harder and harder, driving me deep inside her. “Ohh fuck yes, I’m cumming!” she moaned as I held her legs tighter, ramming my shaft into her wildly pulsating cunny even harder, feeling my balls tightening up as I got closer to orgasm. She screamed in pure pleasure as the full force of her orgasm hit her, her pussy grabbing onto my cock almost painfully as I felt my own orgasm surging. I pushed myself as deep inside her as I could, groaning so loudly as my cock erupted inside her, gushing what felt like gallons of my hot cum deep inside her body. Oh god it felt so good! I had never cum so much in my life, the hot semen seeming to come out my body in one giant, steady spray, filling her so much it was leaking out of her pussy around my cock, running down in a thin river between her ass cheeks.
The feeling of my hot juice coating her insides was too much for Laurie, and she screamed again as her body was wracked by another intense orgasm, her own juices flowing out to join mine in running down her bottom. She moved her legs down, wrapping them tight around my waist and holding me tight inside her, my body relaxing on top of her, still pumping a few last spurts of semen inside her. She whimpered as I moved my hips to a more comfortable position, our bodies so slick with sweat, the smell of sex heavy in the air.
I looked down at her, still not believing that I had just fucked this most beautiful woman, her heavy breasts heaving with each deep breath as her body began relaxing, her eyes closed and head laid back, her lips slightly parted and moist. She turned her head to face me, a satisfied smile on her face.
“That was delectable sweetie,” she purred, her contracting pussy muscles milking every last drop of hot cum from my cock. “Feels like Niagara Falls just poured inside me. Why don’t you sit down and relax hun? You look like you could use a little break after working so hard.” She reached down with a smile, and gave my balls a gentle squeeze, causing my cock to twitch inside her. I leaned down and kissed her moist, pouty lips as I pulled my cock from her body, loving her little whimper as the tip came out with a wet sounding pop. Exhausted, I collapsed back onto one of the kitchen chairs, leaning my head back and closing my eyes, my spent member softening only a little.
I heard Laurie slide off the table, but didn’t know where she went until I felt a hot wetness close around my shaft. I sat up straight with a gasp of pleasure, looking down at Laurie’s head as it bobbed up and down in my lap, her lips smacking as she sucked, taking both my cum and her juices into her mouth. I was still extremely sensitive, and the sensation was more than I could handle. Clutching hard at the sides of the chair, I cried out as my body shook from another orgasm, my hips bucking upwards uncontrollably, jamming my cock into her greedy, sucking mouth. It was even more intense this time, although my cock only spewed a few spurts of thick, creamy cum into her mouth, which she swirled around in her mouth before swallowing. She pulled her head back, my cock popping out of her mouth, now wet and shiny with her saliva.
She stood up before me and gave me a wicked smile, “There, all clean now. God you taste good,” she purred, heading down the hall a little to pick up the swim bottoms I had thrown away. “Thank you so much David,” she said as she wiggled into her bottoms, tying a little knot on the broken tie I had ripped. “It’s been so long, I needed that so badly, you’re such a good man for taking care of me.” She leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth, her lips tasting of our mixed juices. She gave me another smile, then headed down the hallway towards the patio door. “I’ll let you know when I can come over for some more playtime,” she called over her shoulder, “I think you and I are going to have lots of fun!”
I sat there, slouched in the kitchen chair, listening as the door opened and closed, my body spent and exhausted, my cock finally softening. With a groan I lifted myself to my feet, and headed upstairs towards my bedroom. I still couldn’t believe what happened! I just made that woman scream my name while I emptied my balls inside of her, and she just walks back home like nothing happened, cum leaking out of her well-fucked pussy. I went into my bathroom and started the water in the shower running, letting it get good and hot. I need a quick shower, then maybe a nap, I thought. I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water pour over me for a few minutes before I picked up a washcloth and body wash, and started to wash my body. I scrubbed away all the semen and cunny juice that had matted my pubic hair and in a couple minutes I was clean and fresh again.
I shut the water off and stepped out, towelling myself dry. I thought about maybe going into my office to do some paperwork, but my body felt too exhausted. Instead I laid down on my bed, on top of the covers and still naked. Just gonna’ nap for a few minutes, then I’ll get some work done, I thought to myself. I could feel myself drifting off already, and as I fell into sleep, the last thing on my mind was images of little Jaime’s bum, bouncing as she walked home…
I awoke with a start, trying to remember where I was, but unable to focus on anything in the dark. Then it all came rushing back, the swim by the pool with Jaime and Laurie, fucking Laurie like crazy on my kitchen table, then having a shower and coming in here for a nap. A nap? I don’t think I can count this as a nap, I thought as I turned to look at my alarm clock. Holy shit, it was already 10:30! No wonder it was so dark! I sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes, a pleasant ache between my legs. Maybe I’ll get some of that paperwork done now. I stood up and grabbed a pair of boxers from my dresser, pulling them on, then headed down the short hallway to the extra bedroom I had turned into my office. I turned my computer on and started to grab some files from the cabinet, when I noticed a light coming in the window.
I walked over to the window and looked out. Oh my god. I found myself staring down at the Taylor’s house, looking right through the window of Jaime’s room! I couldn’t believe it, all this time I’ve had a window facing directly into her bedroom and I didn’t even notice. Well of course I didn’t notice, up until that afternoon I had no idea what a hard-on inducing piece of jail bait she was. I moved right up next to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but seeing nothing. I watched for a few minutes more but didn’t see any sign of her. Feeling more disappointment than I thought possible, I started to pull back and head to my desk. But as I started to turn away, I noticed the window next to her bedroom also had a light on, although the glass was frosted, so I had no way of seeing inside.
That must be the bathroom, I thought, Maybe she even has her own private one. While I was thinking this over, the light went out. Holding my breath, hoping, I moved closer to the glass, waiting for her to appear. A moment later she walked into the room, brushing her long strawberry blond hair, dressed only in her bra and panties. The underclothes she was wearing were no more revealing than her swimsuit was, maybe even less, but knowing I was seeing her dressed as no one should be got my heart racing. I started breathing faster, noticing a swelling in my shorts. God, one look at her was enough to give me a rager!
Jaime finished brushing her beautiful hair and placed the brush on her dresser, then stood in front of a full length mirror. She put her hands on her hips, turning from side to side and checking out her rear. She faced the mirror again, running her hands up and down her flat, toned tummy, then up to her small breasts, lightly cupping them and pushing them together.
She wishes they were bigger, I thought as I watched her make a disappointed face in the mirror, I wish I was in there right now so I could show her just how sexy she really is. I moved away from the window, taking a deep breath to try and steady my pounding heart, when an idea popped into my head. I headed to the office closet and opened it up, looking along the floor for a duffel bag. I found it and opened it up, pulling out what I was looking for. My video camera and tripod. Hurrying, I extended the legs and locked them, then set the camera on top and turned it on. When it was ready, I zoomed in on Jaime’s window and hit the ‘Record’ button. I couldn’t believe my good fortune! I would have a readily available video of this little girl in her bra and panties!
Watching her check herself out in the mirror, admiring her shapely body and young, smooth skin, I couldn’t ignore the stirrings in my shorts any longer. Pushing my boxers down, I took my throbbing member in my hand and started stroking, focusing on her lovely young body. What she did next almost made me blow my load. She took the front of her bra and unclasped it, pulling it away from her body, exposing those beautiful young breasts to my hungry eyes! God they were beautiful! Firm and round, very perky without a hint of any sag, nice pink aureoles with large nipples that were standing erect. I had never seen a more perfect pair of breasts in all my life. I started stroking faster, my shaft slick with precum as I watched her cup her little breasts, running her palms over her nipples and rolling them between her fingers.
I pressed my face against the glass, enraptured, as she lay back on her bed, massaging her breasts, a look of pleasure on her face. I checked the camera quickly to focus it on her bed, then moved back to the window. She was using one hand to pinch and pull at her nipples while the other started to rub through the front of her panties. Holy fuck, I was actually watching my 13 year old neighbour getting herself off! Her head lolled back and I could see her lips were parted. I imagined her moaning as she stroked her young pussy, her fingers slick from the pussy juices seeping through her panties. I would have given anything for her to take those panties off, but instead she slipped her hand inside them, rubbing her bare pussy vigorously! I moaned loudly, thinking of her fingers slipping into that virgin cunny, rubbing her throbbing clit. I would have gladly gone to jail, just for the chance to spend 5 minutes in that room with her. I saw her lift her feet up onto the bed and spread her legs, her hand working like crazy inside her panties.
I turned my head to keep my ragged breath from fogging up the window, my fist pumping crazily up and down my shaft. The tip of my cock was pumping precum steadily, making my hand and cock gooey and slick. Oh please Jaime, let me see your pussy, I thought, wishing her to hear. My balls started to tighten up and my cock swelled, I could feel the cum building up. In her room, Jaime’s hips started pumping up in the air, pushing her cunny against her hand as she reached behind her and grabbed her pillow. She pulled it down over her face, and I could hear her in my mind, screaming in pleasure as her young body shook with orgasm. It was too much for me, and with a cry of pleasure of my own, my cock began spurting, hot, gooey cum spraying all over the wall under the window. Jaime’s hips kept bucking, her hand working faster than ever. Then all at once she stopped, her legs pressed tightly together as her bottom squirmed around on the bed. I leaned all my weight on the window, my now limp cock still pumping out my load. After the events of today, I was surprised I had any left in there. I closed my eyes, enjoying the cool glass on my face, trying to steady my breathing.
When I opened my eyes again, Jaime had gotten off the bed but I couldn’t see her. After a moment she came out of the bathroom again, her bare breasts looking so beautiful. I watched her for a moment, as she took a drink from a glass of water on her nightstand, then she walked over by her bedroom door. A second later the lights went out. I stepped back from the window, wary now that her light was off, worried she might be able to see me watching her. I turned off the recording on my camera and went to sit at my desk.
Now that the moment of lust was over, I began to feel shame for what I had done. What was wrong with me? The girl was only 13, barely a teenager for Christ’s sake! Not only that, I had invaded her privacy in the worst way, watching her when she thought she was alone, during an event that I had no right to watch. But I still couldn’t get the images from my mind. I still couldn’t deny the fact that I was more attracted to this girl, this child, than to any woman I’ve ever seen. It felt sort of sickening to know that I was unsure if I would be able to stop myself given the opportunity to have her virginity. But again, I couldn’t keep her from my head. She was stuck in there, images of her half naked, writhing on her bed in pleasure, screaming into her pillow as her orgasm shook her little body.
Sighing, I plugged the camera into my laptop, loading the video onto my hard drive. I hesitated a moment, seriously considering deleting the file. But lust won over logic and I opened it up. My eyes lit up and my heart hammered in my chest as she appeared on my screen, bra and panties the only clothing between her nudity and my eyes. I took my stiff prick in my hand again, slower this time, savouring the moment when she first revealed those breasts to me. I imagined what it would feel like to hold them in my hands, squeeze those perfectly firm globes of flesh as I laid her back on her bed. How it would feel to slide her panties down her smooth legs, and bury my face between her thighs, tasting her young girl juices, making her cry out in pure ecstasy.
As the young child on my screen slid her hand inside her panties, I quickened my pace with my hand, my eyes never moving from her small body. This was going to be an interesting summer….